Monday 26th of September 2022

troppo one day... going with stupid the next...

not charlie...

TWO EYEWITNESSES to the arrest of Iain Fogerty ‒ the man wearing the ‘I’m with stupid T-shirt’ near LNP campaigners in Brisbane earlier this week ‒ have told IA how stunned they were by the over-top-police response to a “harmless prank”.

The arrest occured on Thursday morning.

At the time, a police spokesperson is reported to have said Fogerty – who runs the parody Twitter account @Can_do_Campbell – was a threat to the LNP campaigners:

"There was a guy who was being disruptive, pushing people around and stuff like that."


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humour bypass in troppo queensland politics...

It was about 8.04am, I noticed that Iain Fogerty was standing in amongst the LNP campaigners waving to passers by, basically imitating the others. It is his usual MO. I have heard of him before and, from all reports, he’s harmless.

I had reason to cross over and walk down that side of Brunswick Street.

On returning, I heard a campaigner say to Fogerty: “You’ve had your fun, now piss off!”.

Fogerty replied with: “I have as much right to stand here as you.”

One of the LNP campaigners, Luke Barnes, asked of me: “I thought we were having a clean campaign?”

I informed Luke that the ALP was certainly hoping to achieve that. Iain Fogerty is an individual entity and not connected to Labor at all.

Anyway, what was he doing that was dirty? Sure Iain is cheeky and irreverent, and annoying, but there was no indication at all that he was involved in jostling or even slight physical intimidation.


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Troppo in Queensland Politics

Is CAN-DO Campbell the reincarnation of old Joh . It seems that Qld-ers are itching to see someone of JOH's ilk  back in charge of the money department . Soon they will be ordering up the new supply of Jack-Boots for the police department . As old JOH would say "you mark my worms ", as he "fed his chooks " (the Press) .

hot in jones' kitchen

Queensland Premier Campbell Newman and Deputy Premier Jeff Seeney are suing broadcaster Alan Jones and Brisbane Radio station 4BC for aggravated damages over comments Mr Jones made in broadcasts this week during the state election campaign.

In a statement of claim filed yesterday in the Supreme Court in Brisbane and obtained by the ABC, Mr Newman and Mr Seeney claim each of them has been "greatly injured in his credit and reputation" by Mr Jones' broadcasts.

The pair are suing over three broadcasts, made on the mornings of 19, 20 and 21 January, in which Mr Jones said Mr Newman had lied to him about plans for the expansion of the New Hope coal mine at Acland on the Darling Downs in southern Queensland.

Mr Newman and Mr Seeney, who gave their addresses as Liberal National Party (LNP) headquarters in Brisbane, argue in the statement of claim that they were defamed by Mr Jones when he claimed the LNP received a "bribe" of $700,000 from the owners of the mine in the form of donations to the party and this induced Mr Newman and Mr Seeney to approve the expansion plan.

Damages are also being sought over Mr Jones's remarks on January 19 that Mr Newman had "prostituted himself" because of the donation and lied in a press release issued in February 2012 in which the then-opposition leader said the LNP would not approve the expansion if elected.

Does this sound like anything to do with mentioning Campbell having lied can become subjudice... as a contempt of court?...  Hum... Is this an attempt to shut Alan Jones up?... Knowing Alan it will only accelerate the words out of his motor mouth... He might find some "other issues" with Newman and start pushing the barrow... Jones, not a friend of the LNP, anymore? What about his mate Tony?... Is Tony so on the nose, even Jones is staying clear?

So many questions!... And don't we know the answers!...

as the planet gets various medals...



In the Aussie gong today, there are some gizmos devalueing the medal caper... When Campbell Newman gets a AO or something like it, you know it's time to open the umbrella. It's going to rain mierda in the sweet shit storm. Same with Bettina... But as we give awards for being stupid in colour, some are well deserved and possibly under the full value for the services beyond doing one's job. I will not single anyone here in Australia but hint to this person, and point out this article:


Iran has imprisoned the army officer who fired a missile that killed 176 on board a Ukrainian jet, Mohammad Javad Zarif has said, comparing Tehran's actions to that of the US when it downed an Iranian airliner 32 years ago.

The downing of a Ukraine International Airlines' Boeing 737 in early January was "a complicated situation in a complicated time," Zarif revealed in an interview with Germany's Spiegel magazine, when pressed into explaining why it took three days for Tehran to admit their guilt.

"Others needed much more time. Almost 32 years ago, the US shot down an Iranian passenger plane. As of today, they still haven't issued an official apology," the chief diplomat said, referring to Iran Air's Dubai-bound Flight 655 which was shot down by the USS Vincennes cruiser in July 1988.

And unlike the US, Iran didn't promote those involved in firing missiles against a civilian target, Zarif reminded.


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I'm not the only one...

In the above post, I wrote "Same with Bettina"...


The former Australian of the year Rosie Batty has said she is “dismayed” by a decision to award an Australia Day honour to the controversial writer and media commentator Bettina Arndt.

Arndt, a journalist, author and sex therapist, was on Sunday made a Member of the Order of Australia, the third-highest rank in Australia’s civic honours system, in an announcement that has drawn furious criticism from women’s groups.

Batty, a family violence campaigner who was the Australian of the Year in 2015, told Guardian Australia she found the decision to honour Arndt “very unhelpful”, a view she believed most people working towards gender equality would share.

