Wednesday 28th of September 2022

Trust Into Treason: A Counterterrorism Nightmare

In the newspapers of Sunday, September 11 2005, I read... 

Adelaide crowds gathered at the gates for the sellout finals knock-out between its two AFL teams were met with army counterrorism operatives body-searching every supporter for explosives and detonation devices.

As scanning equipment examined the contents of every esky, and football beanies were removed from patrons heads for examination, a spokesman said "To ensure that they stay alive, the general public needs to accept new standards of patriotism.  Objection to a body-search will result in the implementation of a full strip search.  Mention of the word "terrorist" will necessitate a lengthy interview with an ASIO agent. Any overdressed fan gaining access to the playing field will be treated according to the doctrines of the London police.  In order to prevent loss of life, we are prepared to shoot first and ask questions later."

A human rights monitoring group spokesman said that "this is the greatest cultural brainwashing ever imposed on a democratic society.   The message being programmed into the minds of Australian humanity is that your neighbour may be your enemy, the person next to you on the bus may kill you, and that a supporter of the opposition team could be an agent of Osama Bin Laden."

A politician who declined to be named said "In this time of global war we must expect democracy to be supressed in order for it to survive.  Those who are not 'alert but not alarmed' will be considered delinquent in their contribution to society.   Anbody not regarding everbody around them  with suspicion  should be treated with contempt, and those who protest against government counterterrorism measures will be considered as loathsome as the terrorists themselves."

On waking up from this dream on September 7, and after writing the above paragraphs I read this report on the imminent inevitabily of an attack within Australia


While attempting to read this Google listing///:

:"Community set to oppose downer propaganda: Bashir : Melbourne ...
The community will raise concerns with alexanda downer about his ... On the first effort: with the bombing America wants to prove that terror really exists ... - 24k -

.....I've just learned that Adelaide and Melbourne Indymedia sites are down from what is claimed by site operators to be a politically motivated programming attack.   Let's hope they're back soon.. we're going to need every free-speech avenue we can find very soon, I fear.

A blogger on Sydney Indymedia who is apparently working on the problem suggests that the attack was most likely aimed at a pro-Nazi site hosted on the same serve.   I'd like to think that, but I'm not an idealist any more.


Maybe I should have looked around more before writing my "dream".. I totally missed the new powers for police at the MCG..

Here's an excerpt:: "

People entering the MCG, Telstra Dome and the sites of major events could be subject to detailed body searches."

No mention has yet been made of Adelaide police receiving similar powers for the sold-out Adelaide Crows/ Port Power showdown on Saturday night.  Stay tuned


To Messrs Howard, Downer, Hill and Ruddock, my deepest thanks for the dreams and realities and possibilities  which fill my days and nights.  I hope you all sleep well.



Thursday Sept 8

Is this Groundhog Day or is Escher putting something in my bedtime Ovaltine?

Prime Minster Howard has today announced the implemtation of tougher
counterterrorism laws, including increased timespans of uncharged
detention and court-ordered tracking devices on humans.

He says that the police will  have greater powers to stop, question and search terror suspects.

According to ABC Radio's Louise Yaxley, the new laws, which have no "sunset
clause" time limit, include a "crackdown" on the behaviour of Australians at sporting events

What happened at the footy.

A  According to ABC Adelaide's Matthew Abraham this morning, "51,000 people had their bags searched on Saturday night"

The Crows beat Port, everyone went home.  That's about all.