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the heartland institute preaches fiction to headless fictional chairs and a few balding men...

Here, the heartland institute preaches to old grey white men — and to a lot of empty seats — a lot of cultivated bullshit… In the picture, they are shown a graph by a respected scientist, Anny Cazenave. I have no idea what interpretation the Heartless Institute's spin on this is, but I guess that it tells its audience of “one-foot-in-the grave” balding folks and wooden padded chairs that the sea level rise is negligible:  “Fictional" it says after the word “largely”… This should rattle the dead snakes in your brains. 
In fact, this graph is only a small portion of the story. Cazenave has been measuring sea level rise for a while and like most scientists, she is a stickler for accuracy within the terms of scientific data statistics. The SEA LEVEL IS RISING unmistakably. Due to variability in land "rise and subsidence", the REAL sea levels are now measured by satellites with high level of accuracy. This rise has been measured recently (presently)  at 3 mm per year, or 3 cm per decade or 0.3 metres per century (since the 1900, sea level rise has been measured at about 20 cm). But this rise is not uniform around the globe. In the Pacific, the “greatest rise” possibly on the planet is around Tuvalu, while further to the north west of this region there is a small patch where the rise “has been negative”. But overall, in the past ten years — NOT CONSIDERED IN THE GRAPH USED BY THE HEARTLESS INSTITUTE — The rise around the globe averaged more than 3 mm per year. As well, in most of “its” data, the Heartless Institute usually forgets to include the warm years of the last decade…

a scientist's complicated measuring stick...

Anny Cazenave (French pronunciation: [ani kaznav](listen)) is a French space geodesist and one of the pioneers in satellite altimetry. She works for the French space agency CNES and has been deputy director of the Laboratoire d'Etudes en Geophysique et Oceanographie Spatiale (LEGOS) at Observatoire Midi-Pyrénées in Toulouse since 1996. Since 2013, she is director of Earth sciences at the International Space Sciences institute (ISSI), in Bern (Switzerland).As one of the leading scientists in the joint French/American satellite altimetry missions TOPEX/PoseidonJason-1, and the Ocean Surface Topography Mission, she has contributed to a greater understanding of sea level rise caused by global warming. Cazenave is a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and was the lead author of the sea level sections for their fourth and fifth Assessment Reports.
From 1975 until the mid-1990s, Cazenave researched temporal and spatial variations of gravity. She used satellite altimetry data from SEASATERS-1, and TOPEX/Poseidon to devise gravity models of deep ocean geodynamic processes. The models were used to investigate marine tectonic features such as geoid height variations across deep ocean trenches and fracture zones, lithospheric cooling and subsidence, and the isostatic compensation of seamount chains.[3]Cazenave turned her focus to space oceanography in the 1990s. Using data sets from the satellite altimetry missions TOPEX/Poseidon, Jason-1, and the Ocean Surface Topography Mission of Jason-2, she has addressed the problem of global sea level rise. She was among the first scientists to use the satellite altimetry data to extrapolate a rate of sea level rise of approximately three mm/year. She addressed the problem of balancing the global sea level budget by incorporating time-dependent gravity field data from the GRACE satellite system into her analyses. She has also been involved in studying terrestrial bodies of water from space.[3] Cazenave is interested in "measuring temporal changes of the Earth gravity field using space gravimetry and in applications to ice sheet mass balance and change in total land water storage."[4]Cazenave is a member of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change and was the lead author of the sea level sections of the 2007 IPCC Fourth Assessment Report and the 2014 IPCC Fifth Assessment Report.[5] Cazenave has called attention to the effects of climate change on sea level rising. She has indicated that extremely flat regions such as Bangladesh could have their groundwater threatened by sea salinisation.[6]

pumping more deceit on youtube...

Back in 2015, if you’d searched YouTube for information about climate change, the videos offered up might have left you with a warped sense of the state of climate science and the degree of scientific certainty that people are heating the world’s climate, a new study published in the journal Frontiers in Communication suggests.

That year was, at the time, the worst year on record for U.S. wildfires, including California’s Butte fire, which burned 900 buildings. It was the year when Pope Francis issued an encyclical urging rich countries to ward off climate change. And, for the first time in over 800,000 years, carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere crossed 400 parts per million on average in 2015.

It was also a year when YouTube’s video recommendation algorithm — which has become central to controversies over the rise of white supremacism and far-right extremism online — served up an unusually high number of videos in response to climate-related keywords that fell outside of the scientific consensus on climate, the new study concludes.

