Tuesday 26th of September 2023

trickster, con-artist, liar, switcharoola-man theatrics...


The purpose of Palmer's "CONservationist" "CONversion" is to distract people from the main game: ELIMINATE THE WELL-PERFORMING CARBON PRICING for Abbott to claim victory on the repeal of the "carbon tax". NOTHING ELSE. 

the dinosaur man is a double-dealing liar...


From Sandi Keane...

But when politically powerful coal mining billionaires decide the time for action on climate change has come then the end of the age of the climate dinosaurs has truly arrived.

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An annoyed Gus:

Sandi, Like all other journalists in this land, you have chosen to trust Palmer. If Palmer's intention where honestly honest, he would not vote for the repeal of the carbon pricing. Full stop. His song and dance to do this-and-that is only a very clever smokescreen to make us swallow the abolition of the carbon pricing which at this stage is far more efficient than Palmer's fancy ETS that has not a chance in hell of being implemented AND PALMER KNOWS THIS. It's a con trick, like a card trick...

Palmer and Abbott are working together on this. Please read from top.

And by the way, "one" of the PUP new dorks has already signalled that "he does not believe in climate change"... Thus you can kiss good-bye to his vote against the abolition of the renewable targets, against the abolition of the Climate Change Authority and against the abolition of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation...

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singing the same song in counterpoint...

Despite the media’s obsession with Clive Palmer last week, Tony Abbott had a very good week of his own. He will soon achieve the four big promises made in the 2013 election. The boats have been largely stopped, the carbon tax will soon be repealed, the mining tax will go and Abbott will be the infrastructure Prime Minister. Palmer was always going to vote down the carbon tax. The rest of last week’s carbon debate was short term, peripheral and covered by the Al Gore stunt.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/comment/tony-abbott-must-tackle-big-policy-challenges-20140630-zsquh.html#ixzz36AGDiFqb

Yes Peter... All these stunts are designed to MAKE SURE TONY ABBOTT gets a good sleep in his crooked bed.
I repeat: Palmer and Abbott are working in counterpoint BUT SINGING THE SAME SONG... IT'S  PART OF THE DISTRACTION for the press (Joh's chooks).

If Palmer's intention where honestly honest, he would not vote for the repeal of the carbon pricing. Full stop. His song and dance to do this-and-that is only a very clever smokescreen to make us swallow the abolition of the carbon pricing which at this stage is far more efficient than Palmer's fancy ETS that has not a chance in hell of being implemented AND PALMER KNOWS THIS. It's a con trick, like a card trick...

Palmer and Abbott are working together on this. Please read from top.

And by the way, "one" of the PUP new dorks has already signalled that "he does not believe in climate change"... Thus you can kiss good-bye to his vote against the abolition of the renewable targets, against the abolition of the Climate Change Authority and against the abolition of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation...

Please read also:  the double cross of australian politics...


Once all of Abbott wish list are achieved, Palmer PUP'S senator will vote "as they wish" in utmost ignorance... The deed will thus be complete and Palmer's hand totally clean...


singing in tune with his mate abbott...

Anyone building hypothetical future scenarios based on Clive Palmer continuing serenely as the new face of emissions trading might want to exercise caution. The Titanic announcement was a pretty awesome image too, but let me know if you can find any trace of an actual boat under construction.

The big thing about political pictures is being in them. That’s the Palmer objective. Beyond that, it’s all up for grabs.

Annabel Crabb is the host of ABC TV’s Kitchen Cabinet.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/comment/clive-palmer-puts-himself-in-the-political-picture-20140627-zsnqp.html#ixzz36AJu42Xx

Annabel, we like you, really, despite chiding you quite often... Your warning about not seeing any Palmer Titanic (nor any future ETS) is spot-on but should be far far far far stronger. I repeat:
The Palmer objective is to make sure HIS MATE ABBOTT gets what he wants (the elimination of the "carbon tax") and that no climate change policy exists in Australian politics, including that ghastly "direct action" that Tony also wants "like a hole in the head" (you know what I mean). All the theatrics and the images have been designed to make people loose sight of the main game: destroy the carbon pricing, destroy the mining tax and destroy all the related climate change corporations... NOTHING ELSE. If Palmer was genuine about "his ETS" he would not repeal the carbon pricing... which already is an ETS. Palmer is a ten-faced hypocrite.

absolutely correct...

