Tuesday 26th of September 2023

happy birthday, ludwig...


Over €40 million ($44 million) is the price tag for the funds the German government has earmarked for celebrating Ludwig van Beethoven's 250th birth anniversary year. The year of celebrations begins on Monday, December 16 — believed to be his 249th birthday — and ends on December 17, 2020. 

Days before the start of the celebrations, visitors were given a preview of the special exhibition "Beethoven. World. Citizen. Music" at the National Art Gallery in Bonn and of the renovated house where the composer was born.

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The celebrations start on Monday, with an official opening at the Bonn Opera. Concerts, opera performances, festivals and exhibitions honoring the composer are going to take place nationwide through out the year. 


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Picture above: if Gus' memory is correct, this is Gus's picture of LVB statue at the Opera House, in Frankfurt....

china gets it, again...

Cunmo Yin wins the Telekom Beethoven Competition

With virile dexterity and self-confident demeanor, the 26-year-old Chinese won over the piano competition jury — and proved that he can deliver the quiet tones too.

Years ago, Kurt Masur told his countrymen not to neglect music education in Germany, because "Six million Chinese are coming."

The now-deceased German conductor's words were meant not as a threat but as a warning. Now they seem prophetic — but would have been more accurate had he included South Koreans and Japanese.

At the finale of the 8th International Telekom Beethoven Competition on December 14 in Bonn, all three of the prize winners were Asians. That outcome seemed plausible even at the start of the competition ten days before: Of the 23 contestants, 13 came from Asia: South Korea (7), China (3), Japan (2) and Taiwan (1).

Classical music in Asia

Should the future of classical music lie in Asia, it will be literally in good hands, to judge by this piano competition. Three utterly contrasting artistic personalities: Yuto Takezawa, 22, from Japan; Shihyun Lee, 28, from South Korea and the winner of first prize, Cunmo Yin. Together with the Beethoven Orchestra Bonn under the direction of Dirk Kaftan, they gave renditions of piano concertos by Ludwig van Beethoven that could not have been more different.