Wednesday 22nd of September 2021

save your (and mine) ABC...


Last weekend the powerful ultra-conservative IPA think tank published a new book: Against Public Broadcasting: Why we should privatise the ABC and how to do it.

Turnbull's Communications Minister Mitch Fifield – the politician who holds the fate of the ABC – is a paid up, card carrying member of the IPA. 


The Turnbull Government boffins are becoming increasingly brazen in their ABC attacks. Why? Because they assume the only voters it bothers are rusted-on 'lefties' who'd never vote for them anyway. They assume wrong. 


The ABC is one of Australia's most liked and trusted institutions – with supporters from right across the political spectrum. 


Together, we can identify and target the most strategic communities to work with, and make sure the ABC is a live issue for the Coalition MPs most vulnerable on the ABC. And we can do this at the perfect moment – just as politicians are playing close attention in the lead up to the 'Super Saturday' by-elections. 


With the by-elections less than 8 weeks away, we need to act fast if we're to make the most of the political opportunity it affords us.


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Despite a few faults, the ABC is still the main flagship of proper and balanced information in this country. One cannot rely on the Fairax media that is a secret supporter of Malcolm and Fifield anyway. The other media in Australia is the awful Murdoch disinformation service designed to trick the proletariat that it cares about workers. The Murdoch media only cares in making money and supporting its mates — the rich and the super-rich, via promoting Malcolm and Fifield — and Tony Abbott.  If this does not scare you then you are a whatever...


Save the ABC, now!

unpreserved pickles...

It has been seven months since Michelle Guthrie unveiled the winners of her pet project, the Great Ideas Grant. The managing director created a new content fund by axing about 200 jobs, then asked staff to “think about reach, audience gaps, scalability and applying digital-first thinking” and put forward an idea.

One of the winning pitches was ABC Life, a new website for health, work, personal finance, pets, family, sex, food, gardening, travel, fashion and creativity under one banner.

Back in December ABC Life lead – yes that is his title – Scott Spark advertised for 18 new positions for the digital project, so it’s a sizeable operation. This at a time when hundreds of jobs were cut – the Senate was told last week that since 1 July 2014, 939 ABC employees had been made redundant.


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why would tony smith pick "this" date after "consultations"?

This time Fifield took issue with the ABC’s assertion that the prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, chose the date of the byelections on political grounds. 

The date chosen had long been locked in as the date of the national Labor conference, which is held every four years. Labor has been forced to defer the conference so it can focus on the byelections.

Fifield’s letter said: “On ABC’s 7pm News on Friday 25 May, the presenter stated: ‘Tempers are continuing to flare inside the Labor party over Malcolm Turnbull’s decision to set late July for a super Saturday of byelections’. 

“The ABC’s political editor, Andrew Probyn, then claimed that: ‘Labor’s further squeezed by the prime minister’s decision to time super Saturday with a long-scheduled Labor national conference’.

“These claims are false. The prime minister did not decide the date for the byelections. The date for the byelections was set by the Speaker, in accordance with the constitution, and acting on the advice of the independent AEC [Australian Electoral Commission]. 

“Laura Tingle made the same false claims in an ‘analysis’ piece posted on the ABC website and headed ‘By-election date decision a masterclass in blindsiding and political bastardry’.”

The Speaker of the House, Tony Smith, had said in parliament that he would choose a date for the byelections in consultation with the AEC and party leaders.

On 21 May he referred to “the usual practice of consulting with the Australian electoral commissioner on possible dates for the byelections and consulting with party leaders about my preferred date”.

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Why would Tony Smith, Speaker of the House, Chair of House Committee, Chair of Selection Committee, FROM the Liberal Party of Australia, CHOOSE the most annoying date to the Labor Party for by-elections?

After consultation with party Leaders? Would the Labor party Leaders be happy about this date? NO.

Would the CONSULTED Liberal Party Leaders (Malcolm et al) not influence his "preferred date"? Take a cold shower... Yep, Tony Smith "may not have to be advised" to choose bad blood against Labor...


the machinations of the nasty party...