“Searching YouTube for climate-science and climate-engineering-related terms finds fewer than half of the videos represent mainstream scientific views,” study author Dr. Joachim Allgaier, senior researcher at the RWTH Aachen University in Germany said in a statement about his findings.

“It’s alarming to find that the majority of videos propagate conspiracy theories about climate science and technology,” he added.

Letting Nonsense Flourish

That pattern developed as YouTube rose to new heights of popularity, both in the U.S. and worldwide. Nearly three-quarters of U.S. adults, and 94 percent of 18 to 24 year-olds, report watching YouTube — and one-fifth of Americans described YouTube as “very important” for “understanding things happening in the world,” according to a November 2018 Pew Research Center study.

YouTube, where videos are generally less than 15 minutes long, relies heavily on keeping viewers watching longer with its “Up Next” sidebar — a feature responsible for over 70 percent of the time people spend on the site. That makes the selection of recommended videos, chosen by a proprietary algorithm, both important and — when it comes to factual information — very politically charged.

“The massive ‘library,’ generated by users with little editorial oversight, is bound to have untrue nonsense,” Bloomberg’s Mark Bergen explained in an April investigation into YouTube’s internal decision-making. “Instead, YouTube’s problem is that it allows the nonsense to flourish. And, in some cases, through its powerful artificial intelligence system, it even provides the fuel that lets it spread.”

YouTube’s recommendations, created by that algorithm, have had profound cultural impacts and have been cited as factors in the rise of the anti-vax movement opposing childhood vaccination, the spreading of white supremacist ideology, and even a surge in the number of flat Earthers.

When it comes to climate change, YouTube has also amplified views that fall outside of the scientific consensus, the new research shows.

'Straightforward Conspiracy Theories'

The study examined a group of 200 YouTube videos and compared them against the scientific consensus on climate change, using the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s (IPCC) stance as a benchmark.

The 200 videos reflected the results of searching for 10 different keywords related to climate change, using the online anonymization service Tor to prevent prior views from influencing the search results. Most of the searches were conducted in 2015.

“Unexpectedly, the majority of the videos in the sample (107 videos) supports worldviews that are opposing scientific consensus views: 16 videos deny anthropogenic climate change and 91 videos in the sample propagate straightforward conspiracy theories about climate engineering and climate change,” the study concluded.

Those outside-of-the-mainstream videos attracted virtually the same number of views as the videos presenting information that was scientifically grounded, the study adds, noting that out of the roughly 34 million views attributed to those 200 videos, those supporting mainstream climate science positions racked up just 2,294 more views than those opposed.


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these trains are made to travel...

Europe’s flight-shame movement has travelers taking trains to save the planet


Young Europeans have been spooked by the realization that one passenger’s share of the exhaust from a single flight can cancel out a year’s worth of Earth-friendly efforts. So they are digging out their parents’ yellowing Europe-by-rail guidebooks.

ignorance rules at the daily telegraph...


It is typical of the Murdoch media such as the Daily Telegraph, the Sunday Telegraph and at The Australian to sow doubts about the seriousness of a problem, which let’s face it, is going to affect the lives of the kids of now in the future, rather than ours, we old farts. 

The only two letters thus published in the ST about “climate change”, which is really GLOBAL WARMING, in regard to the HSC syllabus are so trying to steer (and stir) the complexity of the problem into emotive ignorance. “Villain”, “multiple inputs, the combination of which are barely understood”, “not a recent anthropogenic phenomenon”, “climate alarmists”, “so I wonder what happened? Research that, kids.” It's a bit nasty...

This shows the complete ignorance of the readership published in the ST. I am prepared to believe that some educated readers (at the Daily Telegraph? You're kidding!) would present a more real scientific approach to this, but their letters would not be published. Mr Murdoch and his troops of mindless idiots hate the concept of global warming being correct.

The problem of global warming is VERY WELL UNDERSTOOD BY SERIOUS SCIENTISTS WHO HAVE STUDIED THE PROBLEM IN DETAIL, despite its “multiple inputs”. Let’s face it, global warming science is far simpler than Quantum Mechanics. And without QM, your lovely mobile phone would be a block of wood. Of course there are many factors involved in global warming, especially feedback mechanisms, but the simple crux of the matter is that PRESENTLY, after having taken all of the other parameters and variables, global warming is a human induced phenomenon, piggybacking on the natural variations of climate change. Simple enough. 

