Thursday 23rd of September 2021

lie to me...

lie to me...

Lie to me...

Opinions spruiked on mass media and advertising go hand in hand... Advertising is designed to make you buy something. Most opinions are targeted to pander to prejudices that will wash your brains from thoughts contrary to buying stuff. 

For example should you become too aware of global warming, you would start to "consume less" in order to "minimise your carbon footprint". For people who sell stuff for profit (the rich) this is not on ... You HAVE TO buy...

Thus mass media opinions often are AS IF stupidly uninformed... To a critical mind, they might appear "blind, caught napping, day-dreaming, deaf, ignorant, in the dark, inattentive, negligent, not informed, not told, oblivious, out of it, out to lunch, unbriefed, unconscious, uneducated, unenlightened, uninstructed, unknowing, unschooled..." according to the Thesaurus. 

But, in fact, these opinions coming from most professionals spruikers are none of these. 

They are deliberate LIES. 

The "opinions" of Alan Jones, Rush Limbaugh, Andrew Bolt, Ray Hadley, Chris Berg, Glenn Beck and all the other shocks mentioned on this site, are DELIBERATELY geared as not to contain any REAL inconvenient realities or proper information — but to be full of emotional hype, disdain for science and falsified concepts disguised as feelings for truth... As John Singleton (2GB radio Station owner) says: 

"...real hard personalities and they’ve got real hard opinions and they ram them down your throat or down your ears." Ugly.
"They wield such influence now. They just don’t follow the newspapers and reiterate the story and then see what the listeners think, they actually make the news."

YEP! THEY MAKE UP THE NEWS... They manufacture or interpret the news to suit the slant of their erroneous opinions. 
I am often told that despite having good policies on many issues, Labor is inept at selling these or at selling itself... or its selling strategy is wrong... I fully disagree. 

These spruikers for the ritewing are out there to destroy Labor and its supporters... and there is little Labor can do.

It's a matter of who controls the mass media. 

The mass media is completely cooked up like fast food, in the same manner as if 80 per cent of our food came from Mucdinald's or Birger Kung or Pizzo Nut, day in day out... Our diet is crap. We put on weight.

We have to make decision about our own values in life. Some of us go to church to find or continue an accepted purpose for being alive. Many of us are force fed a purpose of life through opinions and advertising. 

We grow fat and lazy while working harder doing things that don't matter... We don't think for ourselves anymore but relate in terms of the gizmophone we fiddle with our thumbs, in short, we get busy on behalf of what we bought, what we buy and what we're going to buy — including religion. The priests and the church used to control information to make us fall on our knees...

The rich now control information, like kings used to control wars for profit. The rich have these spruikers to sell stuff to make money. Money rules. The rich use these spruikers to shout at us with the sharpened skills of seconds china crockery salesmen... 

One has to say, most modern rich people have a low threshold to "romantic" attachment to things. If they "like something", it's always with the primary thought that one day. if not tomorrow, they can sell it for a profit... Selling things to acquire more and be top dog is the major decision about their values in life. There is a strong tinge of sociopathy, even of psychopathy in the way rich people operate — especially manipulate your brains to believe in the worth of money before anything else — the money you toil for on the treadmill of credit in the process of making them richer. They wash the possible guilt from this modus operandi by being generous, selectively to tax deductible charity, for which they become strongly valued like kings. Equality is a relative notion exclusively managed between kings.

The rich don't like Labor. It stinks of socialism and equality for all... because believe it or not, in general despite its faults and idiosyncracies, Labor tries to make your life better, while the rich party — The Liberals (conservatives) — is mostly designed to make you believe your life will be better while they tread on you... 

The spruikers for the rich, including those spruiking for gambling, are specially chosen to destroy Labor in your mind and promote the illusion of wealth while the rich rob you, legally... They made the laws in their favour... 