On the question of winners, one also needs to make a distinction between the working assumption inside-the-beltway about Abbott’s private position on climate, and the actual formal policy he took to the people at the last election.

The understanding here is that Abbott’s real priority is - and only ever has been - the destruction of the carbon ‘‘tax’’. Everything else, including the $2.5 billion direct action plan to pay large polluters to cut emissions, was merely put forward because the Coalition feared that offering nothing was electoral suicide. 

Thus, Palmer’s declaration that he will back the carbon price abolition, while blocking ‘‘direct action’’ because it is ‘‘a waste of money’’, is a short-term insult most Coalition MPs will probably be happy to wear.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-opinion/who-are-the-winners-from-clive-palmers-green-conversion-20140626-zsmxg.html#ixzz36ATfJNZZ

meanwhile the tricks are continuing...

Clive Palmer has scotched claims of division in his party over ongoing support for Australia's renewable energy target, as a group of Coalition backbenchers also lobby ministers for a change in the scheme.

The Fairfax MP says incoming Palmer United Party senator Jacqui Lambie will "always go along with the team" despite her calls for Tasmanian businesses to be exempt from the target.

Ms Lambie has been reported as saying she will be seeking exemptions for businesses in her home state, sparking talk of a possible rift over environment policy in the crossbench party.



The Palmer United Party has said it will not support any change to the RET before the next election.

"Everyone will be voting in accordance with our statement with Al Gore," Mr Palmer said on Monday.

"Every senator can make calls for their state - the Liberals do it all the time, and Labor.

"They've got the right to say that.

"It's her statement, that's what she thinks but that's not how the party has decided to vote.

"She'll always go along with the team."

Fairfax has contacted Ms Lambie for comment.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/clive-palmer-denies-division-in-palmer-united-party-over-renewable-energy-target-20140630-3b2rr.html#ixzz36Aa3sfij

Have you seen a Titanic lately?... or a Palmersaurus that did not do a switcheroo? Or a team that was so united it was completely ignorant? The suspense is killing me...
Well not really, I know the outcome: the destruction of the carbon pricing... The rest is smoke and mirror with a few card tricks and a fire-breather dragon under a huge canvas called a circus — with a pair of clowns called Garnaut and Gore doing their best to distract the bull from goring the ringmaster. 

victory of the denialists over science...

Bill Shorten has vowed to re-fight the case for effective action against global warming, as he conceded Labor had underestimated the impact of the “anti-climate change brigade”.

The opposition leader reflected on the breakdown in Australia’s political and public consensus on climate change in a speech which laid out some markers on leadership and the way to win over voters for contentious reforms.

Shorten traced the current fault line on climate policy to Tony Abbott’s rolling of Malcolm Turnbull as Liberal leader in 2009, but said Labor had “to live with our failure to prosecute the case, to take the public with us on the need for action on climate change”.

Facing the likelihood of the new Senate voting soon to repeal the carbon scheme introduced by the former Gillard government and which began in 2012 with a three-year fixed price, Shorten reaffirmed his commitment to a market-based system for curbing greenhouse gas emissions.

And in a swipe at the budget sales pitch, he accused Abbott of trying to divide the public and adopting a “Downton Abbey style of consensus where he sits in the dining room and he summons Australians like a servant class to agree with his consensus”.

Shorten’s speech to the Australian National Union’s Crawford Australian Leadership Forum on Tuesday coincided with the Senate changeover, in which a combination of minor and micro parties and independents now holding the balance of power.

Emboldened by the Palmer United party’s (PUP) support for scrapping the legislated carbon pricing scheme, Abbott told his Coalition colleagues on Tuesday he was confident of the government’s ability to work with the crossbench to axe “the world’s biggest carbon tax” – a dominant election pledge.

