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The deluded male creationist believer versus the Catholic female wisecracker… Sounds like a stupid idea and it is — but he started it.

First, Josephine Victoria "Joy" Behar is a "Catholic" American comedienne, writer, and actress. She co-hosts the ABC daytime talk show The View. She talks a lot of funny crap while making wisecracks that would make a nunnery self-combust…

Eric Metaxas (born 1963) is an ultra-religious American bullshitter with a mad finger in all compass of the media sphere. He is known for three biographies Including "Martin Luther: The Man Who Rediscovered God and Changed the World".  
Metaxas was in the Greek Orthodox Church, and, though he has not formally left it, he attends an Episcopal Church in New York. Metaxas describes himself as a "Mere Christian”, but he is a guy who seriously-seriously HATES the theory of evolution. 
Here, he writes a column for The Christian Post:

"A Washington Post writer once said that evangelicals are "poor, ignorant and easy to command.”"
(Gus: Alleluyah… Someone at the Washington Post saw the light!
“Well", Metaxas carries on, "at least he didn't say we were mentally ill. Until now that is. On a recent segment of "The View," Joy Behar took aim at Mike Pence's belief that God speaks to him. Responding to a comment by another host, Behar said, "It's one thing to talk to Jesus. It's another when Jesus talks to you. That's a mental illness if I'm not correct. Hearing voices.” 
YES! The Vice President is hearing voices… God’s voices… That’s definitely a mental illness and Pence should be taken to an asylum for the insane or see a shrink. But Metaxas defends the loony Pence...

"That's a sign of how ignorant elites truly are about beliefs and practices common to something like two billion Christians.”
Two billion Christians? Yep, there is more than 7 billion people on this planet and the proportion of religious people is shrinking, that’s why some of the Muslims  are become terrorists to remain noticed… and many “christians” have lapsed their membership… though they still are on the books.
"I actually find it surprising that Behar, who claims to be Catholic, hasn't found time in her 25 years to learn a little more about prayer.”
Gus: Okay if prayer is begging for an umbrella from god, you really are a deluded nutso. Why would god tell you anything since all the answers are already in the fucking “good book”?… 
Hearing Behar’s rant, Metaxas and many million Americans who believe in “god bless America” had a major fit:

"Behar's comment outraged Americans from coast to coast. Twenty-five thousand people let ABC know what we thought of a network that allows an employee to sneer at the way other people practice their faith."

"The next day, Behar responded to her critics with a sarcastic clarification, saying, "I don't think Mike Pence is mentally ill even though he says he is hearing voices.”"

"Wow. That's some apology."

"I'd like to propose a solution. I invite Joy Behar to spend some time looking into what Christians mean when they say they hear God's voice."

Eric, your proposal is not a solution to anything, especially to people “hearing voices”... This is trying to impose the value of serious loony delusion onto semi-sane people who at least have a real sense of humour, even if they believe in god. God does not speak to them because one could suspect they are on god’s black book for doing wisecracks...

Often, people like Metaxas and his fellow creationists/intelligentdesigner/sciencehaters refer to the clock-maker, the big guy in the sky who made the universe. Others like Behar referring to Jesus to mock Pence are just as bad, though more funny. It’s boloney on both count. Hearing the voice of the Big Guy in the sky shows that we are more deranged. Simple. The Christian people do not hear the voice of god. They hear their own self-reinforced delusions that will give them a behavioural pathway, in accordance with the brainwashing they have let themselves submitted to, since their childhood.

How much time can we spend explaining over and over that things did not happen spontaneously or were made in six days? 

There has been things like trilobites, Devonian armoured fish, dinosaurs that made the list of life, but all became extinct. Hello? Extinctions are an irrefutable argument against the creation by “god”. Why would He (god is a male) kill off his own designs? Because they did not meet his rigorous standards? Does this mean he failed to create perfection? Because he had to have the biblical floods on a tiny-tiny little planet that is so tiny that it does not rate half a fart in the huge universe? Idiotic beliefs...
There are rocks on Earth that can be dated at more than 3.5 billion years and that contain early traces of life, in the form of stromatolites. Most of this “primitive” life forms disappeared from the surface of the planet except for a couple of places, where they still survive due to the environmental factors that are too difficult for other life forms that would compete or destroy the stromatolites. They have no place, nor any mention in the godly human story, except they have an accidental role in the evolution story. It’s nature. 
There is 100 per cent chances of randomity creating the universe and life — and there is zero chances for a clock-designer-god to fiddle with all the bits — many of which are contradictory, haphazard and in pseudo balance on their way towards entropy. The existence of god does not make sense. Religions do not make sense...

To read that Mike Pence hears the voice of god is quite worrying. The guy is the second in charge of the “free world” (whatever inflated entity that is) and according to this, he is a complete loony. I’d be less worried if he made a benign decision about the price of fish based on some godly gobbledegook contained in the bible he reads in the morning, on the crapper.
Great leveller of humanity, the crapper, that is if you are lucky to have one...

time does not make sense...

"One can regard imaginary and real time as beginning at the South Pole, which is a smooth point of space-time where the normal laws of physics hold," stated Hawking. "There is nothing south of the South Pole, so there was nothing around before the Big Bang."

In an interview with The Christian Post on Monday, Ross responded that while Hawking was correct that "time has a beginning," nevertheless "the beginning of time demands a Causal Agent capable of creating time independent of time. It is not enough to simply speculate that imaginary time also exists."

The president of Reasons to Believe also told CP that the model that Hawking is proposing for the origins of the Universe is problematic in light of modern astronomical observations.


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It is far more problematic that "someone/something/godot/allah" decided to create time... Time actually does not exist. Time is a function of space and energy. And according to Gus, time can be negative, especially when watching crap movies... 

