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Speaking before a group of veterans on Wednesday, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton gave perhaps her most hawkish speech to date, with sharp words villainizing Russia and promises to respond to cyberattacks with military force.

From the Duke Energy Convention Center in Cincinnati, where the 98th National American Legion convention is underway, Clinton focused on “American exceptionalism.” 

Explaining her view of the role the US plays in the world, Clinton stated that America is  “the indispensable nation.” She explained that US importance in the world is a serious responsibility, and that the actions Washington does and does not take have a great impact on the lives of people around the globe.
“When Vladimir Putin, of all people, criticized American exceptionalism — my opponent agreed with him — saying, and I quote, ‘if you’re in Russia, you don’t want to hear that America is exceptional,’” Clinton remarked. “Well maybe you don’t want to hear it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not true,” she said.Clinton then explained that, in her view, the United States is essentially the world’s police force. Her speech gave the impression of heavily courting neo-conservatives with a penchant for war.“Our power comes with a responsibility to lead, humbly, thoughtfully, and with a fierce commitment to our values — because when America fails to lead we leave a vacuum that either causes chaos or other countries or networks rushing to fill the void.”She noted that part of the reason why America is so powerful is because of their network of allies, and warned that the same network would be at risk under a President Trump, again mentioning Russia and China as enemies.“No other country in the world has alliances like ours — Russia and China have nothing close,” Clinton stated.US allies share information on terrorists, the former New York Senator asserted, failing to mention that ally and Clinton Foundation donor nation Saudi Arabia was implicated in funding the extremists who attacked the World Trade Center.

“If I’m your president, our friends will always know — America will have your backs and we expect you to have ours,” Clinton said, as many on social media spoke out about their fears that she sounded set on being a wartime president.

Clinton claimed that the nation needs to “solve global problems, as only we can,” again painting a stark contrast to her opponent’s repeated statements against globalism and focusing on unorthodox methods to solve problems at home.

Clinton’s track record of “solving global problems,” is a lengthy list of destabilized regions, including Honduras, Haiti, Syria, and Libya.“We can’t cozy up to dictators, we have to stand up to them,” Clinton stated, reminding many of her push to take down Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi. That gambit left Libya in absolute chaos, Daesh rising in power, and an estimated 400,000 people displaced as a direct result of the intervention.Clinton then listed the nations she considers to be a threat, stating that the US needs a military “that is ready” for them, explaining that she believes that the United States must embrace new tactics, including treating “cyber attacks just like any other attacks,” a pointed statement as she continues, despite of evidence to the contrary, to paint Russia as a nation of hackers.  “We need to respond to evolving threats, from states like Russia, China, Iran and North Korea,” Clinton stated, also mentioning the terror group Daesh. “We need a military that is ready and agile so that it can meet the full range of threats — and operate on short notice across every domain — not just land, sea, air, and space, but also cyber space.”
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Would a man speak on such terms, he would be declared insane, but because she is LaFemme, Clinton gets away with it as if it was a novelty or a penis envy. The woman is sociopathic and certifiably mad.

good deed with bad cash...

Questions surrounding Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation continue to grow. On Sunday, Democratic National Committee interim chairperson Donna Brazile defended Clinton’s meetings as secretary of state with Clinton Foundation donors, saying, "When Republicans meet with their donors, with their supporters, their activists, they call it a meeting. When Democrats do that, they call it a conflict." Donna Brazile’s comments come in response to an Associated Press investigation revealing that while Hillary Clinton served as secretary of state, more than half of the private citizens she met with during the reporting period had donated to the Clinton Foundation. The AP investigation comes after a three-year battle to gain access to State Department calendars. The analysis shows that at least 85 of 154 people Hillary Clinton had scheduled phone or in-person meetings with were foundation donors. We speak to Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Glenn Greenwald of The Intercept. His most recent piece is headlined "Why Did the Saudi Regime and Other Gulf Tyrannies Donate Millions to the Clinton Foundation?"

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sociopaths rather than psychopaths...


With the rigged Democratic presidential nomination behind us, the US election reality show continues. The mass media is creating sensations around what has become a national embarrassment with this contest of the lesser of the two crazies. On the one hand we have Donald Trump, depicted as a quintessential narcissist and on the other, Hillary Clinton who is often portrayed as a sociopath. Hype is created by putting these labels on the candidates, pitting one personality disorder against the other.

This is a corporate sponsored election charade doing business as usual and distracting people from the real power behind the veil. In The Corporation: The Pathological Pursuit of Profits and Power, filmmaker and law professor Joel Bakan (2004) examined the consistent character attributes of corporations and concludes that if they were a human, they are a textbook example of a psychopath.

