Sunday 16th of May 2021

the right to tell porkies...


that is the question...


a shit stirrer's somersault...

shit stirrer...

Joe Hockey was asked at a carbon tax forum in Queensland a few weeks ago what the Opposition would do to prevent concerned citizens taking up arms against the Gillard government. Alan Jones has suggested the Prime Minister and Bob Brown should be drowned at sea.

The website of Murdoch's Melbourne Herald Sun recently carried a reader post saying that "someone needs to assassinate Julia Gillard NOW before she totally destroys our way of life". Last week the Chris Smith afternoon program on 2GB broadcast a listener call demanding the same thing.

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a ballsy move...

Prime Minister Julia Gillard met with editors from News Limited in Sydney last night, just weeks after criticising the organisation for its coverage of Labor's policies.

Ms Gillard was invited to address the group in a closed meeting by News Limited CEO John Hartigan.

The Prime Minister would not answer questions about the meeting but said they had a good discussion.

Ms Gillard has been critical of News Limited recently, saying they had hard questions to answer in the wake of the phone hacking scandal in the UK.

In response, Mr Hartigan said he would be happy to answer questions about News Ltd's operations, but said Ms Gillard's comments were "unjustified and regrettable".

When asked about the meeting earlier on Tuesday, Ms Gillard said other prime ministers and opposition leaders had attended similar meetings in the past.

"Such meetings have been addressed by prime ministers and opposition leaders in the past, so when I was invited by Mr Hartigan, I accepted the invitation," she said.

The editor of news Limited's Herald Sun newspaper in Melbourne, Alan Howe, was not at the meeting.

But he says he understands the meeting was full and frank but also cordial.