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thank you bill leak...

stan cross

Now that I have your attention, let's talk turkey. This cartoon by Bill Leak showing P J O'Rourke loosing his trousers is of course based on a funny FAMOUS cartoon by Stan Cross. Stan Cross, an English/American/Australian artist would be horrified. But this is another story. Stan Cross was not a right wing ratbag like Bill Leak. Apart from cartooning, including the first Potts comic strip in 1920, Cross also wrote books on accountancy, economics and English grammar— and treatises on soil conservation. Gus modified the cartoon to suit...

Here we have to know that, though Cross worked for Keith Murdoch, Uncle Rupe's father, the combo was not as right-wing as the Leak/Murdoch of today. Keith Murdoch has been a war correspondent at Gallipoli and his reports showed he was horrified by this stupid war (WWI).

But this is 2016. Our main problem on this small planet is a self-inflicted short term global warming event. Of course as a side-kick to the Murdoch empire, Bill Leak is a climate change denialist. He does not "believe" in "global warming". And you have to take his words, those of a stupid cartoonist, against 3,5789,432 (and possibly more) world scientists who work for pittance and are able to let us know we are in trouble, precisely.

As well, it appears P J O'Rourke lives in the same dustbin as Bill Leak...


Seriously though:


Leading climate scientists have warned that the Earth is perilously close to breaking through a 1.5C upper limit for global warming, only eight months after the target was set.

The decision to try to limit warming to 1.5C, measured in relation to pre-industrial temperatures, was the headline outcome of the Paris climate negotiations last December. The talks were hailed as a major success by scientists and campaigners, who claimed that, by setting the target, desertification, heatwaves, widespread flooding and other global warming impacts could be avoided.

These scientists don't do this sort of research to annoy us. They do it because they know WE HAVE A MAJOR PROBLEM. But you can trust the cartoonists at The Australian and The Daily Telegraph to laugh it off... So I have modified the cartoon by Bill, adding his face and symbolic flames as a kind gesture to remind him to think before he pens...




Here Gus used a character from Hagar the Horrible...

bullshit from clexit...


In the wake of the political tsunami caused by the UK’s decision to leave the EU, a group of climate science denialists has formed to jump enthusiastically onto the Brexit bandwagon.

Backed by a blitzkrieg of conspiracy theories and pseudo-science, a rapidly convened new group called Clexit has been formed.

The group claims to have “60 well-informed science, business and economic leaders from 16 countries” signing on to a founding statement that is chock-full of long-debunked climate change myths, together with attacks on renewable energy and the United Nations.

In a not unambitious founding statement, Clexit says: “The world must abandon this suicidal Global Warming crusade. Man does not and cannot control the climate.”

Among the group’s many demands are that nations refuse to ratify the United Nations Paris Agreement — a position shared by Republican US Presidential candidate Donald Trump.

As DeSmogUK and Climate Home reported, many of the UK's leading “Leave” campaigners were also climate science denialists.

The group has a committee of well-known climate action blockers and fossil fuel advocates, including British hereditary peer Lord Christopher Monckton and US-based Marc Morano, of the fossil fuel funded think tank Committee for a Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT).

Many of the Clexit members are linked to the “web of denial” described by US Democratic Senators in a series of Senate speeches delivered last month.

Founding statement

The Clexit founding statement — all 1200 words of it — is the epitome of modern climate science denial.  Here are a few samples:

Brexit was Britain’s answer to the growing over-reach of EU bureaucracies. Clexit is our answer to the push for global control through climate hysteria…

If the Paris climate accord is ratified, or enforced locally by compliant governments, it will strangle the leading economies of the world with pointless carbon taxes and costly climate and energy policies, all with no sound basis in evidence or science….

