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Is this the world that we want to live in?...

"By taking an oath as a magistrate, I did not know that some nights I would be afraid to open my door. Yet that's what I lived for seven years in the Elf case. I was watched, intimidated and had many death-threats.

Press campaigns were launched to destabilise me. Yet, we went to the end. This justice case revealed a massive hidden world: "black” boxes full of cash, illegal commissions of all kinds, front-shops set up to hide the company real dealings, private expenses beyond belief... The business elite claimed impunity: a way of living above the law because one is stronger than the law. Is this the world that we want to live in? By writing this book, I wanted to tell this story to my fellow citizens. And for all to learn from this scandal. We can not let corruption spread into the heart of power. Men and women around the world have agreed to take up this fight alongside me — this is the "Paris Declaration". Tomorrow, if we want, it will be possible to prevent other Elf affairs. So this story is a book of hope.“
                              — Eva Joly...

Translation by Jules Letambour.

Eva Joly, a former judge and politician, has been fighting and exposing corruption in high places, including in the European Parliament. She is also a great defender of Julian Assange, because, as a judicial entity, she knows the value of first-hand sources and of human life. She knows about the sleek and sneaky corruption by those in power, twisting the general public’s honest intent and values. As a judge, Eva has been at the front row of the justice system. She has also been the target of media attacks — a media presently up in arms about being shut up by laws designed to prevent exposure of corruption in government

It is thus a sad case to see a young clever woman, say Rachel Rizzo, a Democrat in the USA and researcher at CNAS, towing the line of the establishment that Assange got his information on Hillary and the DNC, from the Russians. This has never been proven, and has been patently denied by Assange himself. He can be trusted on this — and unfortunately will take his sources to the grave... Chelsea Manning to some extend revealed herself to an untrustworthy character and paid the price... Get this in your underpants, Rizzo girl, the Russians NEVER were involved in the “hacking” of the DNC computers. Sadly, Rachel Rizzo's remarks shown in the DW documentary, demonstrate that she is nothing more than a political slut, who could never ever be trusted. 

Two things to consider here. First, Assange is the best "infiltrator" in the world. He would not need the Russians to hack the DNC computers that were anyway badly protected against hacking according to some reports. Second, the FBI did not bother about checking the “hacking” of these computers, because most probably, the computers files were "infiltrated” by a DNC staff who then passed on a copy(ies) of the files to Assange by various means, even by mail.

During her 2012 presidential campaign, Eva Joly led reporters on a tour of sites linked to the ill-behaviour and sleaze linked to the then president Nicolas Sarkozy. Her tour included the Champs-Élysées nightspot in which Sarkozy feted his 2007 victory with millionaire friends. This place, Fouquet's, was partially burned down by the Gilets Jaunes in early 2019. As well, Joly took journalists in front of the home of L'Oréal heiress Liliane Bettencourt, at the centre of an investigation into illegal cash contributions to Sarkozy's 2007 campaign.

As well, the former French President has been accused of receiving money for his presidential campaigns from the former Libyan "dictator" Muammar Gaddafi. But the claims also say the 2011 Libya military operation was initiated to undermine the ties between Sarkozy and Gaddafi.

On March 21 2018, former French President Sarkozy was placed under formal investigation for corruption and for misuse of Libyan public funds to illegally help finance his 2007 presidential election campaign.

Investigators are examining claims that Gaddafi's regime secretly gave Sarkozy $61.7 million — more than double the campaign funding limit of $25.9 million at the time.

These payments would have violated France’s rules against foreign financing for presidential elections. They would have also failed to meet French requirements of declaration of the sources of campaign funds.

As well, French media have reported that Sarkozy tried to bribe a judge in the first case against him. No judgement has been issued on these financial and legal shenanigans, so the case remains open.

