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a history lesson: WACL...

the bin laden plot

The World Anti-Communist League (WACL) was established in Taiwan by Chiang Kai-shek, Reverend Moon and Nazi and Japanese war criminals.


It was first used under Nixon to spread counter-insurrectionary measures in South East Asia and Latin America. At that time, seven Heads of State participated at its meetings. It experienced a new lease of life under Reagan, becoming a shared instrument of the US industrial-military matrix and the CIA during the Cold War. It was then in charge of political assassinations and training counter-guerrillas in all conflict zones, including Afghanistan where it was represented by Osama Bin Laden.




At the end of the Second World War, US secret service agents use Nazi, fascist and Ustashi agents to create an anti-communist network: the Stay-behind [1]. While agents recruited in the States of the future Atlantic Alliance had to remain secret, agents operating in States that had passed into Soviet control had to act publicly. In 1946 a fascist international organization is established to coordinate the action of agents, originally from the East who had immigrated to the West. This organization is the Anti-Bolshevik Bloc of Nations (ABN). Ukrainian, Hungarian, Romanian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Slovakian, Lithuanian (the list goes on) fascists are brought together under the leadership of Yaroslav Stetsko. The former collaborationist leader in Ukraine, Stetsko, is considered responsible for the massacre of 700 persons, the majority of whom are Jewish, at Lvov on 2 July 1941.

Eight years later, at the end of the Korean War, the United States replaces France in Indochina [2]. President Eisenhower sets up a regional defense system against the USSR and China. On 8 September 1954, SEATO, based on the NATO model, is established. This brings together Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan, the Philippines, Thailand, the United Kingdom and the United States. On 2 December, the system was completed by a US-Taiwan bilateral defence treaty [3].

While this is going on, the CIA, led by Allen Dulles, structures the intelligence services of these States and puts in place an organization to put anti-communist parties in the region in contact with each other. And so around Chiang Kai-Shek, the Asian People’s Anti-Communist League (APACL) is born.

In addition to the President of Taiwan (Chiang Kai-Shek), APACL’s membership includes the following: 
- Park Chung-hee, the future President of South Korea; 
- Ryiochi Sasakawa, a war criminal who became a billionaire and a benefactor of the Japanese Liberal Party; 
- Reverend Sun Myung Moon [4], the prophet of the Church of Unification; 
- General Prapham Kulapichtir (Thailand); 
- President Ferdinand Marcos (Philippines); 
- Prince Sopasaino (Laos) [5]; 
- Colonel Do Dang Cong (representing President Nguyen Van Thieu, Vietnam), etc.

APACL is totally controlled by Ray S. Cline, the then CIA Chief of Station in Taiwan and the future Vice-Director of the CIA [6]. It publishes the Asian Bulletin, whose editing is entrusted to Michael Lasater, who will head the Asian department of the Heritage Foundation [7].

The Establishment of WACL

From 1958, the President of the Anti-Bolshevist Bloc of Nations (ABN) participates in the annual conferences of the Anti-Communist League of the Asian People held in Taipei. Cline and Stetsko supervise the establishment of the Political Warfare Cadres Academy at Taiwan. This academy is tasked with training cadres from the Regime of Chiang Kai-Shek for anti- communist repression.

The academy is the Asian equivalent of the Psychological Warfare Centre at Fort Bragg (USA) and the Panama School of Americas [8]. Gradually, the CIA forms a global network of political groups and instructors in counter-insurrection. In 1967, ABN and APACL merge under the banner of the, “World Anti-Communist League (WACL)” and extend their activities across the entire “free world”. Its new members include Los Tecos or Legion of King Christ, a Mexican fascist organization established during the Second World War. The League experiences its first development phase in the period 1973-1975, when Richard Nixon and his security adviser Henry Kissinger reside in the White House.

Funding is extravagantly guaranteed by the Church of Unification. However from 1975, this is no longer acknowledged. Reverend Sun Myung Moon then claims to break ties with the League but continues to exercise his leadership through his Japanese representative Osami Kuboki.

