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eating crow...

eating crow...

He denied using the word ''guillotine'' in connection with Ms Gillard. But he has drawn listeners' attention to the French Revolution and drawn a correlation between the unpopularity of the carbon tax and the revolt of the people against the monarchy.
''Hmmm. Julia? Little did the king realise that he was their next target. King Louis XVI, found guilty of high treason. That is behaviour which is contrary to the interest of the nation, like carbon taxes, and executed by guillotine on January 21, 1793.''

In response to another listener's criticism of Ms Gillard, Jones replied: ''Yeah, that's it. Bring back the guillotine!''

At his news conference yesterday, Jones said he did not complain about what people said about him. Last week, he said, there were hurtful comments from people hoping his prostate cancer would return. They were ''fairly over the top but I didn't see any media people jumping up and down and putting it in the headlines'', he said.
Without identifying her, Jones said one of those responsible was ''a cabinet minister's wife''.
Rebecca Mifsud, the wife of the Immigration Minister, Chris Bowen, last week tweeted: ''Alan Jones age 71. Avergae [sic] lifespan for an Australian male age 79. Patience my pretties. #auspol bahahaha.''

It was not until the news conference was over and Jones was leaving the room that he was alerted to the presence of Marshall, the author of the article. Words such as ''plant'' and ''trust'' were exchanged between the pair before Jones was whisked out of the room. He was heading off to the country to attend yet another function for one of his more than 30 godchildren. No doubt he will not repeat any hurtful comments he hears there.

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wishing him the best...

Wishing Alan Jones a return of his a prostate cancer would be really nasty... But a chronic laryngitis would be a blessing... or a crow wishbone lodged in the windpipe sounds nice.... Actually the best thing would be what Julia is doing... Ignore him till he gets blue in the face and black-ban his advertisers and sponsors...

the employee is the employer...

A spokesman for Ms Gillard says the Prime Minister has declined to take a call from Jones.

'Too far'

Attorney-General Nicola Roxon says Jones has gone too far and his employer should be looking at his pattern of behaviour.

"I would have thought the broadcasters would be considering whether such a pattern of behaviour is sensible any longer," Ms Roxon said.


One of the problem here (if my memory is correct) is that Jones owns some of the 2GB radio station.... The other bit I think is owned by John Singleton, an advertising "larrikin" who ate and still eats in all political trough as long as there is money in them...

Jones, the employee of the month...



Alan Jones apologises for comments about Julia Gillard's father as sponsors pull ads

SPONSORS of the Sydney radio station part-owned by Alan Jones have been inundated with thousands of complaints about the talkback king's comments on the death of Prime Minister Julia Gillard's father.

As politicians of all persuasions condemned the 2GB star yesterday, its backers were swamped with messages of hate towards Jones. One sponsor received 2000 emails demanding they cancel their advertising contract.

The emails were triggered after The Sunday Telegraph revealed Jones told Young Liberals at a dinner that Ms Gillard's 83-year-old father, John, had died of shame. Last night more than 8000 Australians had signed an online petition calling for advertisers and sponsors to terminate their arrangements with the 2GB morning show. The radio station removed the list of sponsors from its website, in a belated bid to protect it from the fallout. Some of the vitriol was nasty, with some even tweeting they hoped Jones would "get his cancer back".

One key 2GB sponsor, Freedom Furniture, has already confirmed via Twitter that it's withdrawing its advertising from the program.


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This of course would not be so bad but a deep analysis of this Murdoch press  article reveals several lies:


As politicians of all persuasions condemned the 2GB star yesterday

This is not so: Some Liberal (conservatives) politicians have endorsed Jones' comments on the night, including the President of the Young Liberal — until their pants got pulled down.



as sponsors pull ads...

So far one advertiser has pulled out



Alan Jones apologises for comments...

His apology is worth the thin paper it's written on... zilch... his apology is as much insincere as crocodile tears can get. That "some" people treat him like dirt so we should feel sorry for his prostate is a con...



radio station removed the list of sponsors from its website...

Sure, but many of the advertisers are still there... Honda, Yellow pages, State Custodians, Greater Building Society etc...