“I am reasonably optimistic that we can do good things together for our country and for the benefit of our people,” the prime minister said.

Shorten said an emissions trading scheme previously enjoyed bipartisan support, with both John Howard and Kevin Rudd promising one at the 2007 election. This consensus ended with Abbott’s successful challenge to Turnbull as Liberal leader in 2009, which Shorten described as “the victory of the denialists over science”.



Hey Bill! Why don't you have a meeting with the PUP personnel and get someone like Tim Flannery to speak as well... SOON! LIKE NOW!...

lock stock and barrel...


The Abbott government is continuing to resist entreaties to keep some of Labor’s carbon pricing architecture, with the environment minister, Greg Hunt, declaring repeal will more than likely proceed after the new senators take their places.

Ross Garnaut – a key climate policy adviser to the former Labor government – on Friday urged the new government to preserve a system of emissions trading with a floating carbon price, and allow the use of international credits.

Garnaut reasoned this position would allow Australia to keep pace with international climate commitments, and also maintain a core climate policy, given the Senate’s opposition to the Coalition’s Direct Action alternative.

“I suggest that all parties consider the advantages of keeping the emissions trading system structure established by existing legislation, remove the fixed price, and for the time being allow unlimited access to United Nations CDM credits,” Garnaut told a conference in Melbourne.

“The price of emissions permits would fall to less than a dollar. The Climate Change Authority would advise on targets as required by existing legislation.”

But Hunt told the same conference: “I respect Ross’s view but the tax goes, and it goes lock, stock and barrel.”

The environment minister said without being presumptuous or banking the result before it happened, it appeared the numbers were there in the new Senate for repeal.



Yes... and the senate numbers could only be achieved by Palmer doing a nifty double-cross (as explained on this site by GL) against the Aussie people... working with Tony Abbott on this one... But the goose is not cooked yet... We can only hope.


the already palmer disunited party...

"He's not going to be anyone's puppet," Johns said.

"A lot of people have speculated that Clive Palmer may be pulling the strings but if that's the case, I don't think we'll see Glenn there for very long."

When a sports psychologist assessed the Broncos side in the early 1990s, Senator Lazarus was labelled a 'thinker' and an 'enforcer', both qualities Johns believes his former teammate will bring to Canberra.

"He was really into making a difference and thinking about things before he did it," he said.



Predictably, the PUP is not united... And this has been my point all along. Palmer is making these promises of, first, destroying the carbon pricing (letting us believe he will do something better, ahahahahah...), then blocking the abolition of the renewable targets, blocking the abolition of the Climate Change Authority and blocking the abolition of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation... then getting "his" ETS on the road, ahahahahah...... All of this fiddling is only code for let's destroy the environment protection while appearing to do something to protect it... Because my friends, the PUP is already the Palmer Disunity Party for a good reason... The process is going according to double-cross plan. As soon as the carbon pricing is voted against en masse by the PUP with Palmer with his hand on his heart, "some" of the member of this party of politically illiterates will vote for the repeal of the whatever, going against the boss who will say something witty about it being that everyone is entitled to their views.


But the whole thing is finely orchestrated to make sure Abbott gets his COMPLETE wish list of repeal...

the best option is to keep the carbon pricing...

Supporters of emissions trading are making a last-ditch plea to the Senate not to repeal Australia’s laws – citing new analysis that shows “axing the tax” will cost the budget almost $20bn over the next four years and a letter from 59 leading economists insisting a carbon price is the best way to reduce emissions.

But the government is determined the carbon price repeal should be the first decision of the new Senate and, with the support of the Palmer United party (PUP), appears set to bring on the debate and finally achieve the tax’s repeal this week.

Agreement is close on the one amendment the PUP insists on – to guarantee that cost reductions are passed through to consumers. Meanwhile the PUP is preparing to introduce its own version of an emissions trading scheme this week with the price temporarily set at zero until trading partners act.