WACL’s role in implementing the Phoenix Plan (1968-71) and the Condor Plan (1976-77), providing for the assassination of thousands of people suspected of sympathizing with communists in South East Asia and Latin America, is still inadequately reported.

The Phoenix Plan was probably implemented in Vietnam by the Joint Unconventional Warfare Task Force of General Major John K. Singlaub, who went on to become President of WACL. However Singlaub has consistently denied any involvement in this operation.

Furthermore, General Hugo Banzer Juarez, who imposed a dictatorship in Bolivia in 1971 to 1978, chaired the Latin American branch of WACL. In 1975 he organized a plan (the Banzer Plan) for the systematic elimination of communist opponents. In 1977 a WACL Latin American conference was held in Asuncion and Plan Banzer was presented as the way forward. Participating at this conference was the dictator of Paraguay, General Alfredo Stroessner. The Paraguayan delegation presented a motion following the design of Plan Banzer, to eliminate priests and religious disciples of the theology of liberation across Latin America. This motion was adopted by the World Conference of WACL in 1978 [9].

Similarly, we do not know for sure what role WACL played in the strategy of tension that hit Europe in this period. The Frenchman, François Duprat, founder of a New French Order, the Italian Giorgio Almirante, founder of MSI, the Spaniard Jesus Palacio, founder of CEDADE, the Belgian Paul Vankerhoven, President of Circle of Nations and others like them have militated in WACL. And it is WACL that filtered Stefano delle Chiaie out of Italy [10], when the Italian judiciary having charged him with terrorism, was searching for him. WACL smuggles him to the Bolivia of Hugo Banzer, where he is immediately appointed the right hand man of Klaus Barbie, head of the death squads.

Finally, we have little documentation on WACL’s role during the Lebanon war. All we know for sure is that it had recruited mercenaries integrated into the ranks of Christian militias of the former President Camille Chamoun in 1975, a week before the conflict broke out.

On entering the White House in 1977, Jimmy Carter hopes to put an end to his predecessors’ sordid practices. He appoints Admiral Stanfield Turner to head the CIA and sets about toppling authoritarian regimes in Latin America. It is a difficult period for WACL which is no longer financed by its members. Thus WACL becomes the den of the anti-Carter preparing for better days and spontaneously creates ties with the principal anti-Carter organization in the US: the National Coalition for Peace Through Strength. This front of rejection is an off-shoot of the American National Security Council, that President Eisenhower designated under the term “the military-industrial matrix” [11]. It is co-chaired by General Daniel O’Graham [12] (who participated with George H. Bush in the Pipes Commission - known as Team B, re-evaluating the Soviet threat) [13] and General John K. Singlaub [14]

A number of officers in the League are involved in Campaign Committees for Ronald Reagan’s election. For many of them, the Republican Governor of California is not an unknown quantity. In fact, at the end of the Second World War, Reagan participated as spokesperson for the Crusade for Freedom, raising the necessary funds to settle Eastern European immigrants fleeing communism in the United States. In actual fact, the funds were used to transfer Nazis, fascists and Ustashis into the ABN. As for Vice President George H. Bush, he is also a friend. As head of the CIA, he was the leader of Operation Condor.

The Golden Age of WACL

When Ronald Reagan and George H Bush enter the White House, WACL regains its strength and continues developing. The former contacts bear their fruit. The US industrial military complex finances the establishment of a US section of WACL called Council for World Freedom (USCWF). General John K. Singlaub is the president and General Daniel O’Graham, the Vice President. But matters do not end there. The military industrial complex makes WACL a central tool for anti-communism repression all over the world. Singlaub is thus elected the president of WACL.

