Wednesday 27th of October 2021

"Armygeddon" Australian Defence Recruitment Campaign

I worry for the minds who created this concept, and hope it's not a Freudian slip.  To get the kids in, or at least the ones who aren't too fat or stoned, The ADF has prouldy launched ARMYGEDDON, a "street machine" that that does for Land Rover what Herbie the Love Bug did for Volksies.

"It's unique capabilities will attract the attention of those who really know about Street Machines," the blurb proclaims.  Aha... Senator Hill's found a job for "joyriders". !


"I believe this project will raise the profile of some of the technical trades available as
well as promoting the Army as a varied and interesting career to a key target
market - young people,"

said the Chief of Army, Major General Leahy.

The young people that the Army really seem to be after are the ones at Adelaide University, who have just joined the US MIssile Shield program. DSTO and the University of Adelaide signed an agreement last week to
establish the centre within the University's School of Electrical and
Electronic Engineering.

DO the Adelaide Uni kids know that their intellectual property will eventually be sold ('monetised' or whatever) by the very same company that runs the Adelaide University car park.  Tenix aren't just keeping your Holdens dry folks., they're marketing your mindpower .

But what the hell, you might get to work on a really cool car.

I've posted a more comprehensive version of this story on Webdiary (over 50 comments, with some interesting informationn within them)