The “kids” at school would already know all this. And should they “not subscribe to the serious sciences of global warming climatology”, they would simply flunk the subject, BECAUSE, though they could argue to the contrary like a pickled Lord Monckton in a jar, THE EVIDENCE cannot sustain a denialistic position. Car wheels are round, circular, torus shaped — they are not cubes, nor squares, nor triangular. Why? Because the car WOULD NOT WORK. Denying the reality of observed actions and reactions of global warming is in the same caper.

Since the late 1800s, the science of global warming has been accurate, though ignored because then the anthropogenic effects were still negligible (and we were more interested in making wars). Since the 1950s (after WW2), as the natural climatic trend should have taken us towards another ice age, climatic observations were not matching. There was a contrary increase of temperatures in the atmosphere and in the oceans. 

After allowing for all factors, including those that induced the big melt of the last ice age, the precise complex scientific observations led to the inductors of the “problem”: rising concentration of CO2 (as calculated back then 1897 by Svante Arrhenius), methane and NOx gases in the atmosphere.

The problem is two fold: 

1) we know where these rising concentration of “warming gases” come from — our industrialisation. This can be (and has been) precisely quantified, including belching cattle.

2) we can only guess the extend of the “damage” created by rising temperatures — beyond the natural variations for the last million years — can do to the planet. Arrhenius thought that a rise of 2 degrees Celsius would be beneficial for European crops. The present computation of the incoming “damage” is seriously different. Observations are also telling us that problems in regard to atmospheric disturbances are increasing alarmingly. So yes, we should be alarmed.

Already, there is enough anthropogenic CO2 in the atmosphere to raise the average global temperature between 6 and 9 degrees Celsius within the next few hundred years. This is a pathway to “catastrophic” conditions. Humans can adapt, badly-goodly, but the rest of the planet will suffer greatly. We know that such conditions have happened in the past of this planet, with usually catastrophic outcomes.

Are we game enough to understand that we are engendering our own demise? Probably not, if you live in the ignorant comfort of the Sunday Telegraph. 

GL, today freezing in Newtown...

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miners do not want to finance their demise...

Funding for Annual UN Climate Talks Plummets as Mining Companies Slash Contributions — Reports.

Funding arrangements for the upcoming UN climate conference may be in disarray after local reports suggested contributions from the local mining industry to the Chilean authorities were to be slashed.

Chile's Tele 13 Radio journalist Paula Comondari reported on Wednesday that the national Mining Council's expected $10 million funding package for the UN’s 25th Conference of the Parties (COP25) was to be slashed to just $2 million. Mining is Chile’s biggest industry and is intensive in terms of its associated water, energy and associated carbon emissions.   

Arturo Aguirre, Mayor of the Los Cerrillos COP event district, was unable to substantiate the details of the leak regarding COP25 funding with Desmog, but confirmed that “support has been less than expected.”

He spoke to DeSmog as he attempted to overcome a stand-off between members of civil society and industrialists by launching a Social Summit for Climate Action conference, to be held parallel to the COP. Civil society groups are angry at the Chilean government for what they see as “exorbitant” costs of participating in the COP, while the country’s major polluters are continued to lobbying against more stringent climate policy.

Climate Law Lobbying

Chile is currently trying to pass a Climate Change Law that binds them to carbon zero emissions by 2050. The mining bureau have dismissed the scientific validity of the 2050 date as a “self-imposed” target “lacking discussion and substance.” This is in spite of the October 2018 peer reviewed IPCC Special Report that outlined the need for the 2050 target date.

The Chilean Construction Association have also publicly criticised the proposed law citing its mitigation focus as costly and “not a priority for a non-emission relevant country like Chile which contributed approximately 0.25 percent (to global emissions) in 2015.” At COP25, much of the work in ensuring the success of the Paris Agreement will fall to Chile as host nation as they guide negotiations on how low emitting countries can be encouraged to curb emissions as they develop. 

With such groups beginning to rail at the close examination COP is bringing to their carbon-intensive operations, journalist Comondari told DeSmog that Chilean industrialists are reluctant to fund what they are describing as “the environmentalists Lollapalooza” – a reference to a global music-festival franchise that visits Chile each March.

Parliamentarian Sebastián Torrelaba, member of the incumbent Chile Vamos coalition and a COP25 Presidential Advisor, told DeSmog that the meeting was open to everyone but that “Chile by its nature is a mining country and that’s not going to change.”

Aguirre told DeSmog that, in climate change terms ,“Chile has still not entered the battlefield. This is not going to be a voluntary process.” Asked whether the Chilean mining industry, which claims green credentials for providing lithium and copper for the electric vehicle revolution, can be considered a green industry, Aguirre pointed to global industry trends stating “sometime wolves disguise themselves as sheep.” In order that citizen’s rights come first, Aguirre added, “it’s now time to take off the masks.”

