Wednesday 27th of October 2021

Target Adelaide

It's official!  In any future war, Adelaide is a prime missile target!

When you make a conjecture you're a conspiracy theorist... until the information comes out!

Four months ago I wrote a piece for Webdiary called Halliburtton's Adelaide, referring to the JORN missile systems possible uses.  Today I read in The Age of how integral JORN is to the Missile Shield.  



AUSTRALIA'S secret Jindalee radar network, capable of "seeing"
over the horizon, is a key link in a new anti-ballistic missile
shield that will protect much of the globe.

The missile defence system, designed to protect America and its
allies from missiles launched by "rogue states", will integrate
defensive missile systems on land and at sea with spy satellites
and the navy's new generation air warfare destroyers. The warships
are still to be built and are scheduled to be operating by 2013 to

US scientists who have examined the Australian-invented Jindalee
system, which operates across Australia's northern frontier, were
impressed by its range and capability and confirmed that it could
detect a missile launch far away in Asia.

Officials from US aircraft and weapons manufacturer Lockheed
Martin told The Age the Australian system, officially known
as Jindalee Operational Radar Network (JORN), would be a highly
effective part of the global missile defence shield being developed
by the US.

It significantly increased the time available for a defence
system to intercept missiles.

They would not give details of the radar's range but said
Jindalee, with its giant aerials across the Top End, would be part
of an electronic network, including spy satellites and the
yet-to-be built air warfare destroyers, able to pick up the launch
of a missile and, by tracking it, work out its target. The ship or
a land-based anti-missile system would then shoot the missile

On the face of it, the missile shield system is designed to
protect the US and its allies from missiles fired by "rogue states"
such as North Korea.

But its opponents say the system will trigger an arms race by
encouraging countries such as China and Russia to build enough
missiles to be sure of penetrating any defence system.

Do you think that an enemy is going to aim at the radar dishes, or the control headquarters?   As I've said before, if an enemy force decided to take drastic measures, three unfinished Missile Shield  warships in Adelaide's harbour would be a  perfectcandidate for an attack.  The Catch-22 we're in is that while JORN will see the missiles coming, we don't have anything to stop them with until the ships are built.!

In the meantime, the city's connections to the activities of a militaristic superpower continue to be constructed their signifigance locally unreported.  It's beginning to get annoying.