Saturday 23rd of October 2021

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"No surprises" they claimed... And as far as I am concerned there were no surprises. I knew these characters were lying to be elected and I knew the flow of lies would not stop ever after. 


It's only for those "swinging" voters who believed these dodgy farting politicians, that I feel sorry for. Yes, swingers, you were duped. You were bullshitted to. You were taken for a ride. You were being pissed on. You wuz robbed.

I knew they would.


And there is no need for these bastards to do what they are doing. Whatever they claim in the name of their golden calf is adding more lies to their porkies. They only want you to suffer because they seek political revenge. They are vengeful nasty sadistic idiots. I knew that and made many cartoon about this since 2005 to this effect. 

In the Liberal (CONservative) camp, most of the voters knew these bastards were lying and are proud that the TONS of lies from these bastards succeeded in shifting your monkey brains. There is no need for the pain you are about to feel. They only do it for sadistic satisfaction... 


Please, may some other real smart bastards in the swinging voter camp become real angry. And I mean real angry. Because we, on the other side of the fence are pissed off of course, but we knew that these bastards were ALWAYS lying from the onset. It's only you, the swinging voters, who have been conned big time: You believe them. You believe all the merde-och press spruikers that your life would be enhanced by these con-artists of the political sewers. And the merde-och press is still pushing your buttons to make you believe them some more... Be fooled "no more". You the poor retiree and the future worker and the lonely and the disabled. You the shop keeper, the manufacturer, the aspirational employee... ALL OF YOU HAVE BEEN SWINDLED BY THE PIGS.


It's time to revolt. 


There are times in life when people deserve only one response — and Tony Abbott deserves just one after this year's budget, says barrister Alex McKean.

There are some times in life when the only response to the person you are dealing with is a resounding:

 ‘Fuck You!!’

These are the times when all eloquence fails, when the social niceties can safely be ignored. Times when the provocation is so great that reversion to the time-honoured phrase really is the only sensible response.

This is one of those moments. Sitting and watching the smug, sneering faces of the prime minister and his cronies, as they bring down the worst budget in living memory — this was the response I hurled at the TV screen.

This budget is the act of a 4 year-old-child.

A creature not yet capable of building anything and whose only motivation is to destroy what others have built. The bully who jumps into the sandpit with the smaller kids and stomps on their sandcastles.

This budget is an unparalleled act of political bastardry, a vindictive spray saved up since Tony’s Uni days.

But don’t we need to tighten our belts and all pull together for the common good? Isn’t this the justification for the bastard budget from hell?

No. The fact of the matter is there is no budget emergency.

Australians, however insulated we may have been back in the 1950’s, where this budget had its ideological genesis, are now connected to the rest of the world. We can see and decide for ourselves whether we are living in a country with an outstanding financial position – we are – or languishing in irredeemable debt — we are, most definitely, not.

This is the big lie.

This is the fiction Tony and Joe hope the voters of Australia will swallow.

‘Oh well’, they think we will all shrug, ‘we have to make hard choices and put the budget back in surplus’, turning back to the treadmill — or, more accurately, preparing to fly out from their family to some remote coal mine.

To the extent there is a problem with the structure of the budget, it is created by choices made by none other than Tony himself. Budgets are about choices. Anyone who has to decide between groceries and seeing their GP knows this.

This budget is Tony and Joe sitting down to have a nice lunch with Gina — and then the waiter and the dishpig pick up the bill. ‘Thank you so much sirs and madam for eating your fill at our expense’ we will say, tugging obsequiously at the forelock.

This budget is an attack on every member of Australian society who does not go into their online baking and see at least 7 figures to the left of the decimal.

It attacks the young by making it more expensive and difficult to study and become productive, flourishing members of society. God forbid you happen to live in an area where there is high unemployment. Tony has made a beggar of anyone under the age of 30 who is not able to find a job and cannot afford the exorbitant cost of study.

Abbott has also has neatly sidestepped the WorkChoices speed-bump. What sort of pay and conditions is a young person going to agree to work for where the alternative is six months of zero income?

Enter the era of exploitation of people under 30 by unscrupulous employers who know the alternative for their workers is homelessness and starvation. After all, Tony is the bloke who famously said:

"A bad boss is a little bit like a bad father or a bad husband … you find that he tends to do more good than harm."

The budget attacks the old and the sick, at least those who are not so wealthy as to be able to fund every anticipated expense in retirement and ill-health. The budget attacks the disabled, it attacks women, it attacks the indigenous.

