Sunday 23rd of January 2022

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Here, the New York Post announces the end of De Blasio presidential campaign... It has to be said that this Murdoch owned paper (now enhanced by the presence of our Miranda Devine) has run a vicious campaign to oust De Blasio, this "Democrat", out of the New York Mayorship since day one... This cover is highly self-congratulatory by the NYP...



In  regard to Boris ("Borice") Johnson:


In all the wondrous Brexit kerfuffle, sight has been lost of the pressing question: how many children does Boris Johnson actually have? It’s here that a certain degree of vagueness surrounds the answer.

We know that in 1987 he married Allegra Mostyn-Owen and they divorced six years later. Reportedly 12 days later he married barrister Marina Wheeler. Five weeks on their first child was born, followed by three others – two daughters and two sons in all: Lara Lettice, Cassia Peaches, Milo Arthur and Theodore Apollo.

In 2006, News of the Screws reported that Johnson was having an affair with Guardian journalist Anna Fazackerley, whom he subsequently employed. Then it emerged that in 2009 he fathered a daughter, Stephanie, with arts consultant Helen Macintyre.

In a recent memoir titled Restoration Heart, society scribe William Cash revealed he was frightfully keen on Helen and wanted to bring up her daughter in Shropshire.

His plans fell apart when it was leaked that Boris was Stephanie’s father, with Helen blaming William for the leak.

Cash subsequently ran into Johnson at the Belvedere Hotel in London, telling him: “I wanted to marry Helen and bring up your daughter as my own. It was that simple.”

He said Boris replied, “Thanks for letting me know”, and then shot through. It seems Cash is still married to Lady Laura Cathcart, a society milliner and the daughter of the 7th Earl of Cathcart. They have two children, Rex and Cosima.

Earlier there had been an injunction stopping reporting of Stephanie’s existence. The Court of Appeal overturned this, saying the public had a right to know about Johnson’s “reckless” behaviour. During the case it was claimed there was a further Johnson child who has so far not been identified.

By now Marina had lost interest and confirmed in September last year that “several months ago” she and Boris had parted. His current squeeze is Carrie Symonds, a former Conservative Party communicator.

What a mensch. His constantly priapic state may explain why things in the Old Dart are a little shaky.


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Trump Pushed Australian Leader to Help Investigate Origins of Mueller Inquiry
  • President Trump pushed the Australian prime minister over the phone to help Attorney General William Barr in an effort to discredit the Mueller inquiry, officials said.
  • The White House restricted access to the transcript, an unusual decision similar to the handling of a Ukraine call at the heart of an impeachment inquiry.

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Rudy Giuliani, US President Donald Trump's lawyer, has been issued a subpoena by the House Intelligence Committee in connection with Trump's talks with the Ukrainian government.

Giuliani received a subpoena from the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on Monday, following that committee's consultation with the Foreign Affairs, Oversight and Reform, and Judiciary committees.

"The committees are investigating the extent to which President Trump jeopardized national security by pressing Ukraine to interfere with our 2020 election and by withholding security assistance provided by Congress to help Ukraine counter Russian aggression, as well as any efforts to cover up these matters," the document notes.


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This would be funny if they did not try so hard to play like idiots... Brothels are better run than the world's affairs in the hand of the Democrats and Republicans of the USA...