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too afraid to stand up to jones in jonescity...


Caving in to radio shock-jock Alan Jones' disgraceful bullying on behalf of Racing NSW, the Premier used her executive powers (via Arts Minister Don Harwin) to override Herron. It isn't what those powers were designed for and judging by the overwhelmingly negative reaction, it won't do her any favours at next year's poll.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison – who seems to think it is his role to comment on everything – voiced his support, too. One wonders if he would be as forthcoming with it if the NSW Premier was of the Labor kind. That said, both NSW Labor Leader Luke Foley and Federal Labor MP Anthony Albanese thought it a great idea to promote the races in this way. Are they all in the pocket of Racing NSW and/or too afraid to stand up to Alan Jones?

Alan Jones is an angry man — one can only guess at where that anger comes from. (For more on that, read Chris Master's book, Jonestown.) One can also only wonder at how he is able to wield such influence. Business leaders, politicians, bishops, sports stars, premiers and prime ministers all take his calls. Morrison didn't even wait for the call after his ascension — apparently, his office contacted 2GB to organise an interview.

Former Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull famously told Alan Jones that he wouldn't take orders from him. Alan Jones later called for his head — and got it.

Alan Jones has influence and he knows how to use it. For better and for worse.

When Jones is found to be so unequivocally in the wrong as in the Wagner case, where he was adjudged to having wilfully and repeatedly lied – against the very public evidence of the Grantham Flood Inquiry – there were no consequences. His employer stands by him and no doubt it will foot the defamation bill. Jones has been found guilty of defamation many times before — and he will again. It's all part of the product.

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Yep... all the pollies of whatever colours are too stupid to stand up against the Sydney bully, except for the Greens who for some reason might get attacked by Jones, but seems to NEVER APPEAR ON HIS SHOWS.

a soap-opera...

Someone should write an Opera about this soap-opera that has been the winded saga about advertising on the Opera House... Of course God, the name of which is Alan Jones could be played by himself — as no-one, and I mean no-one, can mimic the bile-coloured spray from the motor-mouth at full speed while delivering mostly rubbish.

Liam Neeson and Russell Crowe would play the jockeys as they're used to work with animal stars, who can recognise them from a mile away, we are told. Crowe might have to loose a bit of weight mind you as the silk shirts, though quite loose on Damian Oliver, would burst the seams on his ageing gladiator muscles...


luck in a one-horse race town...

The remaining two said the question was impossible to answer definitively, and that it was a red herring given Australia needed to do much more than it promised in Paris if it was to play its part in limiting global warming to 2C or less.

Bill Hare, the Perth-based director of global institute Climate Analytics, said scientific assessment of Australia’s policy settings by the Climate Action Tracker showed there was virtually no chance the target would be met without new policies.

“There is absolutely no quantitative scientific basis that I am aware of for the government’s repeated claims that it will meet the Paris agreement target. In fact, the reverse is true – its emissions are likely to continue to increase,” he said.

Hare said electricity emissions were falling due to the 2020 renewable energy target but the government had promised not to replace it, and emissions from other sectors of the economy – industry, transport, agriculture – would continue to grow in the absence of comprehensive policies.

The Grattan Institute’s energy program director, Tony Wood, said the government’s own published numbers showed it was not on track and if Australia did meet its target it would be more due to good luck than good management. Rather than meeting the target in a canter, he said the government needed “a different horse – or at least to get ready to gallop”.


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Note: Alan Jones is a complete idiot when it comes to global warming.


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As Gus says there (on 21 May 2013) :

Opinions spruiked on mass media and advertising go hand in hand... Advertising is designed to make you buy something. Most opinions are targeted to pander to prejudices that will wash your brains from thoughts contrary to buying stuff. 

For example should you become too aware of global warming, you would start to "consume less" in order to "minimise your carbon footprint". For people who sell stuff for profit (the rich) this is not on ... You HAVE TO buy...

Thus mass media opinions often are AS IF stupidly uninformed... To a critical mind, they might appear "blind, caught napping, day-dreaming, deaf, ignorant, in the dark, inattentive, negligent, not informed, not told, oblivious, out of it, out to lunch, unbriefed, unconscious, uneducated, unenlightened, uninstructed, unknowing, unschooled..." according to the Thesaurus. 

But, in fact, these opinions coming from most professionals spruikers are none of these. 

They are deliberate LIES. 

advertising space for sale!...  Sothejay's auction house...

from the horses' arse...

Did we mention that it has been reported Alan Jones owns (co-owns?) two of the horses that were in that ludicrous race? Anyway it appears that the owners of 2GB, the Jones platform might yet again have to pay cash for penalties and might be treated to more ACMA complaints etc...


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Labor listens to the people: more than 80 percent of the people want to stop the demolition of the Allianz Stadium in Sydney. 19 per cent of the people do not have a clue that this PERFECTLY GOOD stadium is to be demolished by the ratbags of the Liberal (COnservative) government of NSW for the pleasure of one person who stands quite alone (apart from his SCG trust mates and developers): Alan Jones — who can assure you that demolishing the stadium will not increase global warming because global warming does not exist, except in the mind of mad scientists paid by the Russian commies to rooin' the western economy. Alan Jones is a learned idiot who has been running Sydney town from the high chairs of media outlets that are run by rightwing dudes for the benefit of the 1% in this city. Democracy is stuffed. 

At least we can console ourselves by looking at another brilliant cartoon by Cathy Wilcox, SMH:




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a worthy sign in the darken mourning sails...


Sydney Opera House lit up with NZ's silver fern

New Zealand's silver fern icon has been projected onto the Sydney Opera House as a symbol of solidarity with the country after Muslims in Christchurch were massacred while worshipping at mosques in a terrorist attack.

great news...

To hear the flotilla of past and present Liberal Party prime ministers praising Alan Jones on his retirement from radio after 35 years on air, he has been the pre-eminent broadcaster of his generation.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison called into Jones’ 2GB program to extol the broadcaster’s honesty  – “you’ve always spoken your mind, even to me”,

John Howard lauded his “great skill as a communicator” and Tony Abbott invoked his popularity – “You were the voice of middle Australia”.

Really? Taking the last one first, Jones was never as popular as he and his supporters claimed, especially outside New South Wales.

An attempt by the Ten Network to launch Jones as a nightly national television current affairs personality, in Alan Jones Live in 1994, bombed.


Shaun Micallef


 Everybody on Twitter is bagging Alan Jones when what we should all be doing is hailing the doctor as a hero. #NobelPrize


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The climate denialists will loose their main voice in Australia... May Alan find a happy retirement on his country estate where fracking isn't welcome...


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