The only things this budget does not attack is billionaires, mining companies and banks, as far as I can tell.

The real Tony Abbott has definitely stood up now he is in power — and can inflict payback for all those years in the shadow of Howard, waiting for the Rudd/Gillard Governments to finally implode.

The pent up frustration of years is exposed as the pubescent teenage masturbation fantasies of an extremist explode onto an unsuspecting nation.

And now the people are told by our overlords we were fools to believe any of the promises that now lie shattered at our feet.

Apparently. we were supposed to ignore some of the promises Tony made before the election because of the ‘most significant’ promise that he would bring the budget under control.

We are back to Howard's core and non-core promises — just under a slightly different name.

I sincerely hope journalists will now ask Tony on each occasion he makes any form of promise, to indicate whether this is one to be ignored or the ‘most significant’ promise, which actually counts.

Some people may say it is wrong to say ‘fuck you’ to an incumbent Prime Minister.

For some it may be a sign of a juvenile lack of ability to formulate a reasoned argument.

Some may simply be too delicate to sit at the keyboard and type those words.

These concerns aside, I encourage each and every Australian to end this message to Tony and his cabal of arch-conservative muppets. I implore you to send an email to Tony, to Joe, to Christopher or Julie, to Gina, event to Rupert, telling them too ‘Fuck Off!’.

I don’t care if you use a slightly different wording.

‘Get fucked!’

is totally acceptable.

As is

‘Go fuck yourself!

The message should be sent loud and it should be clear. It should come from as broad a cross-section of the Australian community as possible.

That is what is at stake here, nothing less than the future of our community and our way of life.

We stand at the crossroads.

Tony and his crew would like to take us down the path towards the disaster that exists in the USA, where the poor are blamed for their poverty and a dignified minimum is viewed with fear and loathing as some form of socialism.

We have the numbers.

There are less of the billionaires, banks and big miners than real people who will suffer because of this bastard of a budget.

I for one will not stand for it.

Stand with me and tell this crowd of cretins to:

Fuck Off!

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stop bullshitting about mantra, tony, or you'll go to hell...


Prime Minister Tony Abbott says voters were "on notice" before the election that the Coalition would make big cuts to spending.

The states and territories are unhappy with last week's federal budget, with most leaders meeting in Sydney today to discuss their concerns over $80 billion cuts to health and education funding.

Labor, the Greens and the Palmer United Party have also vowed to block some of the more controversial budget measures, which could blow a multi-billion-dollar hole in Commonwealth finances.

This morning on the ABC's Insiders program, Mr Abbott said the Coalition repeatedly talked about the budget problems before the election.

"You might remember the mantra - it was stop the boats, repeal the carbon tax, build the roads of the 21st Century, and get the budget back under control," he said.

"So people, I think, were on notice that we were going to do what was necessary to ensure that we were not being a burden on our children and grandchildren."

Mr Abbott says the Coalition has done "precisely" what it said it would do before the election.

"We said we would honour the then-government's commitments over the then-forward estimates. We said we weren't bound by their pie-in-the-sky promises for the out years. We said it was unsustainable. We said it was undeliverable. We are not going to try to deliver it," he said.


You also said, you would not touch pensions, health and education from which you are now taking out $80 billions.... As well you said you would not touch the ABC and SBS... On top of that you were adamant about no new taxes... So your mantras were complete bullshit designed to fool swinging voters... May you burn in hell (I know... hell does not exist and I suspect you know that)...


mad cut snakes are more upfront than this lot of liars...


The Treasurer, Joe Hockey, has opened the door to a rise in the GST if state premiers make the case for it, but says any change to the consumption tax would be taken to an election.

The federal government has promised two white papers that will examine the tax system and the federation.

The federal budget has foreshadowed about $80 billion in cuts to federal grants to schools and hospitals over the next decade, sparking a furious reaction from state premiers who have accused Canberra of trying to “starve them out” and force them to request a rise in the GST.

Mr Hockey told the Ten Network on Sunday that he would not promise to stop the states if they agreed to a rise in the GST.

“Well, no, because what we're saying is we have a tax white paper, a process for looking at tax, we promised the Australian people we would not introduce, increase or widen or broaden or change the GST in this term of government," he said.

“We're honouring our promise. If there is to be a change to the GST, or substantial changes in taxation, we will take that to the next election.”