The League acts on all fronts: 
In order to combat Soviet presence in Afghanistan, the American Security Council finances [15] a thematic section of WACL: the Committee for a Free Afghanistan. Its headquarters are provided by the Heritage Foundation. The operation is launched when Margaret Thatcher and Lord Nicholas Bethell (Head of MI6) are on an official visit to the United States. The operation is led by General J. Milnor Roberts. The Committee is directly involved in providing logistical support to “freedom fighters” authorized by the CIA’s Director, William [16] and managed by Osama Bin Laden [17]. The link between WACL and the Saudi businessman is guaranteed by two men: Sheik Ahmed Salah Jamjoon (who works with the public works giant, the Saudi Bin Laden Group), and a former Prime Minister of South Yemen. [18]

In the Philippines, WACL is represented by President Ferdinand Marcos. But when he is ousted in 1986, John K. Singlaub and Ray Cline go to the Philippines to choose new partners. They put in place a paramilitary unit of counter-guerrillas and choose General Fidel Ramos [19], friend of Frank Carlucci [20], George H. Bush and the Bin Laden family.

To fight the Sandinistas revolution in Nicaragua, WACL sets up a logistical base with Argentine trainers at John Hull’s premises in Costa Rica. It also uses facilities in Honduras offered by the Chief-of-Staff, General Gustavo Alvarez Martinez, who recruits mercenaries by using the humanitarian cover of Refugee Relief International.

In Guatemala, WACL’s man is Mario Sandoval Alarcon, leader of the National Liberation Movement. Sandoval, vice president from 1974 to 1978, is the only true master of the country; General-President Romeo Lucas Garcia is nothing but a puppet. He sets up death squads that will slay more than 13,000 victims in five years.

In Salvador, WACL relies on the safe hands of Roberto d’Aubuisson, who had been trained at the Taiwanese academy and who is the recipient of aid from the Guatemalans. D’Aubuisson becomes both the head of ANSESAL, the local equivalent of CIA, and the leader of an extreme right-wing paramilitary organization, the nationalistic Republican Party (ARENA). D’Aubuisson sets up death squads and notably murders Archbishop Oscar Romero.

But the success of WACL will also be its downfall. In 1983, the Under-Secretary for Defense, Fred C. Iklé, [21] establishes the Council for Defense of Liberty within the Pentagon. This Council is a secret committee of eight experts, that is chaired by General John K. Singlaub  [22]. We know that the Committee decides that its secret intervention in Afghanistan would also be a model to follow in Nicaragua, Angola, Salvador, Cambodia and Vietnam but the detail of its actions is insufficiently documented.

In 1984, Ronald Reagan chooses to entrust to the League generally, and to John Singlaub particularly, all the private financing of Irangate under the direct authority of Colonel Oliver North in the National Security Council. The scandal erupts in 1987, revealing everything and destroying the WACL.

Thierry Meyssan

Anoosha Boralessa


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This article was written in 2004.

Note re the head of MI6 in 1982 (picture at top): 


the story they did not want bin laden to tell.

The story at top explains clearly why Osama Bin Laden was assassinated: HE KNEW TOO MUCH...

Note Bin Laden was not the "only" recipient of this kind of help, then the victim of his financiers.


Manuel Antonio Noriega Moreno comes to mind, amongst many...

psychological warfare...

The U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School(SWCS) – known informally as "Swick" – primarily trains and educates United States Army personnel for the United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC) and United States Special Operations Command (SOCOM), which includes Special ForcesCivil Affairs, and Psychological Operations personnel. Its purpose is to recruit, assess, select, train and educate the U.S. Army Civil Affairs, Psychological Operations and Special Forces Soldiers by providing training and education, developing doctrine, integrating force-development capability, and providing career management.[3]

The command originated in 1950, when the U.S. Army developed the Psychological Warfare (PSYWAR) Division of the Army General School at Fort RileyKansas. The U.S. Army Psychological Warfare Center and School, which included operational tactical units and a school under the same umbrella, moved to Fort Bragg in 1952. The center was proposed by the Army's then-Psychological Warfare Chief, Robert A. McClure, to provide doctrinal support and training for both psychological and unconventional warfare.[4]

