Wednesday 1st of December 2021

leadership failures designed to fudge the australian carbon dioxide emissions...


The Coalition Government’s climate performance over the past five years is the defining leadership failure of the past decade, according to a detailed report from the Climate Council.

The Climate Council’s report, ‘Climate Cuts, Cover-Ups and Censorship’ provides a detailed overview of the Australian Government’s approach to climate change since the election of the Liberal-National Coalition Government in 2013.

The period is characterised by slashing climate science funding, cutting effective climate change programs, rejecting the expert advice of national and international bodies, senior ministers making publicly misleading claims, a lack of credible climate policy and consistently covering up poor performance.

This is the defining policy and leadership failure of the last decade.


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the reality... be afraid of scummo...

the real tally...

scummo — the new breed of bullshitter...

Tonight on "the debate", Scummo was asserting to Bill Shorten than "if you subsidise something, then the prices will go up"... Well guess what? On the medicare and private insurance dichotomy, the reality is the Liberal (CONservative) governments have subsidised private insurance by billions and guess what? The prices have gone up FAR MORE than inflation... So Scummo is correct, but he shoots himself in the foot with the said argument. As well Scummo said if you're in a public hospital for cancer treatment, you'll pay nothing — fair enough but he forgot to tell you that YOU MIGHT HAVE TO WAIT A COUPLE OF YEARS to enter the public system. What Bill Shorten is proposing is to help CANCER PATIENTS NOW, because in 2 years time, your cancer will have had a chance to get far worse...


If you are a retiree living on your savings and investments, and have cancer, you've only got one shot at this: vote for Labor. If you don't have cancer, don't be selfish: think about your neighbours. Would this be too much to ask?


Vote Scummo out...

more bullshit from adman scummo...

Scott Morrison’s office has declined to say what legislation he was referring to when he said he had “been taking action” on a landmark UN report about the extinction of a million different species.

On Monday, the UN released a comprehensive, multi-year report that revealed human society was under threat from the unprecedented extinction of the Earth’s animals and plants. The agriculture minister, David Littleproud, said the report “scared him”, during a debate on Wednesday.

On Tuesday Morrison responded to the report saying: “We already introduced and passed legislation through the Senate actually dealing with that very issue in the last week of the parliament. We’ve been taking action on that.”

But no legislation regarding animal conservation or the environment passed in the final week of parliament.

When asked what the legislation was, the prime minister’s office did not reply. The office of the environment minister, Melissa Price, also did not respond when asked what legislation Morrison was referring to.

The only legislation regarding animals that passed within the last few months is the industrial chemicals bill 2017, which set new regulations on testing cosmetics on animals. It was passed by both houses on 18 February – not in the last week of parliament, which was in April.

Neither the prime minister nor the environment minister responded to clarify if this was the bill Morrison was referring to or whether he made an error.

Tim Beshara, the federal policy director of the Wilderness Society, said Morrison appeared to have “alluded to a bill that doesn’t exist”.

“The last bill to pass the Senate from the environment portfolio was about changing the board structure of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority in 2018,” he said.


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