Strangely I smell a conspiracy between Jones and the Telegraph to froth up more anti-Julia diatribe... but the stint blew up in Jones face... and in the Telegraph's groin too since the hooplah appeard to have been stage managed, but eventually was derailed... I could be wrong...


Jones has said 2GB management and his program's advertisers were well aware of his position on political issues and that they were not looking to withdraw their support.

However, about 11,000 people have signed up to an online campaign targeting companies such as Harvey Norman, Virgin Australia, Big W and Mercedes-Benz, urging them to boycott 2GB and Jones.

Financial services provider Challenger this morning joined Freedom Furniture in pulling advertising, saying the company does not support Jones's comments.

Supermarket giant Woolworths says while it is not a sponsor, it will suspend its periodic advertising during the program.


stupid, as a private citizen...



Broadcaster Alan Jones has admitted buying a chaff bag jacket, donated by a Woolworths executive, during a university Liberal Party auction.
The jacket, a reference to Jones's controversial 2011 suggestion that Prime Minister Julia Gillard should be stuffed in a chaff bag and thrown out to sea, was donated by Woolworths community relations manager Simon Berger.
Mr Berger was a preselection candidate for the federal seat of Bradfield after Brendan Nelson resigned. He also worked for Dr Nelson as a senior adviser when Dr Nelson was leader of the opposition.
A Woolworths spokeswoman told the National Times Mr Berger was at the function as a private citizen, not a company representative.

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sponsors leaving...

Jones has said 2GB management and his program's advertisers were well aware of his position on political issues and that they were not looking to withdraw their support.

However, by 8pm on Monday more than 56,000 people had signed up to an online campaign targeting companies such as Harvey Norman, Big W and Mercedes-Benz, urging them to boycott 2GB and Jones.

Financial services provider Challenger and Lexus Parramatta this morning joined Freedom Furniture in pulling advertising, saying the company does not support Jones's comments.

Mercedes-Benz too has instructed its dealers to cease any form of advertising on Jones's show.

"Our company does not condone such inappropriate comments," the carmaker said in a statement.

Companies including Coles, ING Direct, Bing Lee, Lite n' Easy and Dilmah have taken similar action.

Supermarket giant Woolworths says while it is not a sponsor, it will suspend its periodic advertising during the program.

Anti-coal seam gas group the Lock the Gate Alliance has also withdrawn an invitation to Jones to speak at a rally in Murwillumbah later this month.

Regional radio station 2QN based in Deniliquin in the New South Wales Riverina has pulled its broadcast of Jones's breakfast show.

2AY in Albury has also decided to axe the program, saying it received an overwhelming number of emails and calls from listeners who were upset by his remarks.

meanwhile, the dung beetles push it uphill....

From David Marr

Their tactics never vary: they set up fake controversies to mask the real ones . The only question waiting to be answered - until Bolt opened his mouth on Insiders - was what that concocted storm and fury would be about. Masters was to be denounced for the political malice that drove him to "out" the broadcaster and make baseless allegations of paedophilia. Once Bolt made the call, the rest of the pack followed. Masters had "done a Heffernan", thundered Devine, for he had "levelled the most serious accusation you can make about a man against Jones, with no evidence". But where, in God's name, where those accusations?

Masters spends three chapters of Jonestown examining Jones' catastrophic early career as a schoolteacher. Despite bringing sporting glory to a couple of high-end private schools in the 1960s and '70s, Jones left both after humiliating controversies. In the book, former pupils put their names to accounts of inappropriate behaviour. Jones's supporters also have their say. Masters concludes that Jones did himself in at the Kings School and Brisbane Grammar through erratic judgement, bad temper, harsh treatment of those he put on the outer, and intense - but not physically sexual - relations with his schoolboy favourites. The headmaster of Kings feared lawsuits. Jones went.

And better for him that it's now forgotten. More than energy and broadcasting skill explain Jones's survival as a big figure in this country. There is also amnesia. The revelation in 1999 that he sold his opinions for millions should have left him scuppered, washed up, wrecked and finished, there and then. But he survived cash-for-comment, protected by backers and by an audience willing to forget. Jonestown was going to be a problem even if it had nothing new to say, for it would sit on bookshelves, fully indexed, within reach, a handy means of recalling all the half-forgotten outrages of his career. But Masters has a great deal that's new and damaging to reveal, including this account of Jones's school-teaching career. But paedophilia?

