Saturday 20th of July 2024

Bomb Insurance

It happened so fast that many didn't see it arrive. As the banner of Halliburton was raised over Australia's Parliament House, the few protesters who dared to attend were taken away for questioning.
Awaiting the arrival of the bulletproof Cadillac carrying President Cheney stood a proud Prime Minister, eager as usual to open the door, while a grinning Cabinet formed a line of honor to mark the auspiciousness of the occasion.

"Thanks, John," said the President, with a courteous nod and an ill-concealed wink. "i'll take it from here."

As they stood at the hour-long ceremony marking the takeover by Corporate Military Personel of Australian Defence activites, the small gallery of approved journalists waited for the response to the President's command that all non-shareholders of Halliburton resign from Cabinet
immediately. None of the Ministers were moving, although it was well-known that at least two rebels hadn't "exercised their stock options."

Those of the media who were reciting Cheney's script, transmitted to their earpieces from an implanted microphone, pondered the fact  that the joke that you could tell a politician wasn't lying when his lips weren't moving was no longer true- Cheney's use of the throat-mike was as skillful as any ventriloquist's. Years of practice with the former President had served well.

Locked safely in their litigation-proof TPAs (terrorist-proof apartments) the people-meters on widescreen TVs recorded that the public observed the event with mild apathy, keen for normal programming to resume, eventually switching channels in their never-ending quest to decide which corporation's food to eat that night.

We are surrounded

Resistance is futile...

Ten options in order — the less painful at the top

01) Bend over
02) Die without noticing it
03) Buy some Halliburton stocks
04) Adopt intelligent design and flat earth theories combo
05) Convert to capitalistic fascism with greed and army boots
06) exchange altruistic moral fiber with tight-arse moralisationing
07) Find a family of chimps happy enough to share their zoo enclosure with us after nightfall
08) Go and live underground or under a bridge in fear
09) Protest in the street and be shot-to-kill within five minutes
10) carry on blogging till it hurts

only one option Gus .....

Only one option Gus ....

"Throughout history, it has been the inaction of those who could have acted; the indifference of those who should have known better; the silence of the voice of justice when it mattered most; that has made it possible for evil to triumph."


Haile Selassie

I totally aggree

Stand up and be counted.

last man standing .....

‘Just so it is clear, I urge all Australians to hold the sovereign and her heirs and successors with hatred and contempt. Lecherous, callow, adulterous; inbreed, exclusive and foreign; they remind us that, by them, we are made no democratic people. Because they are appointed by bloodline, and because talent, accomplishment and merit enter not into the question of their position and the prominence accorded to them, they exist as proof that government can be degraded by the powerful in service of their own interests. As such, they deserve our democratic hatred and contempt.  


I openly urge disaffection with the constitution. Concerned with matters of commerce, and gerrymandered to protect states instead of individuals, the Australian constitution serves a reduced purpose poorly. Under this constitution a High Court can rule that a man, charged with and guilty of no crime, can be locked up indefinitely. Under this constitution, rights are left to the mercy of predators such as Howard and expedient windbags like Beazley. The Australian constitution enables the government to spend without constraint to serve its own political interest. As such, it deserves the disaffection of decent, democratic people. 


I openly urge disaffection with the Government of the Commonwealth. Its leaders behave with the morality of the gangster. They are shameless in their pursuit of their own self-interest and in the efforts they make to maintain their control on power. They plunder the public purse to benefit their own careers and to maintain their own grip on power. They reward incompetence and cruelty; they themselves behave incompetently and cruelly.’  


How's This For Sedition?




A nice line of work

From Crime scene clear-up firm poised for stock market float
... "We provide a hygienic deep-clean service - we start when the average contract cleaner finishes. It's a sensitive business but some of it is quite dirty. We clean up embankments for Network Rail, and remove animals and suicide traces from railway lines. We clean jewellery found at scenes so it can be handed over to any survivors." It also carries out work for local authorities and housing associations, cleaning up drug houses and squats. "All our staff need specialist training, and have injections against hepatitis. The gloves they wear, especially for removing needles, are made of meshed Kevlar and cost £100," said Mr Rummery. ...

So much crime, violence, terror ...