This was expressed by someone "having watched two long hours" of a boring Wagnerian opera, when looking at his watch discovered that actually time had barely moved half-an-hour forward. This is why I watched the Tolkien epic on fast forward x2. 

But imagine a god deciding to create a universe as big as a million herds of million elephants to host a couple of flees on a grain of sand — flees that through their "beliefs" will save the world from Satan (whoever that is — a god gone rogue? Please...)... Yep, the "Reason to Believe" group is totally loony. This is when reason does not make sense...

scratching the surface...

From Eric Metaxas:

I never get tired of talking about archaeology confirming biblical history. So let's talk.

Second Samuel 20 tells the story of a short-lived rebellion against the rule of King David led by a Benjamite named Sheba, a kinsman of David's predecessor, Saul. It's a short, almost enigmatic, tale involving, among other things, cloistered concubines, deadly beard-pulling, and an unintentionally—or perhaps not—comical siege scene that could have come out of a Monty Python movie.

Comic or not, the site of the siege was a real place that testifies to the historical nature of the biblical narrative.


Read more if you can be bothered:


Very funny and brave from Eric to mention Monty Python in regard to this "history"...

Please, do not be fooled: "archaeology confirming biblical history" is not so fantastic about proving the "existence of god"... All this does is show that some recorded history can match — within a certain limit of verification with a few artifacts found in the ground.

Here we must pay attention to other artifacts in the Middle East region, including the long held misinterpretation of Sardanapale.

But other archaeological "digs" can prove that humans went through the region at least 100,000 years ago way before "Eve and Adam" were invented by the biblical scribes. Further more, our DNA ancestry, especially those of the tribes that escaped Africa, the Neanderthals, the Denisovans and the "Humans" are a much better record of evolution than some "sherd" of pottery. Other bits of the human evolution records go back to Lucy (Lucy (Australopithecus)... Our samples of scientific history has records that may (certainly) proves "evolution" written in our genes.

I guess that Metaxas might not pay attention to "digs" that could (certainly) prove evolution... As far as he is concerned, the history of "man" started with Adam and Eve — and don't try to tell him otherwise, even if he is wrong and stupid about it.


Read from top.


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improving the rituals with fog...

At Embassy Church International in Atlanta, worship isn't just hand-clapping, solemn hymns and shouts of praise anymore.

In the last five years, traditional liturgy has evolved into Holy Spirit-driven, multisensory events where fog, concert lights, prophetic paintings and aerialist performances are all used to help usher churchgoers into "incredible" encounters with God.

"We've had some incredible experiences with fog," said Ajani Brown, Embassy Church International's pastor of operations.


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More fog anyone?... What a lot of rubbish to attract young fools... Next they will provide "prostitutes of god"or as they were know in the bible as "concubines" for god's kings. Yes the encounters with god are INCREDIBLE!

not hearing voices...

As our own Scomo hits the boardwalk of popularity by unambiguously stating "we're with you" (with the sincerity of what could have looked like a smiling bald shark), by cooking snags on a barbecue in the Shire and by playing fake touch footy on wear-a-jumper-day, he has shown he is really the better yobo (unless I mean bogan?) amongst us.

And Scomo believes in the same god — and His (god is a male) 2000 years old sonny representative nailed to a cross for claiming to be a king — as Mike Pence, the Vice-president of the USA, except he communicates to god via a different channel. 

Mike has been viciously described in a new book published last week, by Michael D'Antonio and Peter Eisner. They argue that Pence, "the most successful Christian supremacist in American history" is already functioning as a "kind of replacement president" and is preparing to "fashion a nation more pleasing to his god and corporate sponsors,USA Today reported.

"This is a nation of faith, so we'll continue to stand for the things that we believe in," Pence told CBN. "We'll always have gentleness and respect. We'll respect the beliefs and convictions of every American, but I'm just very confident that as we go forward and serve alongside this president that there are an awful lot of people across this country that share our faith and appreciate where we stand."

Earlier this year, former director of communications for the White House's Public Liaison Office and reality star Omarosa Manigault-Newman said Pence would be a much scarier option for president than Trump because he believes "Jesus tells him to say things."

On this score, we have to read from top... So far our Scomo has not told us if he hears voices, which would be amazing if he did, considering he can't hear the cries of children on Manus island.

Some of this crap came from:

not so quiet" resistance", when published in the NYT...

Several top Trump administration officials have denied being the author of an explosive and anonymous opinion piece that detailed a “quiet resistance” at work in the White House, amid fevered speculation over the identity of the writer.

The anonymous account, published on Wednesday by the New York Times, was said to have been written by a senior White House official, who claimed a coalition was at work to frustrate Trump’s agenda and “his worst inclinations” until he leaves, or can be removed from, office.


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"Not me", said the two Mikes... "Not me" said Nikki... though all of them do everything they can to scuttle The Donald's plan of better relations with Russia. MI6, the FBI and the CIA are in on the stint as well, trying to undo all the good work done by Trump.

The good thing coming out of the NYT article is that it prompted Melania to defend hubby in the strongest terms:

First lady Melania Trump also responded, calling on the author to come forward and say publicly what he or she was willing to write anonymously.

“If a person is bold enough to accuse people of negative actions, they have a responsibility to publicly stand by their words and people have the right to be able to defend themselves,” she said. “To the writer of the op-ed – you are not protecting this country, you are sabotaging it with your cowardly actions.”

The president reacted with fury to the opinion piece. He fumed on Thursday in a tweet that the “Deep State and the Left, and their vehicle, the Fake News Media, are going Crazy – & they don’t know what to do.



Unfortunately, Trump IS CORRECT.

And read from top...