‘Pay-to-play’ Green Zone

Conflict between Chilean civil society and business was sparked this June in Bonn when the COP25 host’s Environment Minister Carolina Schmidt extended an invitation to both groups promising a “COP of the People.” Yet her proposal to create a pay-to-play “Green Area”, which is present at all COPs, for the meeting where both civic groups and private companies could share their work was fiercely criticised, with Amnesty International describing the fees charged as “exorbitant.”

Many groups remain angry despite the intervention by Chile’s high-level COP25 climate champion Gonzalo Muñoz offering limited free-of-charge space for civil society in the Green Area.

“The 100 metre squared they offered us is a joke,” Amnesty’s Markéta Chárvatová told Desmog this Friday. Paid-for conference spaces with up to 400 capacity are being sold to private businesses in the Green Area.

“By (Amnesty) being present,” Chárvatová says of the Green Area, “it could be interpreted that we were acquiescing (to industry) greenwashing.” Instead Amnesty will be observing developments in the official delegation Blue Area, as well as at the Tio Lalo Parra Cultural Centre where Mayor Aguirre today launched this December’s Social Summit for Climate Action.

Costs of up to £8,170 for five hours conference space will help raise much needed government funds to cover event costs.

Greenpeace, however, communicated their intention late on Friday to keep their options open to maintain a presence in the Green Area. “Our focus,” a representative told DeSmog, “will be on the necessity to decarbonise Chile’s electricity grid and expose the realities of (Chile's) so-called sacrifice zones,” where coal power plants continue to cause high incidents of respiratory issues and associated mortality rates.

Climate Emergency

The launch of the Social Summit for Climate Action was also attended by local Los Cerillos district school children. It included impassioned speeches from diverse speakers such as the school striking youth pressure group Fridays for Future, who are preparing to welcome the Noble Prize nominated 16-year-old activist Greta Thunberg to COP25.

During Aguirre’s speech he declared a climate emergency in the Los Cerrillos district, making this the first area in Chile to take such a measure.

DeSmog understands that the Chilean environmental justice organisation FIMA, who had helped spearhead the Social Summit for Climate Action, had been working alongside Aguirre’s team on Thursday to allay fears about associated finance implications before he made the announcement.

FIMA have declared their intention to have no part in the Green Area, but are leaving the choice open to the 117 members of the Civil Society for Climate Action (CSCA) that they recently helped form.


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enlisting the unthinking yoof...

A German teenager dubbed the “anti-Greta” – climate sceptics’ answer to the schoolgirl activist Greta Thunberg – is set to address the biggest annual gathering of US grassroots conservatives.



Greta Thunberg and Malala Yousafzai meet at Oxford University Read more



Naomi Seibt, 19, who styles herself as a “climate sceptic” or “climate realist”, will this week address the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)near Washington, joining speakers including Donald Trump and Vice-President Mike Pence.

Seibt is in the pay of the Heartland Institute, a thinktank closely allied with the White House that denies established science showing humans are heating the planet with dangerous consequences.

CPAC will be the biggest stage yet for Seibt, a so-called “YouTube influencer” who tells her followers Thunberg and other activists are whipping up unnecessary hysteria by exaggerating the climate crisis.

"Climate change alarmism at its very core is a despicably anti-human ideology,” she has said.

The teenager, from Münster in western Germany, claims she is “without an agenda, without an ideology”. But she was pushed into the limelight by leading figures on the German far right and her mother, a lawyer, has represented politicians from the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party in court.

Seibt had her first essay published by the “anti-Islamisation” blog Philosophia Perennis and was championed by Martin Sellner, leader of the Austrian Identitarian Movement, who has been denied entry to the UK and US because of his political activism.


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Need we repeat that the Heartland Institute is full of shit... Sorry to be so blunt. We don't have time to be pretty and nice. Yes, there are still people who think that the earth is flat. One of them just died trying to prove it recently.  On religious statistic alone, we're all descendants from Even and Steven — err... Eve and Adam, those stupid idiot who could not keep their hands off the apple... like the yoof of today cannot keep their fingers away from their Apple iPhone...


Still, we need to tell this young German lass, Naomi Seibt, that she is an unscientific idiot. One day soon, probably when you turn 25 or your house burns down in a black forest fire on a day of exceptionally hot temperatures, Naomi, you will say: "Oh shit!... they tricked me to believe in a despicably anti-planetary ideology —they told me that global warming is not happening... It is!" 




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