This vicious and relentless war on carbon dioxide will be seen by future generations as the most misguided mass delusion that the world has ever seen…

Carbon dioxide is NOT a dangerous pollutant – it is a natural, non-toxic and beneficial gas which feeds all life on earth. Its increasing concentration is improving the environment, not harming it…

The Clexit Campaign aims to prevent ratification or local enforcement of the UN climate treaty. Nations should not tolerate UN and EU bureaucrats manipulating science in order to justify their dreams to redistribute wealth and revert to the central planning that enslaved and impoverished the old command economies…

Global warming has occurred naturally many times in the past and is not to be feared – it is not controlled by carbon dioxide or humans…

This is the part where we point out that these kinds of positions, while forcefully and repeatedly claimed, run counter to every national science academy on the planet and the governments of every major economy in the world.



I do not recognise these idiots ...they are a waste of life . Their organs , when donated to Science ,  may be a help to mankind . Just as long as the head is not transplanted . Keep it up Gus .

burning fossil fuels leads to global warming...



From :


A major new international report lays out the key climate milestones that were surpassed in 2015.

The State of the Climate 2015 report, led by the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), is based on contributions from more than 450 scientists from 62 countries around the world.

It shows patterns, changes, and trends of the global climate system – and the findings are extremely concerning.

Here are 5 warning signs of a warming planet. The alarm bells are well and truly ringing and the impacts of a changing climate are happening now.

1. Greenhouse gases highest on record

Concentrations of major greenhouse gases, including carbon dioxide (CO2), methane and nitrous oxide, rose to record values in 2015. The concentration of CO2 rose above 400 parts per million at Mauna Loa in Hawaii (location of world’s longest measurements of CO2), marking the largest annual increase in 58 years. The global average CO2 concentration for 2015 was not far below, at 399.4 ppm.

2. Surface temperature highest on record

2015 was the hottest year on record globally, with the surface temperature easily surpassing the previous record set in 2014 by more than 0.1°C. This exceeded the pre-industrial average by more than 1°C for the first time. Scary stuff.

3. Sea temperatures highest on record

The global average sea surface temperature broke the previous 2014 record. Global upper ocean heat content, the top 300 m of the ocean, was also the highest on record – reflecting the accumulation of thermal energy from the emission of greenhouse gases by human activities, such as the burning of coal, oil and gas. Oceans retain over 90% of the Earth’s excess heat. And over the past year or so, we’ve seen the impacts of the world’s longest global bleaching event that has devastated iconic reefs such as the Great Barrier Reef because of increasing sea temperatures.

4. Sea level highest on record

Global average sea level rose to a new record high in 2015, at about 70 mm higher than the 1993 average (when records began). Over the past two decades, sea levels have increased at an average rate of 3.3 mm per year. Rising sea levels can cause more damage to coastal infrastructure as the storms are riding on higher seas (look at the damage cause by the recent East Coast Low in Australia).

5. Extreme precipitation

A general increase in the water cycle, combined with the strong El Niño, enhanced precipitation variability around the world. An above-normal rainy season led to major floods in many parts of the world. But globally, areas in “severe” drought rose from 8% to 14% between 2014 and 2015.

The alarm bells are ringing, and the scientific case for urgent action to tackle climate change could not be more clear.

The trend of increasing global emissions must be slowed and halted in the next few years and emissions must be trending downwards by 2020 at the latest. Renewable energy must increase rapidly, and critically, most of the known fossil fuel reserves must remain in the ground. This is the critical decade to get on with the job of responding proactively to climate change.

For all the details on the State of the Climate 2015 report head to the NOAA website.


explaining cartooning...


AMY GOODMAN: I wanted to go to a quote of yours a few years ago. You said, "Traditionally, satire has comforted the afflicted while afflicting the comfortable. Satire punches up, against authority of all kinds, the little guy against the powerful. ... Ridiculing the non-privileged is almost never funny—it’s just mean. By punching downward, by attacking the powerless, disenfranchised minority with crude, vulgar drawings closer to graffiti than cartoons, Charlie wandered into the realm of hate speech." You were talking about Charlie Hebdo—


AMY GOODMAN: —the magazine in Paris.


AMY GOODMAN: And the—this, after the attack that took place that killed a number of the cartoonists. Explain what you were saying.

