Saturday 23rd of October 2021

Cricket On The Radio- A Holiday Interlude

When I wake up each Summer's morn there's this music in my head
It means that I must go outside and get a life instead
of hearing word of something new, what 's happenning in town
Now I have to listen to some cricket loving clown..

And there's cricket on the radio.

Listening to paint dry is twice as entertaining
and I nearly have an orgasm when I find out it's been raining
But sun shines on these drongos with their silly bat and ball
and the people on the ABC can't make it fun at all

and there's cricket on the radio

In case I haven't made it clear how much I find it boring
I'd rather listen to a tape of Auntie Beryl snoring
It must be me.. five million armchair experts can't be wrong
Another piece of soul will die each time I hear that song

and there's cricket on the radio

(with apologies to Champs) 

That makes two of us

And another Summer approaches


To say that Atheism is a religion is like saying that not collecting stamps is a hobby.