In 1956, the PSYWAR Center and School was renamed the U.S. Army Center for Special Warfare/U.S. Army Special Warfare School. The school was given the responsibility to develop the doctrine, techniques, training and education of Special Forces and Psychological Operations personnel. In 1960, the school's responsibilities expanded to counterinsurgency operations. In 1962, the Special Warfare Center established a Special Forces Training Group to train enlisted volunteers for operational assignments within Special Forces units. The Advanced Training Committee was formed to explore and develop methods of infiltration and exfiltration. On 16 May 1969, the school was renamed the U.S. Army Institute for Military Assistance. The curriculum was expanded to provide training in high-altitude, low-opening (HALO) parachuting and SCUBA operations. The institute comprised the SF School, Psychological Operations, Military Assistance Training Advisors School, Counter-Insurgency School, Unconventional Warfare School and Department of Non-Resident Training.

On 1 April 1972, the U.S. Army Civil Affairs School was transferred from Fort GordonGeorgia to Fort Bragg, to begin operating under the center's umbrella. In 1973, the center was assigned to the new U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command (TRADOC). On 1 June 1982, the Chief of Staff of the Army approved the separation of the center as an independent TRADOC activity under the name U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center (SWC). The SWC integrated special operations into the Army systems, training and operations, becoming the proponent school for Army Special Operations Forces.

In 1985, SWC was recognized as the U.S. Army John F. Kennedy Special Warfare Center and School (SWCS). The major change at this time was the establishment of six training departments: Special Forces; Special Operations Advanced Skills; Survival, Evasion, Resistance and Escape; Foreign Area Officer; Civil Affairs; and Psychological Operations. A few years later, the Noncommissioned Officer Academy was instituted. On 20 June 1990, SWCS was reassigned from TRADOC to the U.S. Army Special Operations Command. This designation gave USASOC control of all components of SOF, with the exception of forward-deployed units.[5]


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the bullshit of the war on terror...


Prof. Niels Harrit joins us to discuss the mysterious “Frank Taylor report” that launched 17 years of NATO destruction in the middle east. He connects the dots with a little-known declassified document and exposes the lie that has resulted in the deaths of untold millions.

Please watch the full report for links and supporting documents: The Secret Lie That Started the Afghan War


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Gus had a theory about the thermite which was undeniable present at the 9/11 site.


First what is thermite:

Thermite is a pyrotechnic composition of metal powder, which serves as fuel, and metal oxide. When ignited by heat, thermite undergoes an exothermic reduction-oxidation (redox) reaction. Most varieties are not explosive, but can create brief bursts of heat and high temperature in a small area. Its form of action is similar to that of other fuel-oxidizer mixtures, such as black powder.

Thermites have diverse compositions. Fuels include aluminium, magnesium, titanium, zinc, silicon, and boron. Aluminium is common because of its high boiling point and low cost. Oxidizers include bismuth(III) oxide, boron(III) oxide, silicon(IV) oxide, chromium(III) oxide, manganese(IV) oxide, iron(III) oxide, iron(II,III) oxide, copper oxide, and lead(II,IV) oxide.


The two towers have been built with a lot of the elements mentioned above, including silicon:

Silicon dioxide is used in production in many products such as glass, food additive and raw material for production. The chemical compound silica, also known as silicon dioxide, is known for its hardness since the 16th century. It is found in nature in many different forms, such as flint, quartz, and opal and most "sands".

In regard to the heat created by the impact of the planes and of its burning fuel, the construction material of the buildings and the aluminum of the planes mixed in various ways to form SOME thermite (one does not need much once thermite starts to burn at around 4000 degrees Celsius). for example:

BORON OXIDE is a colorless, semi-transparent glassy lumps or hard white odorless crystals. Melting point 450°C; boiling point (vapour): 1860°C. Density: 2.46 g cm-3. Moderately soluble in water. Used as an insecticide; as the starting material for the synthesis of other boron compounds; as a fluxing agent in enamels and glasses; and in mixture with 2-6% boron nitride, as a bonding agent in the hot isostatic pressing of boron nitride ceramics.

All you need is the size of a lamp bulb with the mixed material to engender a chain reaction of "explosive" thermite.


