Thursday 18th of April 2024

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the wheel reinvented...

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Somehow, with a bit of media skimming, the consumer is to blame for buying on price alone. Not that Coles and Woolworths and the big dairy providers have extorted primary producers by colluding to get prices so low they are sending some farmers broke.

Suddenly, the media conference turns to mobile black spots. Improving connections would help small businesses and ordinary people. Fiona Nash, in her other role as minister for regional communications, pledges $60 billion to fix mobile phone black spots, a matter of life and death, which it has taken the coalition three years to notice.

Minister Nash appears oblivious to the fact that before Turnbull toppled Tony Abbott, claiming to have a better understanding of what the economy needed, he failed to deliver on his NBN promise to build a better, cheaper faster network sooner than Labor.

NBN costs have blown out to $56 billion. Turnbull’s NBN has taken twice as long and double the cost to deliver half the speed promised. Yet, as the AFP raid last week makes clear, or its inspection of Peter Young's phone records, the Turnbull government is quick to invoke national security law to deal with the political embarrassment of being held accountable.

If the neoliberal Liberal Prime Minister's visit to Corangamite will do little to assuage voters' real concerns, let alone ease their suffering, his NBN and his government's approach to whistle-blowers will do even less for their peace of mind.

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