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diplomatic sauce


As the world pundits, in their ivory tower of prejudices and commentariatorials in the Liberal press (MMMM), freak out because Trump took a phone call from the President of Taiwan, we can only hope that no one will buy their rancid froth. Sure the Chinese will lodge a protest and so the Martians should as well on this issue. But as everyone outside the Pentagon comes in peace, the toys made in China are safely on their way to Santa's retreat on the north pole.

What is worrying though is the threats made by some republicans on CNN a year ago about taking Trump out with a bullet. One should worry. The MMMM is now also talking about how unfair the electoral system is in the USA — but should Hillary have won, they would sock it up to Donald, mentioning that the system "works". Even Paul McGeough at the SMH is horrified to have to report that Trump will be the next president. 

But in regard to the "bullet", some Saudis have been arrested in Europe under suspicion of preparing something nasty to Donald. I don't think the Saudis will be enamoured with Trump, as he is about to upset the carefully contructed pack of lies in the previous presidents' diplomatic sauce.


The No. 1 trending question related to Donald Trump on Google right now is "Who tried to shoot Trump?" Which means a lot of people don't know the answer. Which is probably because the assassination attempt on the presumptive Republican presidential nominee hasn't been covered as a major news story.

The answer, authorities say, is Michael Steven Sandford, a 20-year-old British citizen who was in the United States illegally after overstaying his visa. Sandford allegedly tried to pull a gun from the holster of a police officer at a Trump rally in Las Vegas on Saturday. He was arrested and later told the Secret Service that he had driven to the event from California and had been planning to kill the candidate for a year, according to a criminal complaint filed Monday in U.S. District Court in Nevada.

News outlets have certainly reported on the incident, but it hasn't gotten anything resembling wall-to-wall coverage. Cable news shows devoted little time to Sandford Tuesday morning and afternoon. Trump's dismal fundraising report from May and his recent firing of campaign manager Corey Lewandowski received far more attention. Trump called in to the Trump-friendly "Fox & Friends" morning show and wasn't even asked about the attempt on his life.

It's worth noting that the real estate magnate didn't bring it up, either. Trump hasn't so much as tweeted about it, which suggests he doesn't consider it a huge deal or doesn't want to talk about it.

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Though nearly a month has passed since the US presidential elections, some of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton's supporters don't want to admit defeat. In an attempt to alter the result of the elections, or at least voice their displeasure, many have signed a petition for the country's Electoral College to change its mind.

The petition, titled "Make Hillary Clinton President," calls for the Electoral College to cast their votes in favor of the Democratic candidate, despite her November 9 concession. It has gained 4.6 million votes, which makes it most popular petition in history of the website. According to the petition, Clinton won the popular vote by margin of 2 million ballots. However, Trump won 306 electoral votes to Clinton's 232, in a fashion similar to the victory of George W. Bush over Al Gore. It also says Donald Trump is unfit to become US Commander in Chief. "Mr. Trump is unfit to serve. His scapegoating of so many Americans, and his impulsivity, bullying, lying, admitted history of sexual assault, and utter lack of experience make him a danger to the Republic," the petition states.

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It has to be said that Hillary was also unfit to lead the USA. 



and now the chinese will help damascus...

Beijing and Damascus have agreed that the Chinese military will provide humanitarian aid to Syria, a high-ranking People's Liberation Army officer said, adding that the training of Syrian personnel by Chinese instructors has also been discussed. 

Director of the Office for International Military Cooperation of China's Central Military Commission, Guan Youfei, arrived in Damascus on Tuesday for talks with Syrian Defense Minister Fahad Jassim al-Freij, Chinese Xinhua news agency reported.

During the negotiation, Guan noted China’s consistent diplomatic efforts to find a political solution to the Syrian crisis, adding that Beijing is now seeking closer military ties with Damascus.

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a brillant tantrum...

The SMH promises us that Donald talking to the Taiwanese was a brilliant move...

meanwhile others aren't so sure:

China must prepare to strike back against Donald Trump’s reckless “tantrums”, a Communist party-controlled tabloid has warned, as a series of snubs to Beijing from the US president-elect continued to generate diplomatic aftershocks.

