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sorry, amish, science cannot be decided by a democratic vote... you know this of course...


Q&A did not disappoint the punters... The new presenter, Amish McDonald seems to have taken a controversial point of view when asking a question:


Clearly there are a lot of Australians that are happy with the policy settings that may agree with Jim Molan’s scepticism, open-mindedness, about the science. Are you saying to all of them that their brains have fallen out?


Yes, This is what we're saying... including the brains of the Murdoch media.



Discussing whether climate crisis was human-induced, Molan uttered the line of the night: “I’m not relying on evidence”, to which climate scientist Michael Mann replied: “You should keep an open mind but not so open that your brain falls out.

“When it comes to this issue and human-caused climate change, it’s literally the consensus of the world’s scientists that it’s caused by human activity. Now you sometimes hear the talking points from contrarians from the Murdoch media.”



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global warming is real and anthropogenic...


Average temperatures on the surface of the Earth are maintained via the gaseous mix of the atmosphere.


Water vapour represents about 75 per cent of this influence but changes little.


CO2 induces about 20 per cent but changes dramatically.


Other gases induce the rest of the average temperature, including methane and nitric oxides.


Despite the small quantities of CO2 — a warming gas — should there be none in the atmosphere, the temperature would plummet by 35 degrees Celsius in 50 year


The natural variations for the last 500,000 years were between 180 ppm of CO2 for ice ages and 300 ppm of CO2 for warmer period.


EXTRA CO2 AND EXTRA OTHER warming GASES in the atmosphere induce a major warming above the natural settings. The natural settings cannot absorb this EXTRA CO2.


The Extra gases come from human activities — mostly burning fossil fuels. These human activities have added around 120 ppm to the natural maximum CO2 in the atmosphere. 420ppm is where we're at.


This EXTRA 120 ppm of CO2 combined with other EXTRA warming gases is on the way to induce between 6 and 10 degrees Celsius ABOVE PRESENT TEMPERATURE AVERAGE. by 2100 this increase is likely to have already reached 4 degrees Celsius. By 2050, It will have reached 2 degrees Celsius. All this EXTRA heat is contributing to melting the ice caps. 


When average temperature of the planet reaches 18.3 degrees Celsius, all but small part of ice caps WILL HAVE MELTED, INDUCING MAJOR SEA LEVEL INCREASE. 6 metres higher for the melt of Greenland. 35 metres higher for the melt of Antarctica. The Arctic is irrelevant as the ice already floats on the water.


When will 18.3 degrees be reached? answer: 2078. But before hand, many lands will have been flooded and weather patterns completely changed towards extreme winds, floods and droughts, with record temperatures being broken daily. Mitigating factors, such as increase of heat in ice, HIDE THE TURNING POINTS.


The speed of change will surprise us, as much as it frightens serious scientists.


Your call.

selected mediatic colic...

There is no one quite as invisible in the Murdoch newspapers as a News Corp operative who has stepped outside the tent.

Just ask former Sky News political editor David Speers and News Corp director James Murdoch, who became persona non grata after the former joined the ABC and the latter criticised his father’s empire for its “ongoing denial” of climate change.There wasn’t a single request from a News Corp paper for an interview with Speers, while another ABC newbie, Q&A host Hamish Macdonald, was in hot demand.

James Murdoch’s explosive comments a month ago have still not been covered by his father’s outlets, although the Australian associate editor Chris Kenny broke the drought this week when he referred to “reported concerns about climate coverage from News Corp director James Murdoch” in an attack on News critics.

The Herald Sun’s Andrew Bolt also mentioned James’s heresy, in passing, putting his own spin on the development in his blog: “Actually, what’s extraordinary is that a board member [publicly] trashes his own product. An employee would be sacked for that.”

Kenny’s piece took aim at international media who ran “alarmist and false claims about the fires” and were unfairly critical of News Corp and Sky News. Bolt responded to Media Watch’s strong feature on climate denial at Holt St by saying, “Media Watch is run by religious maniacs, hunting heretics.”

The company’s coverage of climate change came under scrutiny from within as well this week when the executive chairman of News Corp Australasia, Michael Miller; Oz editor, Chris Dore, and managing director of the Oz, Nicholas Gray, were asked some pointed questions at a couple of “town hall meetings” with staff.

But it was left to shock jock Chris Smith, a recent hire at Sky News, to launch an unseemly public attack on Speers, inexplicably calling him a “terrible flog” on Twitter. Speers’s sin was apparently “ignoring his mates” by not mentioning Sky News on Insiders when he referred to a comment made by Peter Dutton on Sunday morning. 

News Corp revenue hits a wall

News Corp chief executive Robert Thomson has admitted a “sluggish Australian economy” has contributed to falls in revenue and profit for the December quarter.

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Yes the Murdoch media is full of heretic, clever idiots and denialistic imb... Sorry, you fill the rest.

saving the planet from us...

James Lovelock is a British scientist and inventor. He is also 100 years old. His research extends into the fields of medicine, biology and geophysiology and he has filed more than 50 patents. With NASA, he searched for life in outer space. He has been influential in the environmental movement since he developed the Gaia hypothesis in the 1960s: the idea of the Earth and its inhabitants as a kind of self-regulating system. This theory was initially dismissed by many scientists as esoteric but has since found its way into climate research and is now called Earth System Science. Lovelock enjoys controversy, and his new book, "Novacene: The Coming Age of Hyperintelligence," out in German and English, is likely to again stir up opposition from environmentalists. He lives with his wife Sandy in a cottage directly on the beach in Dorset, along England's southern (and windy) coast.