GARRY TRUDEAU: I did. And that was very controversial at the time, to my great surprise. It didn’t seem like I was saying anything particularly controversial. But feelings were still raw. This was only a few months after the killings. And although I had honored the cartoonists in the strip, by name, and including their drawings in a Sunday section, I nonetheless disagreed with what—you know, what they were trying to do with their art. I just simply wouldn’t have done it. Life is full of editing decisions. You can’t go through a day without making a dozen decisions not to do something. Editors do that with newspapers. We do it in relationships. It’s just something I wouldn’t do, and most cartoonists in this country wouldn’t do. You don’t do it just because you can. We all understand that you can. That’s—we all get the First Amendment. But each person has to decide for themselves when you cross a line.



Here like many people, Trudeau makes the mistake of believing that Charlie Hebdo is against the little guy, the non-privileged, the afflicted. Charlie Hebdo is full-on satire against the beliefs that are peddled from the top by the narcissists, the megalomaniacs, the sadists, the sociopaths and the people who hug the ruling moral grounds so they can wear a religious hat or a presidential title. These are ugly nasty dudes who throw a net to collect "followers". Charlie Hebdo cuts this net open and in doing so might upset what the little people, the plebs, us, end up believing in the context of swallowing the bullshit from the top. Charlie Hebdo never ridicules the under-privileged. It ridicules the message from the top which tells people they are under-privileged.

This lesson in cartooning (sorry this diatribe in cartooning) is brought to you by Gus in reaction to most right-wing cartoonist like Bleak (sorry Leak) and (Where's Wally's wallet) Warren whose work is specifically designed to hurt the little guy, under a vague notion of telling them to get off their arse...


PJ was a bore...

According to sources of The Saturday Paper Gadfly (Richard Akland), P. J. O'Rourke was such an annoying bore in an interview with Kerry O'Brien at the weekend "cultural jamboree" of the Byron Bay Writers Festival, that many people walked out... The event is sponsored by the Centre for Independent Studies which is against big government, social services and charities — though it itself benefits from private donors, including charitable TRUSTS...


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deflect, distract, deny and delay...

Bob Beale has been writing on science and the environment since he worked as a journalist for The Sydney Morning Herald. Here he reflects on the lack of concern and the lack of real action in dealing with a world he sees as crumbling. What does Earth need to do to get our attention, Bob Beale asks. He lists massive changes seen around Australia’s coastline in just the past 6 months. Records are being broken all over the world with 2015 the hottest year, eclipsing the previous hottest 2014. 2016 is shaping up as being hotter again. Much of the extra heat is absorbed by the oceans which too are warming sending aquatic species towards the poles. Where is the urgency? Where is the action? The political solution says Bob Beale is to deflect, distract, deny and delay.



congrats bill, but you're still a twat...


Entrenching the rights of Bill

The focus of the News Awards evening was on Bill Leak, who not only won cartoonist of the year but whose highly criticised cartoon of an Indigenous father was hailed by speakers as an example of shining a light on difficult issues and not bowing to political correctness. The Australian’s editor-in-chief, Paul Whittaker, paid tribute to Leak, a man “beloved by our readers but apparently the most hated man in Australia in social media circles for the past couple of weeks because of a searing cartoon that was confronting and uncomfortable but that cut to the quick of an unpalatable truth in a way thousands of words of reporting and analysis had failed to do”.

Thomson also spoke of Leak’s cartoon, saying News would always defend the right to “articulate artfully”. He said: “Social networks do not have an editorial tradition but they are starting to create a tradition of censorship, silencing those who dare to differ, those who fail to kowtow to contemporary conventional wisdom.”

Whittaker, who picked up newspaper of the year, said in his acceptance speech that free speech and a free press were “under assault everywhere” by special interest groups “seeking to suppress discussion”.

Actually the "free press" hides behind a PAY wall and has no sense of cognitive reality in regard to "free speech", which for the "free press" means telling any old fibs and brand new porkies. WE, in the social media, DO NOT SUPPRESS DISCUSSION.  All we do is point out the cheap crap in the "free speech of the free press" such as the crap coming from loonies at merde-och media. Our general readership and that of the social media is too microscopic compared to the so-called "free-press" to have such an impact as to diminish its self-importance. What actually is slowly poisoning the "free press" is its own home-made poison, swimming it is biased editorial tradition, that the public does not want to take anymore, because it does not fit the reality out there. 

