Saturday 23rd of October 2021

subjective results

subjective results

Equality, justice, freedom...

I know... It's very subjective... It was hard to award someone these three little words: equality, justice freedom in one block. And I mean real stuff not the verbal dog's breakfast that Dubya speaks. After much debate with myself, it looked Germaine only fitted the bill.

Some loaded critics brought forth value judgements to her apparent peculiar behaviour where freedom, to express and be, is necessary to beat the patriarchy, the apathy, the oligarchy and the secrecy. These critics often distort the interpretation of what she says in order to belittle her up... Thus despite her brash and sometimes apparently volatile energy, she has fought for equality for men and women, justice for all, freedom to burn bras or not...

She can get a bit stroppy at times a bit like Spike Milligan who was always in demand by TV interviewers to get a witty comment from him on the box for free. No wonder he was annoyed.

Equality, justice freedom in one block did not mean perfection either...

The three words represented the top vision patterns. Many other labels could also apply to all, including Dubya but his desire for war is no more than having another holiday excursion on his ranch.

another fridge magnet .....

The Honorable John Howard will receive the World Statesman Award for his "inspiring leadership that has made Australia a beacon of democracy, religious freedom and human rights and for his courageous stand against international terrorism."


Appeal of Conscience Foundation: Annual Awards Dinner

Medalling backwards

Honour amongst ecumenical thieves in business and religion?

Obviously the Appeal of Conscience Foundation: must read different columns than the blogs on the YD pages... or has never visited a Baxter refugee camp in Ozyland...

""""The Appeal of Conscience Foundation, founded by Rabbi Arthur Schneier in 1965, has worked on behalf of religious freedom and human rights throughout the world. This ecumenical coalition of business and religious leaders promotes mutual understanding, peace and tolerance in areas of ethnic conflict. The Foundation believes that freedom, democracy and human rights are the fundamental values that give nations of the world their best hope for peace, security and shared prosperity""""

Does that describe our Hitler who goes to war on a flimsy whim, lies on medicare, fudges on porkies, beat the underprivileged, remove workers rights, creates refugee concentration camps the barbed wire of which was kindly replaced with electric fencing recently, amongst other tricks?

If our little man had an ounce of decency, he would refuse the honour but we believe he might accept without shame.

I noticed that they don't mention "trade" in their purpose ecumenical description. Trade being the key word for our PM who is now wearing blank T-shirt when he goes walkabout in the streets while for a few years he was emblazoned with Vodafone sloppy-jo when he was supposed to take care of Telstra...

pumping puffery .....

Hi Gus.

Suggest that you take a look at the letter written to the 'Appeal of Conscience Foundation' by Brian Walters, President of Liberty Victoria, on Margo Kingston's Webdiary.

Whilst Vodafone didn't get a geurnsey from the Foundation, Jorma Ollila, Chairman & CEO of Nokia Corporation, will also receive The Appeal of Conscience Foundation Award, for his "commitment to promoting environmental issues & furthering international cooperation, tolerance & human rights".

Sounds like the same puffery pumping-up both awards?

Minister for inequal equality

From The Independent

Is homosexuality a sin? Minister for Equality refuses to rule it out
By Ben Russell, Political Correspondent
Published: 10 May 2006
The newly appointed government minister responsible for equality is facing controversy after she refused to say whether she believed homosexuality was a sin.

Ruth Kelly, the Secretary of State for Communities, a committed Catholic and member of the Opus Dei group, was embroiled in a renewed row over her religious beliefs yesterday. And critics attacked her new role as the Government's equality champion after it emerged she had missed a series of votes on equal rights since 1997.

The row threatens further to undermine the wide-ranging reshuffle carried out by the Prime Minister after Labour's poor performance in the local elections last week. But Ms Kelly strongly defended her position, insisting she was committed to promoting equality.


As Mike Moore would say on Frontline... : Hummmmmmm