Liberal Party members have called on the Turnbull Government to move Australia's embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, and privatise the ABC, highlighting a gulf between the rank-and-file and the MPs who represent them.

More than 100 MPs and members are in Sydney for the Liberal Party's annual federal council which is expected to be the last before the next federal election.

The council endorsed a motion moved by the Victorian division calling on the Turnbull Government to follow the US and move Australia's embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

Foreign Minister Julie Bishop told the conference she could understand the sentiment but declared Australia would not be moving its embassy to Jerusalem.

"Jerusalem is a final status issue and we have maintained that position for decades," Ms Bishop said.

However, Ms Bishop's intervention failed to convince the majority of the members and the motion passed 43 votes to 37.

None of the motions at the federal council is binding, meaning they are unlikely to have any impact on the Government's policies, but they provide an insight into the internal machinations of the party.


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defend it...


Kerry O'Brien reminded the audience on Sunday (8/7/18) that Malcolm Turnbul was somewhat two-faced about funding cuts to the ABC. Though not using these simple words "two-faced", O'Brien just quoted Malcolm's own words that showed Turnbull was two-faced by saying one thing and doing another.


Malcolm Turnbull: strongly defended the ABC's editorial independence.

''Remember, if it wasn't for the ABC and Fairfax we might not know of the latest round of union corruption.''


Straight after these words, Malcolm then Minister for communication under instruction from Abbott, slashed the budget of the ABC... and he still continues cutting budget and has started another "efficiency inquiry" into the ABC... These Liberal (CONservative) budget cuts and "inquiries" are like exploiting a forest until there are only no trees left to count in the inquiry:


The Community and Public Sector Union (CPSU) said the funding cuts made it a sad day for Australians who supported the ABC and SBS.

"There is just no way that cuts of this size can be confined to back-office savings and the result will be cuts to programs, to services, and to jobs as well," said CPSU national president Michael Tull.

"We have already seen the damage the efficiency dividends have imposed on other government departments like the Tax Office and the Bureau of Statistics, where the efficiency dividend has had a terrible impact on the ability of those departments to do their core work.

"What we now know is that the ABC is facing a cut that is twice the size of those departments."

With the Libs having now voted to "get rid of the ABC" with a beige Malcolm polishing his brains with beige shit while planning his retirement, read more about back then:


Some honest people delude themselves that voters will see that this satanic demolishing of the ABC by the Libs (CONservatives) is a disgrace but don't believe anything from the shits who vote for the Libs (CONservatives). These scrooges don't see why they should finance something that is not putting cash in their pockets immediately — like a tax cuts or a new loophole on the family trust funds that they only can afford. The Australian Libs and their voters of course are aspiring to become the Australian privilege class on the one per cent airline...



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destroying the ABC has been on the liberals' (CONservatives) mind for a long time...



shooting wabbits...


on radio with tony...


would the ABC managers clamp down on this shit...

  1. Russian Government implicated in US election hack for first time

    Twelve Russian military intelligence officers face accusations of hacking into the Clinton presidential campaign and the Democratic Party, and releasing tens of thousands of stolen communications in a sweeping effort to meddle in the 2016 US election.



This is BULLSHIT. These Mueller (the III) indictments do IN NO WAY implicate the Russian government. The ABC should kill their Online People, or at least suspend them from their thums in a dark dungeon. Or sack them. For too long they have been totally outrageous with crap that would not pass a primary school exam. 

And not only this: Mueller HAS NO PROOF THAT these people had been hacking into the Clinton presidential campaign and the Democratic Party, and releasing tens of thousands of stolen communications. Not an ounce of proof. Nor does Mueller (the III) has not a single proof that these people are connected to the Russian Government.

And they are not. This is classic disinformation designed to prevent any investigation how someone(s) in the DNC passed on information to Julian Assange's Wikileaks...