In the case of Assange and the Hillary emails, the public had the right to know the corruption at the heart of the DNC designed to prevent a more popular Bernie Sanders taking over, as well as other devious acts. At the time, the “liberal” media were thrashing Trump with many allegations and rehashing his history of being a dork and a crook. Meanwhile two-faced peace prize winner Obama, corrupt to the core in organising drone kill-lists, the destruction of Libya with Hillary’s corrupted help and the terrorist uprising in Syria — and organised a spying of the Trump camp during the election campaign leading to "Russiagate" investigation. All phoney as seen from this leather chair...

At this level, Russiagate became a nasty payback from the Democrats who try to pass as morally superior to the Republicans, but also waddle in the smelly sewer of politics. Both parties are thus hubs of corruption, which strangely enough, Trump — as mad and loony as he is — has tried to bypass, by rapid change of personnel, some by carelessness of the said staff, such as Manaford, and others because they did not fit the Trump's plan anymore, like Bolton — and by making some “apparent” silly decisions which overall had been part of his election platform all along, but mightily upsetting to the establishment that has wet dreams at night, about owning the entire planet. 

So now the shift has gone from Russiagate to Ukrainegate to impeach the careless who could not care less President about salvaging the old “traditional” corrupt ways, under the pretence of cleanliness… It’s ugly.

And as mentioned for a while on this site, three Australians have steered the Western world narrative: Rupert Murdoch who elected Trump and has fudged the appearance of reality to suit his own CONservative views, John Pilger who has exposed the rotten ideologies underpinning the corrupt capitalism on all sides, and Julian Assange, of course, who has provided a lot of the evidence of corruption of intent and cock-ups — from source documents. No wonder the Yanks are fretting like cows awaiting to be serviced by a bull — an English bull... bullshit but that nonetheless has Assange's life in its dicky head... FREE ASSANGE TODAY.

One wonders, how the "Is this the world that we want to live in?” would be without these three Aussie catalysts to the world’s affairs. Presently, John Pilger supports Assange as he should, and we’re waiting for Rupert to do so — to turn the game around. Presently Rupert’s stable is upset like the rest of the Aussie media about laws designed to shut down media freedom. 

I am awaiting with anticipation when Murdoch cracks and start supporting Assange in order to support real Freedom of the Media, rather than his version of telling porkies. This would change the dynamics of the English miserable sodding justice and of the US non-trustworthy world-stage ratbag politics.

Gus Leonisky

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the queen of warmongering and of deceit...

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) has accused Hillary Clinton of being behind a ‘concerted campaign’ to destroy her reputation and challenged her to stop hiding and enter the 2020 presidential race.

Great! Thank you Hillary Clinton, Gabbard tweeted on Friday afternoon. “You, the queen of warmongers, embodiment of corruption, and personification of the rot that has sickened the Democratic Party for so long, have finally come out from behind the curtain.”

From the day I announced my candidacy, there has been a concerted campaign to destroy my reputation. We wondered who was behind it and why. Now we know — it was always you, through your proxies and powerful allies in the corporate media and war machine, Gabbard added.


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Gabbard would be the second best candidate after Pete... All the others, apart from Bernie who is "too old", are in the pockets of vested interests and/or corrupt organisations, including the DNC. 


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important: the changing of the order...

The New World is Emerging Before Us

by Thierry Meyssan

Thierry Meyssan underlines the extreme gravity, not of the US withdrawal from Syria, but of the collapse of the world’s current landmarks. According to him, we are entering a short transition period, during which the current masters of the game, the "financial capitalists" - and those he refers to here have nothing to do with either original capitalism or the original bank - will be rejected in favour of the rules of law laid down by Russia in 1899.

It’s a time that only happens once or twice a century. A new world order is emerging. All previous references disappear. Those who were doomed to grieve triumph, while those who ruled are thrown into hell. The official statements and interpretations made by journalists clearly no longer correspond to the events that follow one another. Commentators must change their discourse as quickly as possible, overturn it in its entirety or be caught up in the whirlwind of history.