I could be wrong, but the way these buildings had been constructed, though they did not have external cladding like the Grenfell building in the UK, was a timebomb awaiting to happen. The cladding, the furniture and the drywalls INSIDE the building would have provided the powder fuel for more thermite to form. 

Some of this formed thermite would not ignite but leave traces — in the residue or as unburnt "thermite".


Once the floors above did not have any more support, they collapsed onto the lower level with enough kinetic energy to collapse the entire buildings. Building 7 was an pre-meditated organised demolition job. This should have been properly investigated by the FBI...


On September 11, 2001, the structure was damaged by debris when the nearby North Tower of the World Trade Center collapsed. The debris also ignited fires, which continued to burn throughout the afternoon on lower floors of the building. The building's internal fire suppression system lacked water pressure to fight the fires, and the building collapsed completely at 5:21:10 pm, according to FEMA,[5]:23 while the 2008 NIST study placed the final collapse time at 5:20:52 pm.[6]:19, 21, 50–51 The collapse began when a critical internal column buckled and triggered structural failure throughout, which was first visible from the exterior with the crumbling of a rooftop penthouse structure at 5:20:33 pm. The collapse made the old 7 World Trade Center the first tall building known to have collapsed primarily due to uncontrolled fires,[7] and at the time, the only steel skyscraper in the world to have collapsed due to fire.[8]


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Gus bold...

But as Prof. Niels Harrit says in the video, the event was declared an act of war and was not investigated as a criminal act.

our good guy bin laden...


The right-wing knew for years that McCain was on his way out, and they planned their massive PR offensive, which still unfolds all around us. It’s a sickening nationalism with a fake martyr who isn’t supposed to be criticized.

For fifty years, John McCain was elevated by the right-wing because of his victim status. Being a captured prisoner of war made him a solid, reliable commodity. His “patriotism” was beyond question. This allowed McCain, or “McNasty” as he was known to his military peers, to rise through the ranks and become one of the most malignant politicians of our lives, selling war after war, supporting any and all blood-drenched tyrants, terrorists, or Nazis who would do business with America. McCain’s agenda was the problem, the main problem in the world today. Millions of innocent civilians perished in part due to John McCain’s tireless efforts to launch more US wars of aggression, both overt and covert.

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It would be fascinating to get Robert Fisk to give us an update on the US world crap after having seen Bin Laden operating in Afghanistan... 


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terrorism in kabul...

According to my sources there has been more than 15 bomb attacks in Kabul before midday today (20/10/2018)... Most foreigners are in lock down... No reports in the Western press about it...

and suddenly trump ...

Offering an explanation of why US should withdraw from Afghanistan, President Donald Trump appeared to endorse the Soviet intervention there in the 1980s and by extension, disavow US support for jihadist insurgents.

“Russia used to be the Soviet Union. Afghanistan made it Russia, because they went bankrupt fighting in Afghanistan,”Trump told reporters on Wednesday, following a cabinet meeting at the White House.

Arguing that Russia, India and Pakistan were all in Afghanistan’s neighborhood and should fight terrorism there rather than expecting the US to, Trump offered an impromptu history lesson.

“The reason Russia was in Afghanistan was because terrorists were going into Russia. They were right to be there,” he said. “The problem is, it was a tough fight. And literally, they went bankrupt.”

In criticizing Trump’s comments, one NBC journalist even brought up the end credits of Rambo III, a 1988 American action movie dedicated to the “brave mujahideen fighters of Afghanistan.”

That line of criticism seems ironic, however, given that the US sponsored the mujahideen – Islamic “holy warriors,” literally – against Afghanistan’s secular government prior to the Soviet intervention in December 1979. It was President Jimmy Carter who signed the directive to start aiding the mujahideen in July that year, on advice of his national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski.

The aid was going to induce a Soviet intervention, Brzezinski told the French magazine Le Nouvel Observateur in 1998. When Soviet troops crossed the border, Brzezinski said he wrote to Carter that the US had the “opportunity of giving to the USSR its Vietnam war.”