For instance, most of these garbage-talkers for the rich are specially chosen by their masters to talk to us, the plebs, and make sure the concept of global warming is muddled and imbued with emotional garbage... Some of these spruikers will target the scientists directly, like Tim Flannery being targeted by Hadley — Flannery, who for all intent and purpose is only a small voice presenting some of the facts of global warming... Others like Alan Jones will promote wrong information as certified facts — with the gift of the gab. They do it with impunity and should they be "reprimanded" by a toothless watchdog for being loose with the truth, their apologies is also full of errors and more misleading information...  

Their rulers, such as John Singleton and Uncle Rupe LOVE IT. Through their spruikers, they control your brains so you buy stuff, including beliefs.

The rich don't want you to know about global warming — or should the issue raises its head because of 123 climate records being broken in ONE Australian SUMMER (2013), they want you to believe the concept is still a non-consensus scientific hocus-pocus, while it's not... As soon as ONE amongst 100.000 scientists breaks ranks, it becomes as if the whole of the science was in doubt. For example, the spruikers "pounce" (to quote a word used often by the media, including the ABC) on dubious information about a study of the last 10 years' warming upon which a stupid scientists base a new global warming trend for the future. Silly...

We all know that MINOR climatic fluctuations can happen on a longer trend over at least one hundred years. For example, the Oklahoma tornado that devastated a suburb of Oklahoma City yesterday, was the fiercest ever seen or recorded in "living memory" and larger than the previous fiercest in 1991. Since then we've had 20 years of global warming  — with a slow down in the last ten years due to a quiet sun (no sun spots) and a long La Nina event. Three days ago, I bet with myself that as the sun has awakened, and as we've entered an El Nino event, this year's tornado season was going to be torrid in the USA. Why?

An increase of 0.3 per cent of average temperature was noted in Australia recent summer average — based on the new average scale measured on the last twenty years rather than the last 60 years — represents a massive amount of energy added into the atmosphere. In the USA, the differential between the warm air coming from the south and the cool air from the north will have to "dissipate" some of this extra energy into a larger massive tornado system. 

The atmosphere is being "supercharged" by global warming, itself induced by rising CO2 levels — now reaching levels not happening in the last 3 million years. 

Under present conditions, the result is more frequent and fiercer storms. Simple. Other influences include rising sea levels (which as noted for the last big melt did not happen in a "linear" fashion).

Global warming and CO2...

The main argument here is that we need to understand that higher average temperatures of past aeons may not have been induced by CO2. Scientists know that. 

But higher temperature can also induce a rising concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, this rise then feeding the rising temperature... Thus, we can note a delay in the increase between temperatures that are rising FIRST and CO2 appearing to come SECOND  — as if CO2 then was not the culprit of rising temperature, only a resultant thereof...

This leads people like Jo Nova to discredit the influence of CO2 in rising temperatures. This is a compete fallacy.

As demonstratively shown, when CO2 rises FIRST, INVARIABLY the temperature of the planet rises in step. The relationship is undeniable — in the framework of other accounted factors, such as sun cycles, the gaseous mix and earth axis wobbles...

THIS IS US. This is the feedback mechanism we're in... And we, humans, are definitely contributing the extra CO2 undeniably, by burning fossil fuels. 

But the rich people on this planet, the one per cent and the 0.01 per cent don't want you to know this inconvenient truth.

Their spruikers will lie to you blind on this subject, but that's the "freedom of information" price to pay. LIES... 

I don't care if they lie about the price of fish or whatever backyard pool that has not been fenced off, but on this issue, these lying spruikers need to shut up...  

There is too much at stake in the not so far future...

Hadley is one of these liars...

Gus Leonisky...

too many sock drawers to rearrange...


Mike Carlton has launched a stinging attack on the ABC's Australian Story, claiming his comments were "selectively edited" by the show's producers to give a glowing account of his former radio rival Ray Hadley.
Carlton launched his tirade via his Twitter account, describing the program, which aired on Monday night, as a "travesty", "disgrace" and "garbage".On Tuesday, Carlton tweeted: "Bizarre that last night's Australian Story on Ray Hadley should be a 30 minute commercial for a rival broadcaster. The show was a disgrace.