DER SPIEGEL: Mr. Lovelock, how are Earth's chances of survival?

Lovelock: Gaia is in double jeopardy. On the one hand, our sun is slowly getting hotter and hotter until it will have burned up all life one day. On the other hand, humans are artificially accelerating this warming by greenhouse gases. This is very, very stupid of us. The Earth has a chance of surviving for billions of years, but it would not be a fit place for life -- it would resemble Venus. 

DER SPIEGEL: Does the Fridays for Future protest movement give you hope?

Lovelock: No. I think it's just typical adolescent behavior. I mean, all throughout my life it's been happening. There are always students with too much time on their hands, who were on the streets making a big fuss.

Okay. From then on, the old man is pushing a few tired ideas mixed with new ones

"On the one hand, our sun is slowly getting hotter and hotter until it will have burned up all life one day” — sure, but this is planned for 5 billion years exactly from now. Meanwhile, the Milankovitch cycles are taking the earth towards an ice age in full strides about 120,000 years from now. And we’re happy that the old man has recognised “global warming” induced by human activities.

But his views on kids’ revolutions or greenies going up trees is the same as I have experienced from many reasoned scientists. 

But, as I have argued in the past, we need to attract attention to problems so we can solve them. Scientists and engineers to say the least have been pitifully unsuccessful at this level. They are woeful at "communicating"... They go blue in the face but politics being what it is — a game of deception on steroid — if there is no cash value for this koala in this tree, the tree is a goner to make tables and chairs. The Koala can go and live somewhere else (a zoo) which zoologist scientists will say is nowhere safe, but politicians won’t care, balancing votes of farmers and miners versus those of wombats

So, WE NEED KIDS PROTESTING IN THE STREETS. It’s a given. Not all kids have the ability to become scientists (because of maths) and many of the protesters come from families where a green policy is like red communism to populist hard right parties — or a wooden stake laced with garlic to a vampire. Faith, family and big guns is the conservative norm. Some of the kids protesting in the streets might learn a few tricks to make them choose a worthwhile path in “politics” or become lawyers as well — all in defence of nature, contrarily to their parents wishes: There’s no money in being green. Ask Kermit. 

The interview continues:

DER SPIEGEL: But couldn't the protests change climate policy?

Lovelock: Oh, politicians should just ignore the protests and keep their minds straight. It will go away. It always does. They’ll find another big issue after a little while and switch to something else.

Okay stop the bullshit. When was the last time you saw a politician with a straight mind? Yes I know there are a few, but their distance from getting power is as remote as the moon from the sun on a good day. And those who become “green” politicians often reject the preferred Lovelock solution of Nuclear Power… Lovelock introduces Nuclear energy as safe as your house — where your level of radioactivity (the second biggest lung cancer killer of people after smoking) is higher due to Radon gas

Lovelock: We are zipping around in airplanes too much and airfares are too cheap. Also, if you really want to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, you should go for nuclear power. A lot of people are afraid of nuclear energy, but it's extremely safe.

On the subject of air travel, Lovelock is correct. But this is the result of “competition” between airlines and between manufacturers. Mind you, the Coronavirus might place a dent in the ugly industry of “tourism” which encourages us to go and see the entire planet before we muck it up by travelling everywhere... leaving rubbish.

So if the nuclear energy is extremely safe, why are we worried about “nuclear waste” and having to decommission places like Sellafield, UK, to the cost of 150 billion pounds? 

Nuclear power isn’t cheap either. In all countries, including the USA, this energy supply is subsidised by governments that also buy plutonium and enriched uranium to make bombs… So far the mutual assured destruction has worked though countries have developed “shields” and new missiles that can bypass the shields…

So where to next? 

Renewable energy is (one of) the key. Using nature, such as sunlight, water-flow, plants and winds. Once we understand the problem of global warming, the next steps are engineering to improve efficiency AND STOP BURNING FOSSIL FUELS. Simple.

But it’s hard, because we are lazy and used to do anything we like.... Remember?: “Roger! Tahiti…” Yes the rich couple in their huge private 747’s Jacuzzi just chose their destination because of the soap they use… Roger is the pilot pressing the auto-pilot towards the new destination...

That's the way...

the polish miners "syndrome"...

A European Commission spokesperson has flung herself on the public’s mercy days after the EU foreign policy chief had committed (and apologized for) the unpardonable sin of referring to youth climate activism as “Greta syndrome.”

EC spokeswoman Dana Spinant begged for forgiveness during a news conference on Monday, addressing the digital lynch mobs still raging over foreign policy head Josep Borrell’s comment dismissing children’s willingness to protest for “green” reforms during a debate last week. The Spanish politician argued the young activists were not aware of the consequences for their standard of living, branding the phenomenon a naive, privilege-spawned “Greta syndrome.”

Borrell’s comments were “inappropriate,” Spinant said, insisting all commissioners were wholly on board with young campaigners against climate change. She referred those whose rage remained unquenched to an apologetic tweet from Borrell himself, posted Saturday: “We hope with that tweet…the situation is clarified.”

“It is fine to demonstrate for climate change as long as you are not asked to contribute to pay for it,” Borrell said last Wednesday in Brussels in a video that has since become notorious. The European diplomat suggested that the throngs of young people taking to the streets to protest climate change might not be so enthusiastic if they knew what sacrifices they would have to make with regard to their standard of living in order to compensate “Polish miners” and others whose ways of life would be adversely affected by the new green future.


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Yes it's better to employ people till the bitter end rather than save the planet... See also:

the religious thing to do... in the bus timetable to heaven...