“Indeed, for almost 10 years, Moscow had to carry on a war that was unsustainable for the regime, a conflict that brought about the demoralization and finally the breakup of the Soviet empire,” he said in the interview.


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UK "gangsters" financed bin laden as well...

Taxman kept quiet while £8bn fraud helped fund bin Laden

For years a UK gang infiltrated government agencies and funnelled cash to al-Qaeda. HMRC knew but kept MI5 in the dark

Gangsters have stolen billions of pounds of British taxpayers’ money and used tens of millions to fund terrorism, according to police and intelligence files.

A network of British Asians based in London, Buckinghamshire, Birmingham, northwest England and Scotland mounted VAT and benefit frauds against the exchequer over two decades and made further gains from mortgage and credit card fraud targeting banks and individuals. The group netted an estimated £8bn in public money alone.

The gang, which has links to the 7/7 London bombings in which 52 people died, is alleged to have sent 1% of its gains, or £80m, to al-Qaeda in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where it funded madrasahs, training camps and other terrorist activities, according to the leaked files.


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praise for bin...

Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan has come under fire from opposition MPs after telling parliament that the US "martyred" Osama Bin Laden.

Bin Laden, the mastermind of the 9/11 attacks, was killed in 2011 when US special forces raided his hideout in the Pakistani city of Abbottabad.

Pakistan was not informed in advance.

"I will never forget how we Pakistanis were embarrassed when the Americans came into Abbottabad and killed Osama Bin Laden, martyred him," Khan said.

Khan used the word "shaheed" - a reverential Arabic term for a martyr of Islam.

Opposition leader and former Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif criticised Mr Khan, calling Bin Laden an "ultimate terrorist". 

"He destroyed my nation, and [Khan] is calling him a martyr," Mr Asif said in parliament.

Bilawal Bhutto Zardari, whose Pakistan Peoples Party was in power when Bin Laden was killed, accused the prime minister of appeasing violent extremism.

Meena Gabeena, a high-profile Pakistani activist, wrote on Twitter: "Muslims all over the world are struggling because of the discrimination they face due to recent terrorism and our PM makes it worse by calling [Osama Bin Laden] a martyr of Islam!" 

Mr Khan's speech came as Pakistan's foreign office rejected a US state department report accusing Pakistan of continuing to be a safe haven for regionally focused terrorist groups.


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porn for terror...

A forthcoming documentary about cave-dwelling arch-terrorist Osama bin Laden suggests he used the extensive (and incongruous) porn collection found in the cave hideout where he was killed to send messages to his followers.

When the Navy SEALS who raided the al-Qaeda leader’s Pakistani hideout to kill him in 2011 found what was reportedly a “vast collection of pornographic materials,” some were baffled by what they found there. Why would the fundamentalist terrorist leader have a stash of skin flicks hidden away in his cave?

But a soon-to-be released National Geographic documentary called “Bin Laden’s Hard Drive” (no pun intended, hopefully) argues the videos were anything but the lascivious entertainment they appeared – instead, they were used to encode secret messages and orders to his followers.


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another suicided...


Osama bin Laden was a useful assets when fighting the Russians in Afghanistan. Then when the time was ripe, the USA assassinated him with a high degree of morality — "because of 9/11” Could not get more morality than this.... Except, why didn’t the Yanks just catch him and bring him to justice? Or even take him from the Taliban when they offered his head on a plate in 2001? Well, if you can answer this question, you win the booby-prize of nothing. Everyone knows that had bin Laden come to trial, he would have known too much of the US conspiracies and devious games of Empire. This is why, “they” also destroyed his papers, records and the traces of US ratty business with him. He’s now forgotten, like a bad smell having long been replaced with rose perfume. At this stage one would have to be brave to write Osama’s TRUE biography, not what the Yanks want you to believe. Me? I may be old but I’d like to enjoy a few more glorious sunsets... Read from top anyway...


Other dudes to die in weird circumstances have been Epstein, as the surveillance protocols of his cell were not adhered to by the guards — and we now ponder about the death of McAfee


"John McAfee’s death has set off numerous conspiracy theories, tributes and criticism of the extradition to the US the now-deceased antivirus magnate was facing.