A costing by the parliamentary budget office has found budget revenues would be $18.1bn higher over the next four years if the carbon price was retained.

The costings, requested by the Greens, found that if the government also stopped paying compensation in the form of free permits to the coal industry, the budget benefit would be $20.2bn.

The Greens leader, Christine Milne, said the costings showed “the government is claiming a budget emergency, but it is preparing to forgo $18bn to help out the big polluters”.




Stupidity is the main currency in the Abbott Regime... Throw out these idiots!...

bankrolling his election campaign with partner's cookie jar...


Clive Palmer may have inadvertently provided some ammunition to his estranged Chinese partner in their bitter legal battle, after admitting more than $2 million he used to bankroll his federal election campaign came from a jointly-controlled fund.

This week Mr Palmer told the National Press Club the $2.167m paid to advertising group Media Circus came from an administrative fund established to run an iron ore port in Western Australia.

"If it went to Media Circus it would have been to pay for advertising, but Mineralogy has got the right to do that," Mr Palmer said.

The port dispute, initiated by the Chinese partner, is a tactical battle in what has become an acrimonious and escalating war between Mr Palmer and Citic Pacific that centres around massive cost blow-outs and disputed royalty payments.

According to Mr Palmer, the money was no longer the property of Citic Pacific once it was paid into the account, and was his to use as he pleased.

That claim is being disputed by Citic Pacific.

Under the terms of the contract between Mr Palmer’s Mineralogy and Citic Pacific, an administrative fund and a sinking fund were established to operate the port, similar to the manner in which apartment strata plans operate.

In the deed agreement between the pair, signed by Mr Palmer, clauses five and six state money can only be used for the establishment, maintenance and operation of the port.



See story and toon at top... Palmer's primary role is to get the repeal of the carbon pricing through parliament while distracting us with clowning and dithering in a "media circus".

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voting for the greens...


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he used to throw his weight around in the LNP...


the statement was “erroneous"...


Speaking on Adelaide radio on Friday, Hunt claimed supermarkets and airlines could be fined by the ACCC if they did not remove a carbon tax impost from their prices when the tax is repealed.

“The law is, if a company had added the price of the carbon tax then they have to take it off, or the ACCC will come after them with $1.1m fines, and that includes supermarkets, airlines; that includes landfill operators, not to mention electricity and gas,” he said.

A partner with the multinational law firm Norton Rose Fulbright in Melbourne, Elisa de Wit, told Guardian Australia the statement was “erroneous”.

“Companies such as supermarkets, airlines … [and] landfill operators are presently under absolutely no legal obligation to take off the price of carbon, if and when the existing legislation is repealed,” she said. “They merely need to ensure that they do not engage in misleading or deceptive conduct, or make any false or misleading statements about their prices.”

read more: http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2014/jul/13/coalition-expected-to-drop-refrigerant-gases-from-carbon-tax-repeal-laws

why I am not surprised...


As the latest carbon tax repeal legislation heads to the Senate, Clive Palmer has significantly reduced the chances of the Government implementing an emissions trading scheme (ETS) in the near term by adding India to the list of countries that must act before Australia.

Mr Palmer, whose senators last week skewered the Coalition's attempts to scrap the tax, claiming the Coalition had "double-crossed" them over a condition that power savings be passed on to consumers, on Monday announced he would back a third push to repeal the tax.


More clowning from the "coal miner environmentalist"... See toon at top and read articles. Read also: so what's the real purpose of the abbott-palmer war?...


a self-inflated imbecilic fool...


Mr Palmer denies he yelled at the clerk last Thursday - but says he threatened to seek a High Court injunction.

"She can't interfere and stop them from doing it - that's what it boils down to. Otherwise you get a bureaucrat being able to veto legislation and we don't want that. That's what happens in Stalinist Russia," Mr Palmer said. 


No Mr Palmer, think clearly for a minute... That will be the day... In Stalinist Russia, no clerk would have been fool enough to argue with the boss... and most of the clerks would have been — like the opinionators at the merde-och press — chosen by the "boss" to play ball according to the boss. 