Trump’s decision to hold a protocol-trampling conversation with Taiwan’s President Tsai Ing-wen last Friday and his subsequent Twitter attacks on Chinahave caused consternation in Beijing.


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as a writer don watson is good. as nostradamus he is zero...

a schmalliance...

It’s weird to see Democrats suddenly freaking out about diplomacy when they’ve spent the last five months screaming that we need to attack the Russians at every turn.

The Democrats, who have spent the latter half of this year loudly blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin for everything from the DNC leaks to Hillary Clinton’s defeat to Arrested Development’s mediocre fourth season, have all of a sudden transformed from a mob of screaming, frenzied Joseph McCarthys into a bunch of tender-hearted grandmotherly diplomats now that Donald Trump has broken with executive tradition and accepted a phone call from Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen.

Why is such a phone call so outrageous, you may ask? Why, because that might offend the Chinese, and we can’t just go around offending the leaders of large, powerful Asiatic nations now, can we? The very idea!

Type the word “Taiwan” into Google and then click News and you’ll see what I mean; article after article, editorial after editorial about “China’s wrath” and what a colossal “gaffe” and “blunder” it was for Trump to have a ten-minute phone call with the leader of a… well it wouldn’t be diplomatic to call them an ally, so let’s just call Taiwan a nation that the United States currently sells weapons to, trades prolifically with, and would definitely defend if it were attacked or invaded. Let’s call it a schmalliance, to avoid offending China. Yeah. Taiwan is a major longtime schmally that America would never dream of communicating with, until that crazy political neophyte Donald Trump picked up the phone instead of letting it go to voicemail.

My favorite bit about this was Newsweek’s Kurt Eichenwald’s series of indignant tweets at Trump, angrily explaining what an incompetent political oaf the president elect is for not honoring the “USA’s One-China policy dating back to Nixon.” The reason that particular Twitter rant delights me so much is because this is the same guy who recently stayed up all night making dozens of rambling, repetitive tweets accusing WikiLeaks of having published documents that were doctored by Russia, based on literally zero evidence whatsoever. Get this god of journalistic integrity into your State Department pronto, Donald!

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selling death sticks...

The US Department of Defense on Thursday approved to Congress five major weapons sales to Middle East nations, some of whom are mired in violent regional wars. If completed, the arms purchases will value some $7.9 billion.

The sales include a $3.51-billion deal for Boeing-produced CH-47 Chinook cargo helicopters sold to Saudi Arabia, and $3.5 billion for AH-64E Apache attack helicopters purchased by the United Arab Emirates. Morocco has been cleared to buy TOW 2A anti-tank missiles, along with associated logistical support, for $108 million.

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deluded in his own narrative...

President Barack Obama held his final end-of-year press conference Friday, accusing Russia and Vladimir Putin of hacking into Democratic Party servers in order to interfere in the US election. Speaking to Radio Sputnik, political analyst Aleksandar Pavic said that he felt kind of sorry for Obama, who has been trapped by his own absurd narrative.

"Obama is a prisoner of the narrative that's been spinning around in the mainstream media ever since Donald Trump became the Republican nominee and Hillary Clinton's opponent," Pavic noted. "It's just media warfare against an obviously anti-establishment candidate, who to everyone's surprise became president of the United States." This 'surprise' was particularly unpleasant to the neoliberal and neoconservative establishment which has ruled the US since the end of the Cold War, the analyst stressed.

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a house of cards...

Wall Street saw another miserable day on Thursday as all three major indices plummeted shortly after the US Federal Reserve hiked the key interest rate for the fourth time this year, and signaled more in 2019.

The Dow lost about two percent at the closing bell, while both S&P 500 the Nasdaq composite finished around 1.6 percent down. Rising fears of inevitable recession are sending stocks lower. It has been the worst December on Wall Street since the depths of the Great Depression.

Though signs of inflation have been vague so far, it has been strengthening via the soaring prices of stocks and other assets, according to CEO of Euro Pacific Capital and veteran stock broker Peter Schiff, who says that those costs will gradually shift to consumers.


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