Bill Leak is still a twat.


bill's the name...

Press Council declines to sanction the Australian for Bill Leak cartoon

Council resolves more than 700 complaints about Leak’s cartoon of an Indigenous father with deal in which the paper publishes two opinion articles


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Below is another Bill Leak cartoon as mischiefed by Gus:

bill's the name

abbott and turnbull united on 18C bill leak case...

We are told by The Australian, that both Liberals (CONservatives) Tony and Malcolm (apparently yesterday — 28 October), have come in defence of the indefensible, describing The Australian Cartoonist, Bill Leak, as colourful, tough and fair... "Of course he is not [racist]" said a confident Turnbull who knows shit when he sees shit, and there is plenty of it around him as reminded by Moir's cartoon today. I would add that Bill's cartoon are shit-not funny, unfunny and BLEAK as a matter of opinion, but this is a biased statement from my pure and simple heart...

And I could not care less about Abbott's opinion on this matter... But of course the Murdoch media wants us to remember that Abbott is still back-stage trying the various PM shoes on — just in case...

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the original cartoon by stan dross...


See toon at top as well...

this is serious...

meanwhile on manus island...

The Iranian cartoonist known as Eaten Fish has broken a weeks-long hunger strike he held to protest against the handling of his claims of abuse while in immigration detention on Manus Island.

Eaten Fish posted on Facebook on Saturday afternoon that he would end the protest, which was into its 19th day and left him “already 46 [kg] and close to [losing] my body parts”.

The asylum seeker went on hunger strike after immigration authorities told him last month his complaints of sexual assault and abuse in detention were not substantiated and he would be returned to the main centre compound to live among the alleged perpetrators.


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refusing to be saved by the lifeboat...

The racial discrimination complaint against Bill Leak would have been dropped months earlier if the cartoonist had taken up the opportunity to assert his cartoon was drawn in good faith, the Australian Human Rights Commission president, Gillian Triggs, has revealed.

The complaint was raised against Leak over a cartoon, published in the Australianin August, depicting a drunk Aboriginal father who had forgotten his son’s name. The matter was closed by the AHRC in November after the complainant dropped the case. 

Giving evidence to Senate estimates on Tuesday, Triggs said the commission had twice written to Leak giving him the opportunity to assert that he had drawn the cartoon in good faith.

Section 18D of the Racial Discrimination Act specifies publication “done reasonably and in good faith” as a defence against a racial discrimination complaint under section 18C. Advocates who have been campaigning to amend or scrap section 18C have said such defences are inadequate.

Leak did not respond to the commission, despite publicly explaining that his cartoon was intended to explore social issues in Indigenous communities such as absence of parental supervision leading to juvenile crime – exactly the sort of public interest debate 18D was designed to protect.

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bill leak done it again...

As mentioned earlier in this line of articles, ultra-right wing Bill Leak is a cartoonist for the right wing Murdoch press. The boffins in this outfit simply think that global warming is a fantasy and needs to be expose as a hoax. It's simple: "Global warming is crap". And this does not mean that global warming will bring you crap. This means that the idea of global warming is a fake. Mr Murdoch himself hate the scientists, the IPCC and possibly the amateurs like Gus who indulge in exposing that global warming is real, dangerous and increasing. So he employs a coterie of scribes, illustrators and award winning cartoonists to piss on the concept. As Bill Leak says in one of his tweet-tweet like a vulture descending:


Clean energy will send us back to the stone age. Lefties will never stop growing beards.




This of course shows that Bill Leak has never studied anything that works. He uses his phone or twitter or gadget like an electronic tablet to do his cartoon, without thinking about the tech behind it. Hey Bill, burning coal is a nineteenth century INNEFICIENT technology. True.