Only in a democracy, when some self-inflated fool comes along to dictate terms that need to be endorsed by the other house, does the clerk has the duty to stop the nonsense, until the nonsense is rubber-stamped by the house of representative first...

Poor democracy, now in tatters, and Tony Abbott is rubbing his hand: Palmer's job has been done to perfection and everyone has been fooled by the clowning fool. They'll manage to reduce your power bill by about $150 a year for about six month, until they find a new way to pickpocket your trousers — ways which they already have found since the excise on petrol will go up and your pension will go down — while destroying the planet some more... Fantastic result. Congratulations.


looping the loop...

A Government MP has cast doubt on the figures used by the Prime Minister in outlining expected household savings as a result of the repeal of the carbon tax.

The Government hopes it will be a case of third time lucky when the repeal bills head to the Senate later today.

Throughout the months of debate about the tax, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has claimed that households will benefit by an average of $550 when it is scrapped, saying gas prices will fall by 7 per cent and electricity prices by 9 per cent.

But the Liberal member for the outer Brisbane seat of Bowman, Andrew Laming, says households may not gain the full $550.


This pronouncement is part of the grand deception, though I don't think this MP is knowingly part of the double cross... Already preparing the ground for your expectations being squashed... Tony knows that his figures are wrong and stupid but he wants to get rid of the "carbon tax"... NOTHING ELSE... BOOM BOOM... 

the buffoon does more somersaults with a pike twist...

The Abbott government is preparing for another compromise with the increasingly changeable Clive Palmer - this time to get its trimmed-down financial advice laws through the Parliament.

The deal which Fairfax Media understands is yet to be signed off, could be imminent and would come on top of the compromise nutted out with the now pivotal Palmer United Party over the carbon tax repeals.

It would represent a direct contradiction of Mr Palmer's own statement to media on Monday afternoon, in which he flagged a clear intention to block a weakening of consumer protections for people receiving financial planning services from financial institutions.

In addition, it would contradict Mr Palmer's denials that he was participating in negotiations. Asked on Monday afternoon if his party was negotiating with the government to reach a compromise, Mr Palmer said "No, we haven't had a formal negotiation, we've just had a discussion where we explained why we don't think the current amendments are in the best interests of Australians," he said.

The assurance came after he had also declared that his party's stance on the Future of Financial Advice regulations had not changed since last week when he had expressed his opposition to the changes.

Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/federal-politics/political-news/financial-advice-laws-set-to-be-loosened-as-government-closes-in-on-deal-with-clive-palmer-20140715-3by9o.html#ixzz37V4YdjyL

can you believe this guy?...

New conditions attached by Clive Palmer to the activation of his proposed “dormant” emissions trading scheme (ETS) mean it is unlikely to ever happen and will now be opposed by Labor, even though it supports emissions trading.

The dormant scheme was a key part of Palmer’s surprise announcement alongside the former US vice-president Al Gore and at the time he said it would be activated “based upon the actions of our leading trading partners China, the United States of America, the European Union, Japan and Korea”.

The “trigger” for activating the ETS has varied during the drafting of the plan, which will be presented as an amendment to legislation abolishing the Climate Change Authority.

At times during negotiations the amendment has been worded flexibly, requiring trading partners to reduce emissions by an equivalent amount to Australia’s efforts, whether through a nationwide ETS or “equivalent” policies.


If by now you still believe that Palmer and Abbott are not working together to destroy any chance for Australia to have a carbon reduction policy, you have rocks in your heads...


the double cross of australian politics...

will fraudulence still keep him in parliament?...


Clive Palmer has been accused of “dishonesty” and assisting in a “fraudulent breach of trust” for his role in the use of more than $12m in funds from his former Chinese business associates, documents filed in the Queensland supreme court show.

