Saturday 2nd of March 2024


Some weeks ago I came up with a democratic method to remove Howard at the next election. I understand that the tactic has never been used before in an Australian election, and also that it is entirely legal. Subsequently I have read Not Happy John, and whilst I do not have the means of executing the plan you may well be able to cause it to be acted upon through your contacts.

The selection of the candidate and his/her upfront declaration is essential, as you'll see!

I prefer to remain in the background at this time, however I can say that nothing in this document or about me in anyway violates/conflicts with your Webdiary charter. Just call me a pissed off traditional liberal voter. I am a practising lawyer. I can be, and would appreciate being, contacted on this hotmail address.

Why a 'Digger's Oath'? Maybe it's too cute, but it's the 150th anniversary of the Eureka Stockade, and the oath is 'We swear by the Southern Cross to stand by each other and fight to defend our rights and liberties.'


1. 1. Candidate X stands to run in Bennelong. X must be a high profile, 'loved', trusted Australian, a William Deane-like character. X promises to resign as soon as possible after he or she is elected. If he or she is forced by law to serve a minimal period, he or she promises to donate all salary to Bennelong community causes.

2. Theoretically, this allows allows all anti-Howard voters to vote for X, because if X gets up, there will be a quick by-election at which voters can revert to 'traditional' parties.

3.Howard is defeated and leaves politics.

QUERY: Possibility of Howard defeat causes Liberals to promise new leader, pre-election?

QUERY: Query: Would ALP support the tactic, or fear doing so in case was used against them?

NOTE: The additional costs of a byelection would be 'a small price for democracy'. Also, there would be a by election anyway if Howard hands over the Liberal reins during following term.

Margo: Hi Digger. Hell, if William Deane stood, the voters in Bennelong might want him for the whole term!