Wednesday 19th of June 2024

certain people .....

As mentioned yesterday by Gus but
here is confirmation:

From the New York Times …..

Bush Picks Fox Commentator as Spokesman 

WASHINGTON, April 26 — President
Bush today named Tony Snow, the Fox News radio and television commentator, as
the new White House press secretary, despite Mr. Snow's past criticisms of his

Mr. Bush, while praising Mr.
Snow's long experience in print, radio and television, noted that "he's
not afraid of expressing his own opinions" and that "he sometimes
disagreed with me." He said when he asked Mr. Snow about those critical
remarks, he replied, "You should have heard what I said about the other

But he made it clear that Mr.
Snow is no longer an independent agent. "My job is to make
decisions," the president said. "And his job is to help explain those
decisions to the press corps and the American people." 

Mr. Bush tried to strike a light
note, saying Mr. Snow already knew most of the people in the White House
press corps. "He's agreed to take the job anyway," Mr. Bush said. 

Mr. Snow spoke briefly, saying,
"One of the I reasons took this job is not only because I believe in
the president, because, believe it or not, I want to work with you."

Unlike the soft-spoken current press secretary, Scott McClellan, who announced
his resignation last week, Mr. Snow is something of a showman, having earned
his living in a world in which success hinges upon being provocative. 

Mr. Snow has written recent
columns critical of Mr. Bush, arguing that his White House had lost its verve
and direction in his second term. 

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Gus is impressed... reading across, between and below the lines... 

When even your MOST ARDENT
supporter in the press starts to bag you a bit, the best way to shut him
up is to make him your press secretary. Brilliant! 

And when the wheels fall off the
cheap price of petrol, the best way to manage the public perceptions is to
appear greenish and concerned... but not before the huge profits are
made... not before the damage is done... 

It's all in the timing, for
maximum effect... I believe that public opinion is not buying the con
though... especially when the real accelerating figures on energy
expenditure in the US show no sign of slowing down... with his new press
secretary at the wheel of porky management (explaining to the chooks what
the puppet decides).  

Buhoctanocchio is a shoo-in for
the longest nose of the century. Daddy Rove, the "brain" behind
the Prez, should be chuffed...