Tuesday 29th of November 2022

Last call to gay, lesbian and transgender voters (Mannie De Saxe)

Two reasons for this posting:

1) Tim Blair says there hasn't been a new posting all week!
2) Last call to gay, lesbian and transgender voters to remind them that a vote for Howard Latham is a vote for homophobia!

There may still be some gay, lesbian, transgender voters out there prepared to give their precious votes to the Coalition or the Democrats.

People who do this should be well aware that both these parties are giving their preferences to the Family First Party, a rabidly right-wing christian fundamentalist group whose aims, together with John Howard and others, are to ensure that people who belong to sexual minorities in our communities are marginalised, and, where possible, pushed back in to their closets and hard-won rights removed from them.

Is this what you want??

Remember that John Howard and his supporters are aiming to turn this country away from some of its democratic freedoms, so that eventually we will discover that we won't even have the right to have demonstrations against those issues with which we disagree, because we will be told it is not in the interests of national security to have demonstrations.

I lived in South Africa for 30 years during the apartheid regime, and watched our freedoms being whittled away by successive legislation until we ended up by being a police state, as vicious as anything which Hitler and Stalin were able to produce. Never believe it can't happen here!

Don't say you weren't warned!!