“The process at the moment is to sit down with the states and work through all the issues and also be up front with the Australian people.”

Read more:

Idiot. "Be up front with the Australian people"?... Yes I know... Joe thinks we're mugs ready to accept kicks in the arse (which he wrongly thinks is our up-front) for his sadistic pleasure. No siree. Go away with your dishonesty... go away... Actually why not call an election now? That would be more honest than carrying on fudging like a tooth-rotting candy-stall and twisting like a mad cut-snake...


in regard to rude words...

lock the gate...


In regard to the article two above, A few cartoons back, in October 2013, I used similar rude words... I was not the first to do so in regard to Tony Abbott's behaviour, nor is Alex McKean the last.

you were deceived by a dishonest abbott...

Budget gets no brownie points for bravery from voters taken for mugs

Abbott could have pulled off austerity if there was a coherent conviction about it but the electorate isn’t buying the dissembling

As instant verdicts go – it’s icy feedback. Voters have told Tony Abbott in no uncertain terms they are not mugs.

If the latest polls are reading the national mood correctly, voters are so clear in this conviction they are prepared to make Bill Shorten the prime minister only seven months out from a political car crash that Labor thought would consign it to opposition for the best part of a generation.

Voters are actually looking more closely at the anti-politician, the #resistance plutocrat Clive Palmer, who lists unpredictably between high parody and precision “truth” bombing. Palmer in this budget period has emerged as that character from Shakespeare who somehow, despite absolute randomness and exquisite incoherence in the delivery (or perhaps because of it), cuts through the chaos. He’s the character who manages to narrate the tragedy in ways the protagonists can’t because they are too busy spinning their wheels in the court intrigue and foul murther.

Those developments alone have got to be the very definition of interesting times.

The voting public in the post-budget washup appears to be sending Abbott a clarion message – they aren’t buying the Coalition’s version of national interest, made manifest in last Tuesday’s budget, nor are they buying Abbott’s latest outbreak of post-truth, post-fact dissembling.

In the hit to Abbott’s personal authority we see in the latest published opinion polls, voters are giving the thumbs down to the prime minister’s attempt to blame them for not listening adequately to his “mantras” before the election (which by his own admission he minimised and maximised, according to the audience) – rather than blaming himself for promising them hand on heart that he would deliver a world that he evidently had absolutely no intention of ever delivering.

on a recap...

Sometimes today on a recap of fake news and droopy current affairs, I saw Joe Hockey singing the tune that "we're not into doing populist blah blah blah" with his usual quivering passionate lip, whatever this populist blah blah meant... I shook my head in despair... Are there people who still think Joe is really genuine when he says crap like this? Didn't they notice all the populist three world slogan before the elections? Have they not noticed the new spin cycle going on like a washing machine on full deceit? Is there one person who believes Tony Abbott did not say one one thing and did another? Is that person dead? Brain dead? 


And Tony, please do not compare your bad polls with those of John Howard first budget... This is irrelevant. What matter is that some people are going to be really hurt, just because you are an indecent dishonest person.

thought for the day?...


THOUGHT FOR THE DAY: If the government gets booted out because of the Budget will it be banned from the dole for six months? #qanda
Good question... But you know and we all know the answer to this one, Mr Hildebrand. The savages from the rabid right-wing would get a job in banking should they not be able to get a job in the remaining government agencies still operating after the idiotic budget cuts. Some would become the CEO of charitable enterprises. Some might retire to the Bahamas. Please that none of these appointment would be on merit but because "they have mates"... None of them would go in renewable energy, despite the hot air they generate.

I did not watch the programme dedicated to Joe Hockey lying through his quivering lip. This (annoying) ABC program should never give a liar and a dishonest person the opportunity to lie more to defend his actions of lying. disgraceful.


myc = joe x Hsquared x TAcB

As my blood cynicism level rose to dangerous heights, I had to quit momentarily imagining Joe answering questions on Q&A, spruiking like a shonky builder who comes to fix your house. I know I've seen them. They come and replace your "ancient" leadlights with aluminium windows that don't fit. A little crack in the wall is sorted out by bringing all the brickwork down as well as half the roof... Sparks from your electrics, a specialty

But some people had more courage than me and WATCHED. Is this courage or masochism? :


James Clark @_spock

“You are here to listen” says Tony Jones as he hosts a show called Question and Answer


Very Brave James to challenge the king of interviewing Pyne more time than there were rivets on the Titanic and some idiots in their fields of partisan expertise.

