Wednesday 19th of June 2024

Lawsuit against Howard and co for war crimes? (Nada Gergich)

I recently bought the book and am enjoying it immensely. Latham seems to have totally dumbed down his image and seems to be going along with most of the Lib's ideas as he doesn't have any of his own. He would stand a much better chance if he stayed somewhat controversial and pulled a publicity stunt close to the election whereby he goes up to Howard and asks him to accompany him to the closest police station in a citizens arrest for breach of the UN policies on war - I feel most Australians would respond to that kind of passion and touch of larikinism rather than this new quiet, restrained image.

Isn't there some gungho lawyer out there with wealthy contacts who wants to make a name for himself and starts a lawsuit again Howard, Bush and Blair for illegally invading another sovereign country - of course he would never win but at least the press being what they are will jump on its sensationalist aspect and more people may be hit with the truth closer to the US and Australian elections.

Apart from that, what the heck can the rest of us who are angry with our leaders do? All the best with your site and your push to save our democracy!