Thursday 30th of November 2023

Bugger Of An Idea

Consider the prospect that the Australian labour force is being de-waged and "dumebed down" to create a cheap wage-force for the U.S. when Chinese work becomes too financially or pragmatically expensive.

That's all for now.. any takers ? 

Humm,,, buggger of an idea....

Laugh or cry

In A lot of trust to ask for, Geoffrey Barker in Financial Review (access by subscription only - sorry) begins:
The federal government's contentious anti-terrorism and industrial relations (IR) laws represent radical responses to two serious but separate threats to national security. With the anti-terrorism legislation the government seeks to address the threat of attacks by home-grown jihadists. The IR laws seek to respond to threats to national economic prosperity from competitor countries with substantially cheaper workforces. The anti-terrorism laws are radical in that they will significantly compromise traditional individual rights in favour of state coercion; the IR laws will radically weaken established industrial rights of unions and employees. ...

An intrepid investigator should look at the connections between the ownership of manufacturing, distribution, land development and services in Asia, and Australian residents. Is there any trend for Chinese billionaires, say, to want to live in Sydney? Who is lobbying governments about privatisation of water supplies?

The UK went to war over the Falklands. It would be disappointing if neither the US nor China thought Oz was of so little value, that it wasn't worth fighting over.

If you are not a hardened iconoclast, do not look here.