The windmills are a very efficient NEW 21st century technology to get CHEAPER CLEAN power, even if there are some teething problems with baseload. I'm sure you could argue that these wind turbines are based on 16th century Dutch technology or even Greek/Roman inventions in antiquity using sail cloth but the counter argument is that the blades carbon fibre tech is the same that propelled the design of the latest planes using the thinking of the Wright brothers.

There are still teething problems with coal anyway — and even before windmills and solar panels came online, there were massive outage. Most of the problems are due to transmission lines. So when these are down, whether you produce electricity with state of the art "nukular" power or elastic bands, the system will shut down.

What does bring down the power lines? Good question. Most of these power lines have been in place for at least 50 years and have shown to be very resilient in strong storms... Get stronger strong storms and things can fall down. One pylone taking the next like dominoes. What creates stronger strong storms? GLOBAL WARMING. 

Interstingly I believe Bill has only two followers for his twitter account. lets add a few more please:


I won't go into the details of global warming here, but this can be proven with delicate mathematics Bill would not understand. Hey Bill, if you have 10 minutes of loafing time go and visit: 

dear donald...

bill leak has died...

My sincere condolences to the family and friends of Bill Leak. I have met Bill a couple of times face to face. I of course disagreed with him many times but this is so sudden. He was only 61. 



With respect from a fellow cartoonist, Gus Leonisky, cartooning since 1951.

the dark side of free free-speech...

A life has many stages and those who knew Leak in earlier days, as well as those whose political ideologies he supported, are naturally grieving his unexpected death. Yet as so often happens in death, little acknowledgement is made of the dark side of the deceased, provoking outrage in those who’ve suffered the racism and marginalisation so evident in his later work, and who, equally naturally, feel no loss at his passing.

The efforts by the former to silence the latter were something to behold. Here’s one example, from former PM Tony Abbott’s sister, Christine:

Anyone who attacks a satirical cartoonist because of what they say should be mindful that IS used that justification for Hebdo #BillLeak

— Christine Forster (@resourcefultype) March 10, 2017

I’ll leave you to deconstruct that example of conservative hyperbole in which criticism is conflated with assassination and beheadings. Clearly Ms Foster does not advocate unfettered free speech by Mr Leak’s critics, while staunchly defending her right – and his – to express whatever opinions they like in whatever manner they choose.

Of course the accusation that you are not observing “common decency and good manners” is an accusation intended to shame, as is the call for you to “respect” the dead — implying that you don’t have the class to know how to behave in such a situation and someone who does has to tell you.

This latter demand is one I’ve never entirely understood: why am I required to “respect” someone simply because they’ve died?

The reactions to Leak’s death on Twitter yesterday were a microcosmic example of class and privilege setting its sights against anyone who refutes the worship of its idols — using the same tools of contempt, ridicule, shaming and humiliation to achieve silencing as were employed by the idol in his later years.

People aren't badmouthing bill leak, they're just 'starting a conversation'. #billleak #auspol

— Greg Ducayne (@DucayneAU) March 10, 2017

It seems obvious to me that anyone has the right to speak freely of their relationship with and opinion of a dead man or woman. I can see no reason why those who admired Leak should castigate those who did not for failing to engage in hypocrisy. The idea that death eradicates the hurt and damage any individual might have inflicted on others in their lifetime is ludicrous, as is the demand that we feel sympathy purely on the basis of death. 'The evil that men [sic] do lives after them'.

Common decency is a fluid concept, determined by what suits the ruling classes rather than the commons at any particular moment. Good manners are things I tried to teach my dog.

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old news...

The New Matilda piece began: “You’re not supposed to speak ill of the dead. But then you’re also not supposed to demonise a people on the basis of their race. Amy McQuire weighs in on the passing of cartoonist Bill Leak. And a note to readers, this article was originally commissioned by the Sydney Morning Herald, and then rejected on the basis it was ‘old news’.”

We asked the SMH to comment on why it was deemed old news. “Amy McQuire was commissioned to write a piece on the story behind the Q&A protest on Monday night,” a spokesman told Weekly Beast. “She was asked to focus on Latoya Rule and her brother’s tragic death, a story our readers had not heard, and not to focus on Bill Leak.

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