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coming to papa: the new york times discovers uncle rupe's dirty work... we have known this for yonks...

uncle rupe...
How Rupert Murdoch’s Empire of Influence Remade the World

Mr. Murdoch, the founder of a global media empire that includes Fox News, helped topple governments and destabilize democracies around the world.

But what do the Murdochs want? Over the last six months, we spoke to more than 150 people about the most powerful media family on earth.

he wishes to destroy the ABC...


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News Corp journos see red over pro-budget propaganda blitz

Courier Mail’s blunt front page in favour of the Coalition leaves many staff ‘mortified’. Plus: media is still a man’s world

Just when you thought News Corp’s political coverage couldn’t be any more partisan, the Courier Mail published a federal budget front page that was little more than blatant propaganda for Scott Morrison’s government.

The Brisbane tabloid’s front page, headlined “Australia at Crossroads”, featured big green road signs that pointed right to financial rewards and tax cuts under the Coalition and left to risk and debt under Labor. “Beware left turn: $200b tax hazard ahead,” said the bullet-ridden sign.

As anyone who has worked in a Murdoch newsroom can attest, the journalists have little to no influence over the direction the paper will take and they don’t all go along with it. But sources at the Queensland masthead say this week’s effort upset more than a few. Many staff were “mortified and embarrassed” by the editor’s none-too-subtle treatment of the budget.

Since September 2017 the Courier Mail has been led by Sam Weir, a former editor of Adelaide’s Advertiser and the Perth Sunday Times. Weir was approached by The Weekly Beast for comment.

Chris Kenny’s war

The Australian’s associate editor and Sky News presenter, Chris Kenny, was called out on Twitter this week by the ABC’s corporate communications team for confusing the words “conservatives” and “conservators”.


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Remember the last Murdoch major campaign (in Australia):








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These covers of the merde-och rubbish dailies are simple and shoot to the heart of democracy. Rupe has money and will use it to destroy democracy and whoever believes in global warming. 


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and the winner is the scum...


chris kenny makes an arse of himself...


And here again and : The word used was “conservators”, in a light-hearted chat about a murder mystery book set in an art museum.


Chris Kenny makes an arse of himself...



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We hope that Chris Kenny has a sense of humour which he doesn't have...



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he could have...


Murdoch said his strongest disagreements with Paul were about foreign policy. He also was asked if he could “envision” Hillary Clinton as president.

“I could live with Hillary as president. We have to live with who we get. We don’t have any choice,” said Murdoch.

Fortune senior editor-at-large Patricia Sellers asked Murdoch whether he could see himself “supporting” Clinton. Murdoch said that “would depend on the Republican candidate totally.”

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Remember Uncle Rupe has a lot of influence on the public at large through his spruiking organisation that passes as News channels. His foray into making the Aussie public gobble Tony Abbott is of course a disgrace as Tony -No-Surprises is full of not surprisingly broken promises... In America Uncle Rupe tried hard with the New York Post to push Romney to the fore... as well as using his Fox Network. It seemed to work but the democrats lurched forward by using social media. This is what we have to do in this country... Use social media more and more and get the Labor party to tune its violins a bit better. The Labor party shot their major hope for proper reform by sabotaging Julia Gillard. 


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innovation: comments for cash...


And finally, recognising that the state of modern media isn’t dispiriting enough, News Corp tabloid the Herald Sun has decided to pay journalists financial bonuses if their articles generate traffic or subscriptions. According to Guardian Australia’s Amanda Meade, journalists for News Corp were told the scheme is meant to “encourage reporters to think about ‘selling’ their stories to readers and being more ‘proactive’ across the website and social media”. Of course, feeling this extra squeeze from the invisible hand of the market, there’s a chance the calm and balanced tone of the Herald Sun could be lost, and the paper could become – dare I utter the unthinkable – sensationalist. It’s hard to tell what is a more damning indictment on journalism today – that such a financial bonus scheme exists, or that it only pays between $10 and $50.

Tips and tattle:

This article was first published in the print edition of The Saturday Paper on Jun 29, 2019 as "Gadfly: Taking a punt on political football". Subscribe here.


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the truth is that our masters don't want us to know the truth...

Buying and Selling Mercy...

James and Kathryn Murdoch declined to be interviewed for this article but their spokesperson, Juleanna Glover, invited written questions. The Intercept asked whether James and Kathryn had ever criticized or tried to change, internally or publicly, Fox News’s coverage of politics and climate change. Glover offered a two-line response: “James and Kathryn Murdoch have always led with their own values and will continue to do so. That’s patently clear to all who know and work with them.”

Their values do not appear to include a sense that they should connect themselves to any public critiques of the family business. A review of news stories failed to turn up any occasions on which they said a negative word about Fox News since its founding in 1996.

Giridharadas, author of “Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World,” has a searing critique of philanthropists who hope a bit of generosity will eliminate any expectation that they should acknowledge the society-wrecking origin of their fortunes. “I think there could be ways, if they are trying to give away their money, that they can atone for breaking America apart,” Giridharadas told The Intercept. “But it would begin with them standing before a bunch of microphones and saying they recognize they created the problem.” He added, “We have to be very clear about the nature of the transaction. The Murdochs are trying to buy mercy on the cheap and it is being willingly sold to them by people who should know better.”

The Murdoch family has already faced opposition to its philanthropy — just not in America. In late 2017, one of Rupert Murdoch’s children, Elisabeth, who lives in Britain, was appointed National Council member of Arts Council England, a powerful organization that distributes government funding. Elisabeth, like her siblings, is part-owner of the parent company of Fox News and other media properties; she, too, is a billionaire. After her appointment was announced, a protest letter was issued by Artists’ Union England, arguing that “the Murdoch family, through its international network of media outlets, has consistently proved to be an antithesis to the values Arts Council England claims to promote.” The letter continued:

The Murdochs … have regularly promoted hate, bigotry and Islamophobia, through their ownership of The Sun, The Times newspaper, Fox News and their many other media outlets. In the interest of private capital, the Murdoch family empire has a shameful record in employing unsavoury tactics to influence public opinion and public policy and we believe this appointment is another attempt to expand its damaging influence.

The protest did not result in Elisabeth Murdoch’s removal but the idea at its heart has taken root with the Sacklers. The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Guggenheim Museum in New York City, and the Tate Modern in London, have announced they will no longer accept money from members of the Sackler family. And the Whitney Museum is now under fire for having on its board the owner of an armaments company, Safariland, that sells tear gas reportedly used against migrants at the U.S. border — though the protests and petitions have not yet forced the removal of Warren Kanders.

Organizations that have accepted money from James and Kathryn Murdoch are not eager to address questions about the origin of their funds. In a statement to The Intercept, Unite America’s executive director, Nick Troiano, said his group “does not condone the divisive role Fox News or other partisan media outlets play in our politics and culture today,” but he did not respond to the question of why Unite America accepted money from the family that created Fox. Instead, he praised what he described as Kathryn Murdoch’s “dedication to reducing partisanship and polarization.” His statement did not mention James Murdoch.


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