A statement of claim filed on behalf of two Chinese owned companies – Sino Iron Pty Ltd and Korean Steel Pty Ltd – alleges that two separate payments of $10m and $2.167m of funds held by the Palmer-controlled company Mineralogy were made in breach of a purported agreement to spend the funds only on port management services.

The companies argue that instead the $10m amount was sent to Cosmo Developments Pty Ltd, which is controlled by Palmer and is also a defendant in the proceedings. The $2.167m amount was sent to Media Circus Network Pty Ltd, the companies allege. The Brisbane-based advertising firm has previously been ordered to produce details of the payment.

The documents say that Palmer “knowingly assisted” in an alleged breach of trust by Mineralogy for the two amounts. They said that Palmer signed two cheques that authorised the two payments to Cosmo Developments and Media Circus Network.

“The payments were dishonest and fraudulent in that, at all material times, Mineralogy knew, through its sole director Palmer … the fact that the payments were not made for port management services,” the document said.

“By reason of Palmer’s authorisation and signature of the cheques comprising the payments, Palmer procured, assisted and or participated in Mineralogy’s breach of trust.”

The Chinese companies are seeking a declaration Palmer is personally liable to account as a constructive trustee for the payments, and that he is liable to pay equitable compensation to the companies.




Will Palmer "fraudulence" still keep him in parliament?... Who knows and I believe that Palmer does not care either because HIS JOB HIS DONE.  Now the remnants of his PUP will carry on doing what is best for Abbott and crap for this country... The double cross is complete... Now a quick question: why would a multibillionaire borrow money for a joint fund? Answer: because the multibillionaire is broke or has no cash available...


the denialist fraudsters...


The fascinating question this raises is: Who speaks for climate sceptics and hip-pocket-protectors in this environment? All the political pressure from Labor and the Greens will be from the other side; that Turnbull isn't going far enough on climate.

This is a yawning vacuum that will be filled, because we know from experience that nature abhors one.

But by whom? Not by Clive Palmer, whose protest votes caused all sorts of disruptions at the last election. We still have photos, remember, of him standing next to Al Gore and declaring himself the saviour of the planet. (While planning a gargantuan coal mine, yes, your memory does serve you correctly).

read mor: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2015-12-14/crabb-turnbull-and-paris:-who-will-speak-for-the-sceptics-now/7025804

Yes Annabel, three bags full... Can you give us an inclination on which side the fence you're sitting on is leaning?

Annabel, I suppose that the same sort of argument can be brought back to promote slavery, serfdom and other extinguished philosophical concepts. Here at least we can rely on facts and figures collected and computed scientifically, not just on a whim of birth of queens, kings and fools. But there are still people peddling that global warming is a communist plot, in rabid religious circles. The conservatives in Australia tend to deny global warming because of the cash and of having to stop digging holes in the ground. See what Brian Houston does next after supporting the LGBTs. like the Pope who plunged right into the fray, supporting the science, Hillsong seems to have understood global warming to the chagrin of Ken Ham, of the Noah's Ark fame...

We knew Palmer was a trickster... Al Gore was a bit naive or stupid to trust the fat fellow... See toon at top.

We know that the most read Kolumnist in Australia, Andrew Bolt, now on a sabbatical movie shoot with Linda Bernie — she is a lovely feisty member of the NSW parliament — on the Aboriginal question.

Andrew will collect all the dregs from the National and Liberal (KONservative) parties to conjure a ghost of idiotic proportion to debase reality... May be they will defect and reform as the Palmer Climate de Dinosaurs Party (PCDP).

he can't remember $15 millions...

Clive Palmer cannot remember details of multi-million dollar payments made by his mining empire while he was chairman, the businessman and former federal MP has told a Brisbane court.

Mr Palmer is giving evidence before the Federal Court as liquidators probe his involvement in the failed Queensland Nickel company.

One 2012 transaction was a $US15 million payment from Queensland Nickel to Mr Palmer's personal account.

When asked what the money was for, Mr Palmer told the court he did not know.

"It could have been for parties, I don't know," he said.

"I don't know what it was without going through the records.

read more


see toon at top