Jonestown gets into very murky territory, but makes no allegations of sexual impropriety by Jones at Kings and Brisbane Grammar. Masters wrote, "The story is mostly of emotional manipulation." No evidence of paedophilia is produced and no allegations are made. None. Yet the pack detected Heffernan-style claims of paedophilia in the very atmosphere of the book and accused Masters (and me) of advancing the somewhat unlikely argument that all gay men are potential paedophiles. Proof? Not needed. This is the world of Opinion. The pack savaged us for "linking such a high-profile discussion of homosexuality, once again, with that old canard, the predatory homosexual intent on kiddy-fiddling."

Seeing this lot spring so aggressively to the defence of gay men had its funny side. Akerman memorably declared on Insiders a few months ago, "You cannot call a relationship between a man and a man, and a woman and a woman, or a man and a dog or his cat or his goat, a marriage." Now, in the aftermath of Jonestown, he drew himself to his full height and declared, "That sexuality determines an individual's persona is intellectually risible."

While news to just about anyone who's written a biography in the past century, Akerman's pronouncement came as a particular news to me. In seven years of taking pot-shots at me in his columns, he has rarely failed to remind his readers that I am gay. I'm a homosexual commentator, homosexual spokesman, homosexual activist and "the Sydney Morning Herald's expert in matters queenly". I'm "prissy" and "flaccid". I purse my lips. Piers even wants his readers to know that I can be seen at the beach with homosexuals, "disporting with his pals before the North Bondi Surf Club." He may not think homosexuality integral to Jones's persona, but sure seems to think it's integral to mine.

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sticks, picks and kicks...

From David Pemberthy...


It has now dawned on Australian politicians of the Centre and the Left that they should no longer worry about their Jones strategy. It has taken a long time for this penny to drop. The reality has always been that Jones’ audience does not comprise many swinging voters. He is preaching to the angry and the converted, many of whom keep listening to 2GB because they are too frail to get off the sofa to change the dial.   

As the Kyle Sandiland saga(s) have demonstrated, the only currency which radio networks understand is the advertising dollar, and it is here where the ramifications from his remarks could be most acute. Six big advertisers have now confirmed they will not advertise on his show, some of them have said they will boycott the entire network, and more will surely follow.

Jones, who is fond of talking of himself in the third person, lashed out at the Twitter campaign for an advertising boycott, and talked about how horrible it was (and it is) that some have wished his cancer to return.

“This is the best way to neutralise and silence Alan Jones,” he said. “They use this as an excuse to silence Alan Jones.”

It’s almost as bad as saying a woman’s father died of shame over their daughter. This is karma writ large. Alan Jones is getting everything he deserves.

dignified in grief...

Julia Gillard has declared she will not accept interview requests from Alan Jones after the Sydney broadcaster suggested her father "died of shame" because of his daughter's political "lies".

Jones has since apologised for the remarks, which were made at a recent Young Liberals dinner in Sydney.

It has prompted widespread condemnation and several Labor frontbenchers have said they would now boycott the 2GB radio host's program.

In her first public appearance since the comments were revealed at the weekend, Ms Gillard has refused to be drawn on the matter.

"I understand that there is interest from members of the media about the matter involving Mr Alan Jones," Ms Gillard told reporters in Launceston.

"It's not my intention to make any comment about that matter.

"The only thing I want to say is this: Both I and my family have been overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for us since the death of my father.

"From the bottom of my heart, I'd like to thank Australians in their tens of thousands who have been so warm and so supportive at what has been a very difficult time for us."

Asked whether she would go on his show again, Ms Gillard replied: "No, I would not. I haven't spoken to Mr Jones and I don't intend to."

Ms Gillard has not appeared on Jones's program since February last year when he publicly berated her for being late for an interview on the carbon tax.

Abbott is in the Jones saga up to his budgies...



From Paul Sheehan
The author of the petition is Nic Lochner, a 22-year-old university student with political aspirations. He recently stood as an independent in the election for Randwick Council. He received 105 votes, or 0.95 per cent of the votes cast. Lochner is not independent when it comes to politics. His recent comments on Twitter include: ''By our powers combined, Bob Brown is Captain Planet!'' and this: ''No presumption of intelligence when it comes to the Liberal Party''.