McAfee was found dead in his prison cell in Barcelona only hours after a Spanish court approved his extradition to the US, where he was facing charges of tax evasion and other financial crimes. 


A statement from Spain’s Ministry of Justice has indicated the cause of death for McAfee could be suicide, a detail that has set off many who see a conspiracy, citing past McAfee tweets where he warned his followers that if it was ever reported he committed suicide, “a la Epstein,” then it was a professional hit.


What to make of this? Look, it’s cheaper to bury the guy anywhere, preferably under an olive tree in Spain, rather than having to transfer him in a CIA unmarked plane, or even on one of the back seat of a United airline jetliner coralled by two US marshalls, three CIA operatives and an FBI agent, back to the US and have a lengthy trial with lawyers making a lot money on the side of the government, while on the other side, McAfee who had not a single penny to spend could not even afford serious legal aid… Thus the IRS would waste time and money to get nothing — except have an extra mouth to feed in the US prison system… Now with McAfee dead, the IRS can claim anything it likes about the guy not paying his taxes, while his partner who possibly robbed him blind, is comfortable in the Bahamas or such CIA safe island. Who knows. 


So there is a creative way to treat each and every enemy of the Empire. Yes, McAfee was not a friend of the Empire… especially not a friend of "SiliCON Valley's big shits — Google, Twitter and Facebook. My simplistic view from the back-facing dungeon is that McAfee's virus elimination program might have been TOO GOOD and prevented the Empire from looking into the dunny you call your desktop... 


Say, the dismantling of Yugoslavia took a war plus a few court cases to “prove” that the war was necessary according to the rule book of the Empire... such as avoiding an immoral (self-defence against an Empire-generated revolt?) "genocide" by creating another one with morality-armed bombs, including accidental collateral damage from a US pilot on Amphetamine… a product now used to treat PTSD and such...



Research published in 2015 shows that Adderall, a stimulant medication originally developed to treat attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), may also work for Post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Results of a 12-week double-blind study show that Adderall for PTSD can address most PTSD symptoms, especially cognitive symptoms.


However, Adderall and PTSD do not combine well for everyone. People with co-occurring disorders, especially anxiety, personality, and substance use disorders, can be negatively affected by the side effects of Adderall. For some individuals, these side effects can worsen the symptoms of PTSD and may also cause addiction... 


Adderall active Ingredients: dextroamphetamine saccharate, amphetamine aspartate, dextroamphetamine sulfate and amphetamine sulfate. Inactive Ingredients: colloidal silicon dioxide, compressible sugar, corn starch, magnesium stearate, microcrystalline cellulose and saccharin sodium.



Anyway, people die for the Empire, whether they do it willingly by enlisting as glorious fodder — or by being pushed out of windows, like the White Helmet guy… Oh sorry, you still believe the sweet story in The Guardian that he honourably committed suicide like a good boy? Hell, you need your mind examined. Here, have another Adderall pill...




getting weirder...

 Farewell to anti-virus guru John McAfee, the wild, high-living, paranoid, millionaire genius I was glad to call my neighbour


by Damian Wilson — a UK journalist, ex-Fleet Street editor, financial industry consultant and political communications special advisor in the UK and EU. The suicide of tech entreprenuer John McAfee in his Spanish prison cell, as he awaited deportation to the USA over tax fraud, draws a curtain on the madcap escapades of the most colourful character I’ve ever come across.

The death of McAfee is the final chapter in the mad, bad life of a man who became my neighbour 13 years ago. We were both living on Ambergris Caye, a tropical island 16 miles off the Caribbean coast of Belize in Central America. He’d picked up what had been a long-empty property – after the former owners had died at sea while unwisely trying to save two catamarans during a hurricane – which was a couple hundred metres up the beach from my own hideaway.

The nearest town of San Pedro was five miles south, the only road a boggy, often impassable track, and those neighbours who weren’t operating beachside dive bars or boutique resorts chose to keep themselves to themselves. It was perfect.