Psychopathy is a personality disorder that cuts off those who are affected by it from the emotional reality of others. The core of this pathology is the inability to put oneself into someone’s shoes. Empathy is the seat of conscience, and without it comes an incapacity for love. These candidates are just symptoms of a system run by corporations, which is now revealing the full fledge of pathology incorporated here in the United States. When a society lacks understanding of the depth of its darkness, this unaccounted power sees no bounds for its pursuit of a single vision.

The Perversion of Humanity

In his seminal work The Mask of Sanity, first published in 1941, psychiatrist Hervey M. Cleckley articulated how, among the traits of psychopathy such as superficial charm, emotional poverty and egocentricity, its essential characteristic lies in its deceitful nature.

Those who are devoid of empathy hide their lack of internal structure in a façade of normalcy. By emulating good human attributes, these unknown members of society prey on the rest. They have found the best way to mask their vice by infiltrating governments and directly altering the definition of the norm. Through control of monetary supply and monopoly over markets, these 1% pathological beings have financially engineered a perversion of humanity through a pyramid Ponzi scheme of Darwinian survival of the most callous and cunning. By turning morality upside down, they not only make their deviance invisible, but actively incentivize these disturbing characters, making all people engage in this race to the bottom.


The question of nature versus nurture is fully exposed here... In Gus' book a psychopath is a natural psycho (born with the lack of empathy, for survival), while a sociopath is a learned psycho (decided lack of empathy, for success against others).


weirdo and dangerous...

If the Trump campaign weren’t such an all-consuming piece of performance art, the big story of this election would be the sheer shambolic strangeness of Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

The Democratic candidate is the most disliked nominee of modern times — except, of course, for her opponent. She is widely regarded as untrustworthy and corrupt, and the rare news cycles in which her name dominates the headlines (usually with the letters “F,” “B” and “I” nearby) have only confirmed this impression.

She has claimed a political sour spot, in which her domestic policy positions are too far left to make her a unifying figure, but her sordid establishmentarianism still has left-wing voters pining for Bernie Sanders and considering Jill Stein. Her press-ducking, donor-massaging, risk-averse, joyless slog to November feels less like an old-fashioned front porch campaign than a campaign conducted from a corner mansion’s upstairs window, with the plebeians allowed to shout questions from the distant sidewalk and the candidate’s retainers ready to pull the sash at any time.

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the most daunting presidential election in the US history...

The amount of information and disinformation about the US Presidential candidates is frightening. On one hand the main press is all forgiving of Hillary Clinton's list of fiddles which would have sent Nixon to jail three times over — on the other hand the same media is attacking Trump for his "relation" with Russia, while the media song to play is "punch Russia in the Gonads". To a great extend, Russia does not have to do anything towards the US elections, the Russians will be blame anyway for the low calibre of candidates on offer.  

The Washington Post is like a priest in a confessional, absolving La Femme from her previous sins, the list of which is long, while the American Conservative explains why La Femme is losing ground... Read on:


And of course Mother Jones is enamoured with La Femme Clinton...:


But the funny piece of resistance is that trump did an exclusive interview for RT with Larry King... And this pisses off the US media:



1. Trump, who is advised by several people with Russian links, will repeat and strengthen his “the election is rigged” narrative. The “polls are lying,” the “real” people aren’t being counted, the corrupt elites/Clinton clan/mainstream media are colluding to prevent him from taking office. Trump will continue to associate himself with Brexit — a vote that pollsters really did get wrong — and with Nigel Farage, the far-right British politician who now promotes Trump (and has, incidentally, just been offered his own show on RT, the Russian state-sponsored TV channel).

2. Russia will continue to distribute and publish the material its hackers have already obtained from attacks on the Democratic National Committee, George Soros’s Open Society Foundation, former NATO supreme commander Gen. Philip Breedlove and probably others. The point will be to discredit not just Hillary Clinton but also the U.S. democratic process and, again, the “elite” who supposedly run it. As we have learned in multiple countries, even benign private conversations and emails can, when published in a newspaper, suddenly look sinister. Speculation seems ominous; jokes menacing. Almost any leak of anything is damaging.


Yes there is some tit for tat in here... Soros and Breedlove have not shown any love towards Russia... And the "elite" of the Democratic party have goofed big time... Nothing to do with the Russians — and so far the release of the "damaging" documentation cannot be pinned on the Russians...

And Clinton did a massive mess of Libya. That she still claim it was a good thing to do shows she is massively deluded..