His comments serve as a metaphor for what the campaign to destroy Jones is really about. Politics and power. It might have started with principle but that has been overridden. The most unseemly aspect of the campaign has been the way the two most bilious performers in federal parliament, Wayne Swan and Anthony Albanese, have sought to use the death of the Prime Minister's father for political advantage. 
They have used the campaign against Jones, over remarks made about Julia Gillard's late father, to attack Tony Abbott.

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And why not?... Actually Jones has waged a campaign against himself by having insulted Julia Gillard for quite a few years now and she is a patient woman... Patience is a virtue... Eventually Jones was going to do himself in while trying to get at her some more... He got himself and Tony Abbott instead...


The relationship between Jones and the Liberal (conservative) party is thick — as in thick as thieves.... Thus should some splash-back hits Tony Abbott's shoes is inevitable... Beyond that, Jones is a dummy when it comes to big issues such as global warming... He is a deliberate ignoramus, because there is lots of money in spruiking falsehoods for the carbon users... Does Jones want to be remembered as the ning-nong who fought proper science on a subject he knows nothing about and be proven wrong say six years ago?... And I mean nothing: his rants — using  Lord Monckton, Ian Plimer and possibly Jo Nova — are scientifically illiterate and plain wrong... So will Jones do a back flip like he did when he was rubbishing the Toaster (a building on the city foreshore near the Opera House) and then got himself an apartment there?... What made him change his mind? Money?... A free toaster?...


Abbott is in the Jones saga up to his budgies... Jones should not be a guest speaker at Liberal (conservative) functions anymore. Full stop... Jones has gone one step too far and he knows it. Actually it's not for me to advise our PM... But I would not be surprised if she forgave him this last straw... while not accepting his apology delivered with usual Jones' bile... Yes she should forgive him but not accept his hypocritical apology... 

And the two most "bilious" performers in parliament? Swan ans Albanese?.... Has Sheehan ever heard the "other side"? Blimey, that's more than a bit rich!!! That's defamatory!... Abbott and his cronies should remonstrate Sheehan for belittling their efforts...







a proud liberal (conservative) in a shaff bag...

Mr Berger says he attended the event in a private capacity, which had nothing to do with his employer.

He also says the chaff jacket was only a prop and its meaning has been lost in the media controversy.

"The 'chaff bag jacket' was not intended as a statement about the Prime Minister or anyone else," he said.

"It was a prop to put myself in after I had taken the mickey out of Alan Jones.

"In the context of an undergraduate dinner, this was clear. In a raging controversy following Alan Jones' remark and in the face of a cyber campaign, such nuances get lost.

"So two weeks after first putting myself in a chaff bag, I guess I'm doing it again."

He says he will continue to be a proud Liberal.

a wrong step? a million wrong steps...

But last week, down on what Jones likes to call Struggle Street, the mythical place where his listeners live as they take on the world, was a pretty lonely place.

Lots of the big stores and businesses that pile millions into his show have pulled down their shutters - Woolworths, Telstra, Coles, Bing Lee, ING Direct, Mazda, 7-Eleven, McDonald's, Freedom Furniture, Mercedes-Benz and even Harvey Norman, whose chairman Gerry Harvey is a good mate and horse racing business partner of Jones' boss John Singleton.Singo is the majority owner of the Macquarie Network.


Hank: "They keep waiting for you to take a wrong step then they shoot you."

Alan Jones AO, 71-ish, talks for a living and needs people to listen. Time and again he appeared to have trashed his "brand" - most notably with the cash-for-comment scandal when Jones and 2GB were paid by the Australian Banking Association to go easy on the major banks.

Yet he still pulls in more listeners at breakfast than any other radio announcer - with a 16.8 per cent share (down from 18.5 per cent from the last quarter - a drop blamed on 2GB's Olympic coverage).What is his "brand"?

"That is the easiest question in advertising and marketing. His brand is Outraged Right Winger (ORW)," says Ben Willee, general manager of Spinach advertising agency.

Willee says the latest outburst is ultimately probably good for "Brand Jones".