My cynicism would have boiled over like a witches cauldron. I could have trown a spell onto the whole lot but refrained. I did not watch, not even the replay, the repeat or the encore...

At least, some reports tend to be fair:

A special post-budget Q&A on Monday night saw Joe Hockey inundated with questions from worried residents of western Sydney. Tweets using the #qanda hashtag broke records, according to the ABC, and resulted in servers crashing and the disappearance of curated tweets from the TV screen.

The mood in the studio audience was incredulous and dismissive to begin with, and only got angrier from there. The host, Tony Jones, pre-empted any repeat of the student protests on Q&A this month by warning the audience to behave.

Online, the treasurer drew some respect for his willingness to appear solo and to answer people’s concerns about the cuts announced last week, but despite his answers and assurances about Medicare co-payments, rising university fees and changes to Newstart and the pension, a sense remained among watchers that the treasurer was out of touch with ordinary Australians.

Out of touch?... YES!... Had I plugged in my bullshitometer into the TV screen while watching this program (which I did not watch) there was a chance it would have exploded. I don't deny that Joe was very brave to front up but this only indicates that he has no shame for telling porkies with a 20 metes wingspan. I hope Joe did not mistake them for angels with snouts...

myc = joeB x HHsquared x TAc&L... No this is not the new unified theory of the universe... But you can try it as rocket propellant. I can't find my mathematical symbols on my keyboard... Thus I had to make do with some simplification.

It's quite simple: My cynicism equals Joe Hockey's Bullshit multiplied by His Hypocrisy squared multiplied by Tony Abbott's crap and Lies... My cynicism has already crossed the border of the solar system.



they even bullshitted to their mates...

Some ministers liked the look of the potential savings but others considered it crazy and said so. Cabinet was split.

Julie Bishop, a West Australian, argued strenuously against touching the rebate.

Trade Minister Andrew Robb was equally vocal, telling colleagues the proposed change was "anti-investment" and would undermine Tony Abbott's mantra that Australia is "open for business".

The Nationals were apoplectic, with one saying "this is a fight we have to win". Barnaby Joyce, the Agriculture Minister, is said to have been "non-negotiable" over the issue.

Outside Parliament, powerful lobby groups were loading their muskets and sharpening their bayonets.

The farmers talked about tractors on the lawns of Parliament House. The miners warned of World War IV - World War III having been its devastatingly successful campaign against Kevin Rudd's super-profits tax.

'Play the Nats'

But it was all a game. Senior Liberals have told the ABC they were never serious about cutting the diesel fuel rebate.

They are boasting it was a tactic to "play the Nats"; the rebate was put on the agenda and deliberately leaked to inflame the Nationals so the party would support the higher fuel excise as the lesser of two evils...

an abbott regime of nasty surprises and pathetic excuses...

Tony Abbott "wilfully misled" voters when as Opposition Leader he promised no "nasty surprises" and "pathetic excuses" in government, Labor says.

With the Coalition's one year anniversary in office nearing, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has renewed his attack on the government's budget by reminding voters of promises Tony Abbott made as opposition leader but has broken as Prime Minister.

"There will be no surprises and no excuses from a Coalition government," Mr Abbott said exactly one year ago.

Speaking in Canberra, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten revived Mr Abbott's pledge and said it was proof the government's budget was built on deception.


"We have seen a lie that statement was to the Australian people - it's been one year since Tony Abbott wilfully misled the Australian people,"

"When he said there would be nasty surprises, did he tell Australians about the GP tax? No. Did he tell Australian families and motorist about increasing the petrol tax? No he didn't," Mr Shorten said.

Mr Shorten said the government was fond of blaming the media and anyone else but themselves for their political mistakes and said: "This is a government who can be best described by nasty surprises and pathetic excuses."

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See mischief at top...

the consistency of the turdy abbott government: lies...


Only Singapore and Hong Kong have less red tape than Australia.

So four glaring messages leap from the pages of official reports from Australia’s government departments, confirming the messages from international agencies:

  1. Through the GFC, Australia’s economy was better-performed than any other developed economy.
  2. Australia’s economic and social indicators have deteriorated significantly over the last year and a half.
  3. They show signs of worsening further.
  4. Don’t believe anything Tony Abbott or Joe Hockey say. They lie consistently.
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