Sunday 14th of July 2024

bowing to the fear meme

‘However, now that I am well into my seventh decade of life & very near retirement, I have come to the conclusion that the world basically sucks, that there are few who seem to have the investigative courage to take a good hard look at things that, if discovered, would no doubt destroy one’s image of a land that can do no wrong, one that they believe has somehow received the eternal blessing of God.  


So I must ask: How is it that we have become such a mindless nation, a society populated by deadheads, folks who seem to have little desire to look beyond the thinly-veneered surface of life? 


As a behavioural scientist, it appears that a vast share of folks in our nation have chosen to relinquish a quality no doubt essential to authentic human life - an existential responsibility to think for themselves, an ontological need to discount the petty concerns that drive the minds of those directed by triviality. It seems that such individuals have become so fantastically preoccupied with, essentially enamoured by, the norm of what others think, they have effectively relinquished, through a process of cognitive foreclosure, the capacity to think for themselves.  


Having become so extremely alienated from the core of their own being, they have little choice but to follow the crowd’s madding need to forge a symbiotic attachment to, in essence relationship with, a society, that for all practical purposes has become the basis of their own identity, the bedrock of their very being. Having done so, the image they have forged for themselves (who they believe themselves to be) has become every bit as fabricated, every bit as disconnected from reality, as their image of society.  


So in wanting to have at their disposal a more a positive image of themselves, they have been left with little choice but to construct a glorified image of society; an image of what they wish society would have been rather than what it has, in fact, turned out to be. Something like having chosen to have built an ego-incased frame constructed upon the shifting sands of inane social rumour & outright public lies - truly a flight of fancy bordering on the absurd!’ 


The Mindless American: A Tragedy In The Making

Mindless people.

Significant political/social change takes much effort and willing sacrifice, and usually occurs only when a minority gets desperate.

Simply put, our problems need people involvement rather than leaving politicians the excessive freedom they have under the elective dictatorships of the party system.

The mechanism to 'change the face of politics as we know it' is the secret electronic ballot in parliament.

This is the aim and object of the Secret Ballot Party, which believes in intelligent change, rather than waiting for the explosion of the desperate. This change will make possible the following radical changes that we need in parliament:

* all debates non-partisan;
* all ministers etc elected by the members in the electorate;
* MPs independent and responsible to their constituents only;
* regular constituents' meetings in which to make MPs accountable.

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foolish, dim-witted, cowardly & morally bankrupt .....

‘Nothing in America is what we are told it is. Whenever the president speaks—it matters little which president we are talking about - we can be reasonably certain that they do not utter truth as we know it. 


During the past fifty years America has not had a socially progressive president. The Clinton presidency was under siege from day one by the power hungry ideologues fueled by Christian evangelicals. Bill Clinton certainly was no progressive, as his detractors would have us believe. At his most liberal Clinton was nothing more than Bush lite. He twice won the presidency by out righting the right. Clearly, this was no victory for progressives. 


No modern era American president represents the interest of the people. They represent the rich and powerful. The same is true of Congress.’ 


Iron Fisted America

Moral crisis

Jimmy Carter: This Isn't The Real America

... I am extremely concerned by a fundamentalist shift in many houses of worship and in government, as church and state have become increasingly intertwined in ways previously thought unimaginable. ...

exposing the fear meme .....

‘Starting on September 11, 2001 - with a monstrous helping hand from Osama bin Laden - the Bush administration played the fear card with unbelievable effectiveness. 


For years, with its companion "war on terror," it trumped every other card in the American political deck. With an absurd system for colour-coding dangers to Americans, the President, Vice President, and the highest officials in this land were able to paint the media a "high" incendiary orange and the Democrats an "elevated" bright yellow, functionally sidelining them.’ 


An American Tipping Point?

the fantasy of empire .....

‘For some time, I have been suggesting that the aim of Republican strategy has been a Republican Party that permanently runs the United States and a United States that permanently runs the world. The two aims have been driven by a common purpose: to steadily and irreversibly increase and consolidate power in Republican hands, leading in the direction of a one-party state at home and a global American empire abroad.  


The most critical question has been whether American democracy, severely eroded but still breathing, would bring down the Republican machine, or whether the Republican machine - call it the budding one-party global empire - would bring down American democracy.  


This week, it looks as if democracy, after years of decline, has gained the upper hand.’ 


The Fall of the One-Party Empire

update on world war III .....

‘This article compares where America stood four years after Pearl Harbor – and four years after the 911 sneak attack. 


As a historian and co-author of a book about Pearl Harbor, I have some unusual insights into these tragedies and have uncovered some startling juxtapositions between then (1945) and now (2005).’ 


Infamous Comparisons