"Because he says what the ultra-right wingers would like to say themselves but they can't because of what they see as all the politically correct people who have taken over the world," he says.

Tied up in Brand Jones is the charity work Jones does, his friends and contacts in powerful places across business, entertainment and politics and the way he has always personally answered every letter and email, a practice he has had to abandon over the past week as the mail has turned into an avalanche.

The cult of Alan Jones took off in the 1990s when he hosted the breakfast show on radio station 2UE.

Clive Hamilton, professor of public ethics at the Centre for Applied Philosophy and Public Ethics, says it was then that state politicians began pandering to him, but he turned the tables on them and began to hold them in his thrall. Hamilton, a one-time Greens candidate for a federal seat, says Jones is more powerful when Labor is in power because his "conservative listeners become paranoid".

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Whatever charity Jones contribute to is irrelevant to the damage that he does to the proper debate... Charity is not a counter-balancing point for high stupidity and nastiness.. 

on his bike...


Controversial broadcaster Alan Jones is losing his $250,000 sponsored Mercedes-Benz, with the car dealer vowing to never again support him or his radio station again, it's been reported.

Mercedes-Benz Australia-Pacific has cancelled all radio advertising with Macquarie Radio's 2GB as the fallout continues over Jones's comments at a Sydney University Liberal Club dinner that Prime Minister Julia Gillard's father "died of shame" because of his daughter's "lies".

The car company's corporate communications manager, David McCarthy, says Mercedes-Benz has demanded Jones return the black 2012 S-Class given to him as part of his sponsorship deal.
"We want the car back, the deal is cancelled, it is over," Mr McCarthy told News Limited.

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May I congratulate Mecedes for what is a brave but fair decision. Jones' position on many subjects has been atrociously negative, narrow-minded...
On global warming I believe that Mercedes manufacturers are far more aware of the real problem than Jones.

New partnership sets environmental standard in automotive industry

6 July 2007

Climate Positive and Mercedes Car Group have forged a partnership to raise climate change awareness and reduce the carbon-dioxide (CO2) emissions associated with new car sales.

Climate Positive is a not-for-profit organisation which works with businesses and households to educate, reduce CO2 emissions, provide accredited carbon offsets and inspire action.As part of this significant partnership, Mercedes-Benz is providing customers with a complimentary Climate Positive offset for the first six months of vehicle ownership for all new Mercedes-Benz, smart and Maybach vehicles sold in Australia.Climate Positive offsets 100% of these emissions in real time with accredited emission reductions, independently verified to reduce emissions. In addition, on behalf of Mercedes-Benz, Climate Positive goes a step beyond carbon neutrality by planting indigenous trees to absorb more greenhouse gases over time.So far this year, Mercedes-Benz has offset 4853 tonnes with accredited emission reductions and supported the restoration of 19,412 m2 of cleared lands in South Gippsland, which will absorb a further 1455.9 tonnes of CO2 over time.Climate Positive Managing Director Brendan Condon said the partnership between Climate Positive, Mercedes and Mercedes' customers was a natural one."Climate Positive provides some of the highest quality carbon offsets available. We offer accredited offsets to achieve carbon neutrality and restore some of the most carbon-rich forest ecosystems in Australia, delivering climate, habitat and biodiversity benefits."We believe the Mercedes-Benz model of partnering with their customers enhances ownership of emissions and understanding of the problem of climate change."Horst von Sanden, managing director for the Mercedes Car Group in Australia, said the partnership with Climate Positive is an important part of the new Carbon Zero initiative launched this week."It's not enough to just talk about the climate problem; we need to be active, engaged and find solutions. We value the Climate Positive approach which is focused on raising awareness, reducing emissions and providing accredited offsets."Our goals are simple: awareness and education. Whilst we continually work to minimise the environmental effect of the cars we build we're encouraging our customers to consider reducing the ecological impact generated in daily life.Mercedes-Benz will invite its customers to use the Climate Positive customised carbon calculator to continue offsetting their emissions beyond the initial six-month period."Naturally, we welcome the wider automotive industry to join this challenge, ensuring high-level accredited carbon offsets are part of their plans, as well."Carbon Zero is a Mercedes Car Group initiative which highlights the company's ongoing global commitment to environmental sustainability, from research and development through to vehicle ownership.