By the time we met on Ambergris Caye in 2008, the Brit-born entrepreneur had tired of the intense upkeep demanded by a millionaire lifestyle. He’d flogged his 1,000 acres on Hawaii and the private airport in New Mexico, having sold his eponymous software company to Intel in 1994, and was looking for the quiet life.

I’d occasionally encounter McAfee once he moved in, buzzing past in his boat with a friendly wave, or a hearty ‘Hi, neighbour!’ He often busied himself in his yard or sat on his bungalow deck smoking a cigar with a cool drink, a young girl wearing a bikini by his side, as I walked past en route to my sundowner.

He seemed relaxed among the neat collection of small white bungalows, interconnected by walkways festooned with bougainvillea and surrounded with a neat, white picket fence. It offered the sort of communal living environment that McAfee, a well-travelled and self-proclaimed ‘proto-hippy’, loved. Accommodation, cooking area, somewhere to meditate and practise yoga. Ideal.

I would have tried to be more congenial, but the heavily-armed security detail that patrolled his property put me off. I did wonder why anyone sitting on a dock staring out into the beautiful waters of the western Caribbean would need an M16 by their side. It felt prudent not to ask.

Everyone on Ambergris Caye has dogs. Loud, barking, dangerous animals. The more badass the better. They aren’t pets, they are protection and McAfee had 11 of them. But it was when four were poisoned that the trouble began.

Because one of our neighbours who lived next door to McAfee, a cheerfully beefy Orlando bar-owner named Greg Faull, was found murdered on his property, executed with a single shot to the back of the head on November 11, 2012. Everyone knew he was unhappy about his wealthy neighbour’s noisy dogs; after all, he’d lodged an official complaint with the town council.

Unsurprisingly, the police decided McAfee was a person of interest in their investigation into Faull’s death. But when they went to speak with the paranoid entrepreneur, he heard their noisy golf carts coming up the beach, quickly dug a hole in the sand and put a cardboard box over his head.

A police search of the property failed to uncover the fugitive, and they left empty-handed leaving McAfee free to skip the island, cross to the mainland and disappear into the jungle. He then crossed the Guatemalan border where he was arrested and held, although after faking a heart attack his deportation to Belize stalled and was ultimately denied, so he ended up back in the USA. 

The night after he arrived, he indulged in the services of prostitute Janice Dyson, 30 years his junior, who is now his widow after they married in 2013. She is still on Twitter as The Mrs McAfee.

While he was never charged in connection with Faull’s murder, a Florida judge did order he pay the dead man’s family $25m following a civil suit. That didn’t necessarily make him a killer.

Needless to say, we never saw him on Ambergris Caye again, although the legend of John McAfee grew and grew. We’ve all enjoyed his fluctuating fortunes, hugely entertaining social media posts, video shares, merciless taunting of the CIA and police forces around the world and off-the-wall views on everything from cryptocurrencies to the best friend to make in prison (that would be a multiple murderer who cannibalised his victims). Or what he’d do if put in charge: “If I ran this prison the first thing I would do is hire a Feng Shui consultant.”

John McAfee was undoubtedly a genius. But he was also an unhinged, paranoid lunatic, sex addict, drug user, serial entrepreneur and self-aggrandising gun nutter with a wicked sense of humour and boundless appetite for life and love. His suicide will confuse those close to him and raise a few questions, although it should be noted that McAfee’s father killed himself when John was 15 years old.

Or maybe, his ‘death’ is just another outrageous prank at everyone else’s expense. After years of claiming he used a team of body doubles around the world, can we be certain it is the real John McAfee they found hanging in that Catalonian prison cell?


There has been plenty of talk about a Hollywood movie of McAfee's life, with Johnny Depp, Michael Keaton and most recently Zac Efron all slated to play the eccentric tech guru at some point in the pandemic-stalled production of ‘King of the Jungle’. 

Let’s hope this does go ahead, because it would be box-office dynamite and a fitting tribute to the madness of the man I lived next door to whose name still adorns millions of Intel PCs – John McAfee.


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