In February 1943, the Soviet victory over the Nazi Reich marked the turnaround of the Second World War. The next steps were inevitable. It was not until the Anglo-American landing in Normandy (June 1944), the Yalta conference (February 1945), the suicide of Chancellor Hitler (February 1945) and finally the surrender of the Reich (8 May 1945) that this new world emerged. In one year (June 44-May 45), the Great Reich had been replaced by the Soviet-US duopoly. The United Kingdom and France, which were still the world’s two leading powers twelve years earlier, were to witness the decolonization of their empires.

It is a moment like this that we are experiencing today.

Each historical period has its own economic system and builds a political super-structure to protect it. At the end of the Cold War and the break-up of the USSR, President Bush Sr. demobilized one million US soldiers and entrusted the search for prosperity to the bosses of his multinationals. They formed an alliance with Deng Xiaoping, relocated US jobs to China, which became the world’s workshop. Far from offering prosperity to US citizens, they monopolized their profits, gradually causing the slow disappearance of the Western middle classes. In 2001, they financed the September 11 attacks to impose on the Pentagon the Rumsfeld/Cebrowski strategy of destroying state structures. President Bush Jr. then transformed the "Broader Middle East" into a theatre of "endless war".

The liberation in one week of a quarter of Syrian territory is not only the victory of President Bashar al-Assad, "the man who had to leave eight years ago", it marks the failure of the military strategy aimed at establishing the supremacy of financial capitalism. What seemed unimaginable has happened. The world order has changed. Further events are inevitable.

President Vladimir Putin’s very grand reception in Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates testifies to the spectacular turnaround of the Gulf powers, which are now shifting to the Russian side.

The equally spectacular redistribution of cards in Lebanon sanctions the same political failure of financial capitalism. In a dollarized country where there have been no dollars left for a month, where banks are closing their counters and bank withdrawals are limited, anti-corruption demonstrations will not stop the overthrow of the old order.

The convulsions of the old order are spreading. Ecuadorian President Lenín Moreno attributes the popular revolt against the measures imposed by financial capitalism to his predecessor, Rafael Correa, who lives in exile in Belgium, and to a symbol of resistance to this form of human exploitation, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro, although they have no influence in his country.

The United Kingdom has already withdrawn its special forces from Syria and is attempting to leave the supranational state of Brussels (European Union). After thinking about preserving the Common Market (Theresa May’s project), it decided to break with the whole of European construction (Boris Johnson’s project). After the mistakes of Nicolas Sarkozy, François Hollande and Emmanuel Macron, France suddenly lost all credibility and influence. Donald Trump’s United States ceased to be the "indispensable nation", the "policeman of the world" in the service of financial capitalism, to once again become a great economic power itself. They are withdrawing their nuclear arsenal from Turkey and are preparing to close the CentCom in Qatar. Russia is recognized by all as the "peacemaker" by assuring the triumph of the international law it had created by convening the "International Peace Conference" in The Hague in 1899, the principles of which have since been trampled underfoot by NATO members.

JPEG - 51.6 kb
The International Peace Conference of 1899. It took more than a century to understand its implications.

As the Second World War ended the League of Nations to create the United Nations, this new world is likely to give birth to a new international organization based on the principles of the 1899 Conference of the Russian Tsar Nicholas II and the French Nobel Peace Prize winner, Léon Bourgeois. This will require first dissolving NATO, which will try to survive by enlarging to the Pacific, and the European Union, a refuge state for financial capitalism.

We have to understand what is going on. We are entering a period of transition. Lenin said in 1916 that imperialism was the supreme stage of the form of capitalism that disappeared with the two World Wars and the stock market crisis of 1929. Today’s world is that of financial capitalism, which is devastating economies one by one for the sole benefit of a few super-rich people. Its supreme stage implied the division of the world into two parts: on the one hand, stable and globalised countries, and on the other hand, regions of the world without states, reduced to being mere reserves of raw materials. This model, contested by President Trump in the United States, the yellow vests in Western Europe or Syria in the Levant, is dying before our eyes.

Thierry Meyssan

Roger Lagassé


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