Further details:


no cash for comments...

The Macquarie Radio Network has suspended all advertising on Alan Jones's radio show, as the fallout from comments he made about Prime Minister Julia Gillard's late father continues.

Last month, Jones told a group of Young Liberals that Ms Gillard's father "died of shame" because of his daughter's political "lies".

More than 70 companies have pulled advertising from Jones's 2GB radio show since he made the remarks, which prompted outrage in the community and the political sphere.

In a statement, Macquarie chairman Russell Tate acknowledged the "inexcusable" nature of the comments.

He said the suspension of advertising is a temporary response to "unprecedented focus" on Jones and the "cyber bullying" of sponsors.

alan jones., for shame...


Alan Jones. For shame, for shame! No, not the man himself. I refer, of course, to all those nasty, nasty people who have been ganging up on the broadcaster since the News Limited journalist, Jonathan Marshall, broke the story that at a Young Liberals function he had said the Prime Minister's father had "died of shame".
You see – at least according to several staggering columns that have been written since – Jones has actually become the victim in the episode! I mean, how dare those 110,000 people sign that petition and swear they'd never buy Jones sponsors' products, forcing them to withdraw. What sanctimony! What high-handedness! What blackmail!
Just today we had Macquarie chair Russell Tate saying that the people who have been doing this have been engaged in "cyber bullying".
They did not have the right to "decide for our listeners who and what they are going to hear on the radio station they choose to listen to, and on the other hand decide for Australian-based companies which media outlets they will or won't use to advertise."
"What we are seeing here is 21st century censorship, via cyber-bullying."

Actually, I beg to differ.

What has in fact happened in the last week has been the rise of decent Australia saying enough is enough. And yes, sponsors like Gerry Harvey have publicly worried that by withdrawing from the Jones program they are taking part in a lynch mob, but they misunderstand. What you are actually doing, Mr Harvey, is refusing to sponsor any further "lynch-mob radio".
All you need to do is listen to Jones on a good day. As the Bully-in-Chief, Jones' major exercise every day is to line up the day's targets and then excoriate everything about them and everything they stand for, impugning the worst possible motives to their every action, before putting them up on the wall and inviting the mob to call him up to throw their own stones, which they gleefully do for hours on end, outdoing each other in their sneering, hooting derision.
Sure, Jones does the whole thing under the guise of "journalism" and "fearless comment", but the vibe of the whole thing is exactly like a lynch-mob as he masterfully whips the mob up into ever greater rage over any number of sins, including such outrages as trying to help the environment by lowering carbon emissions. It has also been noted that he is never so vicious as when the target is a woman.

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Gus: may I remind people here that Jones ISN'T A JOURNALIST... He prides himself in this fact... which encompasses an enormous amount of dedicated ignorance. HE IS AN OPINIONATOR... That is to say, in level-headed lingo, he is  A SHIT-STIRRER with no room for the facts... And he has been well paid for this caper... though some people, with squeezed brain paste between their ears, think he is a god-like creature whose mission in life is to lambasts those commies...
"Poor cuntry, my fellowwrr" as my croatian neighbour used to say with his strange accent.....


the parrot shoots bitter blanks...


Controversial radio broadcaster Alan Jones has this morning chastised people who have used social media to attack his radio station's advertisers.

More than 70 companies have pulled their ads from 2GB and the Macquarie Radio Network because of public pressure over Jones's comments about Julia Gillard's father.

The network has suspended all advertising on the Alan Jones Breakfast program, saying it was trying to protect advertisers from what it described as a cyber bulling campaign.

This morning, Jones said he had no problem with Australians boycotting his show but said it was wrong for them to attack his advertisers.

"They don't have the right to decide for Australian companies which media outlets they will or won't use to advertise their products and services," he said.

"They do not have the right to interfere with that freedom or choice, or they should not.

"They don't have the right or should not to attempt cyber bullying of people who listen to this program or advertise on it."

Jones said many of his advertisers were small companies "on struggle street" who could not withstand this level of public vitriol.

"This is a modern form of corporate sabotage," he said.