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see toon at top and see also:

High-rating 2GB presenter Ray Hadley has unloaded again on Crikey and Tim Flannery over an allegation he hatched a plot with one of his neighbours to expose Flannery as a climate change hypocrite.

On Hadley’s morning program today, the knockabout shock jock demanded an apology from this august journal and the former Australian of the Year, who he says printed “lies” alleging he had cooked up a scheme with Flannery’s Coba Point neighbour “David” to reveal his residence and accuse him of speeding in his polluting boat.

Now, as of today there has been no apology nor retraction by either Flannery or,” Hadley said.

They’re allowing a whole range of people just to simply tear me apart despite the fact they now know that either the professor was grossly misinformed or heaven knows what was going through his mind at the time. Heaven knows, he may have been having some sort of episode.”

He reserved special opprobrium for Crikey’s featherweight status in the upstanding world of Australian media.

The lightweight journalist that wrote the story is waiting for me to phone him. Mate, don’t hold your breath, I’ve got too many sock drawers to rearrange to be talking to you. I’m told that Crikey if they open the windows there’s a chance they might be blown out you’re that big a lightweight.”

Luckily, Hadley also added a disclaimer: he is not one for legal action.

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bringing horseracing and sport into whatever...

A row blew up after the mare's owner John Singleton accused Mrs Waterhouse of failing to tell him and stewards that the horse had neck problems before she raced on April the 27th. He also accused the trainer's bookmaker son Tom of having inside information about the horse's condition.

A steward's inquiry which began two weeks ago heard that More Joyous had heat in the neck and was treated with an antibiotic in the lead up to the race.

Today's session was to hear the charges against Mrs Waterhouse that she had failed to report More Joyous' condition and failed to keep proper records of the mare's treatment in the days leading up to the Group1 All Aged Stakes.

Earlier, the inquiry found that Tom Waterhouse had done nothing wrong, but John Singleton was fined $15,000 after pleading guilty to bringing horseracing into disrepute.



Meanwhile on the gambling pitch:

LM- Good, thank you. How much less of you will we see?

TW- We are still discussing with Channel Nine but a lot less. Obviously I just love being a bookie and I've tried to promote my business. With all the overseas, big, betting firms, I definitely heard the public outcry about it and, yeah, I'll be changing dramatically from tonight.

LM- I mean, I have to say: Which bit of it didn't you get? I mean when people are starting to report that their children are starting to run around talking about the odds rather than the sport, and that was some time back, were you a bit slow on the uptake?

TW- I guess I was a bit slow on the uptake, I just, look... being an individual..and look.. I'm only 5 percent of the advertising market... the wagering advertising market in Australia.. trying to compete with these big overseas gambling companies and wagering companies.. look.. I tried to go out there.. and look.. the way I've done it, and the public backlash with it... I've really.. I guessed realised that I need to change my approach.

Stop gambling perhaps?

more joyous, more strawberries and a bit of frankel...

JOHN Singleton is preferring to take the odds on an equine match made in heaven rather than risk the reputation of champion More Joyous with another year on the racetrack.

The owner-breeder revealed More Joyous has run her last race and will be served by unbeaten English super horse Frankel in September.

It brings to an end the sometimes controversial but always brilliant career of the best horse "Singo" has bred.

"The decision has been made on More Joyous," Singleton's racing manager Duncan Grimley said.

"She has nothing left to prove on the track. She has been a great mare for us and we don't want to go over the top with her."

Grimley said More Joyous would be accompanied by Golden Slipper placegetter More Strawberries on the trip to England, where both mares have a "date" with the mighty Frankel, winner of all his 14 starts - including 10 at Group 1 level.

"More Joyous will be covered by Frankel in September," Grimley said.

"The plan is then to bring More Joyous and More Strawberries home around January or February so they can have their foals at Strawberry Hills Stud later next year.


Having fun in the hay...