“I was completely shocked and then I was quite dismayed,” she said. “I couldn’t help but wonder how it could be that somebody has been rewarded for work … that actually pits men against women.”

Much of the criticism around the decision to honour Arndt has centred around an interview she conducted with the Tasmanian man Nicolaas Bester, a convicted paedophile jailed for grooming and repeatedly raping his 15-year-old student when he was a 58-year-old.

After being released from prison, Bester had boasted about his crimes on an internet forum in 2015, a move that prompted a second conviction.


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her public commentary brought the order into disrepute...

Jill Hennessy has written to Governor-General David Hurley asking the Council of the Order of Australia to consider cancelling the award on the basis that Ms Arndt's public commentary brought the order into disrepute.

Ms Arndt was recognised on Australia Day for "significant service to the community as a social commentator, and to gender equity through advocacy for men."

But Ms Hennessy accused her of sympathising with a convicted paedophile and blaming and shaming victims of abuse in public commentary and media appearances.

"Ms Arndt's views and activities diminish the devastating experiences of victim-survivors of family and sexual violence, promote division and discourage victim-survivors from taking steps to ensure their survival and safety," Ms Hennessy wrote.

'Outrage and insult'

Ms Arndt has previously courted controversy by releasing an interview with convicted rapist, Nicolaas Bester, entitled "Feminists persecute disgraced teacher".

In August last year she also criticised a Victorian Court of Appeal decision to uphold a guilty verdict in the rape case against Cardinal George Pell.

"Never any hope of justice for George Pell," Ms Arndt wrote on Twitter.


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as the planet gets various medals...


strip her AO naked...

Parliament has voted to strip Bettina Arndt of her Order of Australia honour over her calls for police to keep an open mind on whether Brisbane killer Rowan Baxter had been “driven too far” before he doused his wife and three children in petrol and murdered them.


But the motion is largely symbolic with the decision now resting with an independent board that will review the matter, as revealed by The New Daily on Monday.

The vote on the motion mentioned was backed by the Coalition and the Labor Party in the Senate, securing an emphatic 55 votes.


It follows several days of Liberal MPs coming out to condemn Ms Arndt’s remarks.


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Yes, Ms Arndt deserves a medal for supporting men who have been "driven too far" by women... Just kidding. May as well give an AO to Marin Bryant for service to Australia, after having forced John W Howard to place strict restrictions on gun ownership, by killing 35 people and injuring 2 dozen more...




the "white male superiority" dick complex...

Sex therapist Bettina Arndt’s legion of critics have been warned to back off by former Liberal Party president and the chair of the Order of Australia awards, Shane Stone, because “external pressure or lobbying” will not determine if her award is rescinded.

Despite the Coalition and the Labor Party joining in the Senate to support a bipartisan motion calling for the council to strip Ms Arndt of her award, Mr Stone’s first public comments on the controversy have struck a defiant note.

But it also sends a message to Ms Arndt’s supporters too, who she has also urged to bombard MPs and the council with letters of support.

The Governor-General and the Order of Australia Council has received hundreds of letters complaining about Ms Arndt after she angered critics by backing calls for police to keep an open mind on whether killer dad Rowan Baxter, who burned alive his wife and three children, had been “driven too far”.

But Mr Stone said the council would consider the matter in the normal, methodical way.

Mr Stone is a former Northern Territory chief minister and Liberal Party president who famously wrote the “mean, tricky and out of touch” memo on the challenges the Howard government faced in 2001, before it leaked to the media.

“There is a standard process when consideration is given to terminating an appointment or cancelling an award in the Order of Australia. This is followed in all cases,” Mr Stone said.

“In practice, the Governor-General does not act on any matter relating to the Order of Australia other than on the advice of the council.

“The council, which comprises representatives of each state and territory and community representatives, will consider the correspondence that it has received in a methodical way.

“It is important to note that the council’s consideration of any individual matter is based on factual information and not by external pressure or lobbying.”

Mr Stone declined to give a timeframe for the considerations.

“At the conclusion of our consideration, the council will inform the member of the outcome,” Mr Stone said.


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Er.... 2 + 3 -1 = 4... How hard is "our consideration" ? Strip the bl&*%$y b¶∞§h woman of this Award otherwise you and your committee will look RIDICULOUS, succumbing to the "white male superiority" dick complex of which this "silly" woman is an apologist for! 


the polanski effect...

Several actresses have walked out of the César awards ceremony in Paris after Roman Polanski, who was convicted of the statutory rape of a 13 year old in 1977, won best director.

The awards - France's equivalent of the Oscars - have been mired in controversy after Polanksi's An Officer and a Spy received 12 nominations.

The Polish-French director fled the US after his rape conviction in the 1970s. 

He has since faced other accusations of sexual assault.

Polanski, whose film won a total of three awards, did not attend the event, saying he feared for his safety.

The decision to honour Polanski at this year's awards had angered feminist groups and led to calls for a boycott.

The César's entire board resigned earlier this month amid the backlash.

This is not the first time the César awards have faced controversy because of Polanski. In 2017, he was picked to head the award's jury, but later stepped down after the move sparked outrage.


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Strip Polansky of his AO... Oh? He's not got one? Give him one then taketh it away... Piece of cake...