"From government? Silence. No-one objects to an old-fashioned petition.

"What we are objecting to is to misdirected anger and the ambush of our advertisers.

"People who employ people, people who help others pay their mortgages, people who help us pay the rent on this building, people who help us employ 130 people, have families and mortgages.

"If this is the new Australia, then we are all at risk."


THIS IS GRANDSTANDING CRAP... "Corporate sabotage?" ... Jones has indulged in sabotaging the (any) Labor government since day one...

And no. This is not corporate sabotage. It's a way to tell advertisers — and even blind followers — that Alan Jones is not flavour of the month anymore... And please, Alan, stop mentioning "Struggle Street"... to which you throw golden poisoned crumbs in charitable gestures... Nothing wrong with charity, but charity does not counter-balance spruiking falsehood, nor ignorant dangerous rants.

Jones preaches idiotic hatred and promotes stupidity on concepts he has no knowledge of — like a dusbin monster in a nasty Sesame Street program for oldies in nappies...

People have as much right to campaign against his crap and against his advertisers than Jones has the right to have advertisers... If advertisers are worried (or not) about commercial repercussion this means that's a choice... It's for them to take note or not... The choice is to associate oneself or one's products with a chauvinist zealot whose powerful bigoted spruiking has done them good in the past... Now it's toxic.. If Jones resents being at the wrong end of the stick... so be it.

"Bullies?"... That's the irony of the day...


we've had a gutful!...

Alan Jones hits out at 'gutless' Mercedes exec as broadcaster points finger at cyber bullies

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Is there something that does not add up in this picture?... Jones was used by Mercedes executives to sell Mercedes cars to "Struggle Street"? Mercs to Struggle Street? Struggle Street being His audience as described by Jones Himself! WOW!!!!... Now that the Executives have realised that they have a "moral" duty not to be associated with Jones and his nasty rants, Jones pisses on them by calling them "gutless"...


Although the Mercedes dealerships might not sell as many cars now to "Struggle Street", they can hold their head high... Meanwhile we've had a gutful of Jones trying to take us into the gutter of ignorance and nasty places... 

jones, in the driver's seat...

MACQUARIE Radio Network's managing director Robert Loewenthal has said he is "very disappointed" at the behaviour of Mercedes-Benz.

He confirmed the luxury car company had cancelled its advertising on Alan Jones's breakfast show back on September 19 – way before Mr Jones's comments about the father of Prime Minister Julia Gillard.

The car company's corporate communications manager, David McCarthy, said at the weekend that Mercedes-Benz has demanded Jones return the black 2012 S-Class given to him as part of his sponsorship deal.

But Mr Loewenthal said the car was never provided to Mr Jones as part of any "sponsorship deal". He said the car was given to the radio station and it was the radio station who provided it to Mr Jones.

Alan Jones had already ditched the Mercedes this morning – arriving for work at 2GB's Pyrmont offices this morning in a silver Lexus - not the $250,000 black Mercedes-Benz.


Gus Leonisky is impressed by Mercedes Benz environmental stand. Gus will report to his industrialist friends in Germany... Now, has Lexus made a rotten deal with 2GB to supply Jones with a free car for promos — or is Jones so pissed off he's driving his own second-hand Lexus?... We'll see...

minus 1.5 million...

The Macquarie Radio Network says it incurred losses of up to $1.5 million after broadcaster Alan Jones said the Prime Minister's late father died of shame.
Chairman Russell Tate said 15 advertisers had declared they would never again advertise with Sydney radio station 2GB, but it was impossible to assess the full impact of the episode on advertising revenue.
"Some bookings were cancelled, some were deferred and some were moved to other time zones on the station," Mr Tate told the company's annual general meeting in Sydney on Thursday.
"We will never know the actual cost."

In a speech at a Liberal Party function, Jones said Julia Gillard's father "died of shame" over her "lies", a comment for which he later apologised.
The Macquarie Radio Network suspended advertising on October 7 to protect the show's remaining advertisers, after more than 60 companies pulled their ads as social media campaigners urged sponsors to boycott Jones' radio show.
Mr Tate said on Thursday that the network's best estimate of the profit impact was "somewhere between $1 million and $1.5 million" in the current half-year period.

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