Wednesday 19th of June 2024

a royal fool...


While attending a state banquet at Buckingham Palace Monday, President Donald Trump broke an unwritten royal rule by patting the queen on the back. It may seem like a harmless gesture by the 45th president but, it is a major breach of "traditional norms."

The monarchy's website states "there are no obligatory codes of behavior when meeting The Queen or a member of the Royal Family," but those who wish to follow "traditional norms" are encouraged to "neck bow" (for men) or perform a "small curtsy" (for women).


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Ah.. that cheap trinket...

Aside from being caught re-gifting, giving someone a gift that you forget about — only to later be confronted with it in the person's home — is pretty high up the list when it comes to gift-giving gaffes. During his U.K. state visit, which kicked off Monday morning, Donald Trump reportedly didn't recognize the present that he gave Queen Elizabeth a year ago. 

Emily Andrews, The Sun's royal reporter, who was reporting from the state visit, tweeted that during a tour at Buckingham Palace, the president was shown a pewter horse that he had given the Queen during his visit to the U.K. last year

When asked if the gift looked familiar to him, he apparently replied, "No!"

Thankfully for him, Melania reportedly came in for the rescue and said, "I think we gave that to the Queen."


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a gift from the horse's mouth, signed by the hoof...

Prime Minister Scott Morrison gave the Queen a signed copy of the official biography of champion racehorse Winx during his first meeting with the monarch at Buckingham Palace.

Key points: 
  • Mr and Mrs Morrison met with Prince Charles during first royal visit
  • In a speech the PM honoured military sacrifice ahead of D-Day anniversary
  • He said preventing violent extremism on the internet is a challenge for world leaders


Her Majesty held an audience with Mr Morrison and wife Jenny in their first meeting since he was elected Prime Minister last month.

Earlier, Mr and Mrs Morrison also met with Prince Charles at Clarence House, and the Prime Minister delivered a speech to the Australia-UK Chamber of Commerce.

In his speech, he outlined the desire for Australia to form a free trade agreement with Britain following its delayed exit from the European Union.

Mr Morrison bowed several times before shaking hands with the 93-year-old Queen as Mrs Morrison curtsied.


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What a stupid gift, said myself...

A toilet seat-warmer would have been more appropriate said my butler...

A violence preventor on the internet is not as efficient as stopping selling guns. But for the guns-god-and-greed psychos ruling the roosts, this is not an option says my singing budgie. This bird is very astute. I'll give me an extra ration of seeds... and an extra glass of red ned for myself.

... in trump's rarefied atmosphere...

President Trump met with Prime Minister Theresa May on Tuesday to discuss Brexit and a future trade deal, while protests rocked London. In a wide-ranging press conference, Trump laid out plans for a post-Brexit trade deal with the United Kingdom, saying that the U.S. should have access to all sectors of the British economy, including the National Health Service. Trump later walked back his comments after they sparked outrage. Trump’s state visit comes just days before May is scheduled to resign her post on Friday after repeated failed attempts to strike a Brexit deal. Thousands took to the streets of London to protest Trump’s visit—a fact that Trump denied on Tuesday, calling the demonstrations “fake news.” We speak with Cambridge professor Priya Gopal, who says Trump’s claim about the protests is “an outright lie.”


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