Wednesday 28th of September 2022

"I've just read that Halliburton Gives Kickbacks To The Australian Government So They Can Trade There"-Scott Parkin

Sorry about the title length, but this needs to be google-screamed!

You can hear the iParkin's Houston Community Radio interview here (MP3 download)  I'll transcribe tomorrow.  Sorry, but I need to sleep.

Labor counterterrorism spokesman Arch Bevis said in a media release today "The detention of any citizen for an extended period of time must be based only on sound intelligence of a credible threat and be authorised by a judge, not a bureaucrat or politician."

Why weren't The Federal Opposition making more noise about Parkin's detention?

Labor's still dragging itself along

What sort of kickbacks...? private? Concessions to the government? Who gets the beef?

With Labor doing some navel gazing and the Howard government pulling the wool ovver the eyes of Labor, what do we have to do to get somewhere? Propel the Greens to the forefront?

"I can't afford my gasoline"

I still haven't tried to make a transcript yet... today, I promies!

In the meantime, do you feel like a Country and Western Anti-Halliburton cartoon?  It takes a while to download but do yourself a favour and watch it!