Saturday 9th of December 2023

Now Howard has really lost it - more proof that this is a bribe based election on Howard's part (Russell Darroch)

If there was any doubt about the level of bribery in this election (which is the worst I've seen in 33 years in Australia) consider today's amazing announcement at,4057,10854269%255E36596,00.html which begins:

'PM commits $10m to Bulldogs September 23, 2004

THE Federal Government would contribute up to $10 million towards the upgrade of the home of Australian Football League team the Western Bulldogs in Melbourne's west, Prime Minister John Howard said today.

Mr Howard said the redevelopment of the Whitten Oval, in Footscray, would benefit the club and the local community.

The Victorian government will contribute $3 million and the AFL $3.5 million to the $20 million redevelopment, according to the Melbourne Age.

Councils in the area will chip in $2 million, while the football club will also contribute to the project.

'We're going to announce some funding of up to $10 million for the oval, for the refurbishment,' Mr Howard told Melbourne radio station 3AW. ... etc'

Unbelievable. Disgusting. We all love our sports but this is well beyond the pale regardless of which side you like. Howard has GOT to GO. $10,000,000 would house a few homeless, feed a few starving, help a few childcare places, lower the cost of some PBS scripts, .....[add you own here!]

I suspect even the most fervent Bulldogs fans find this offensive and embarassing.