Wednesday 17th of April 2024

the bus timetable to heaven...

xi   Apparently, Xi Jinping and his Chinese Communist Party have declared war on transcendenceNot the first ruler to do this mind you. Transcendence has been a spiritual plague on the monkeys since they fell like sun-cooked avocados on the grass-plains and multiplied like rabbits.


Transcendence places a ruthless limit on our rights to wanton imagination, by enforcing convergence towards a unique entity, which supposed to be our ultimate glorious destination.


So, the religious nutters dedicate themselves to make us avoid perdition along the way. No deviation. Here is Wallace Henley coming with a lifebuoy for pure transcendence.

“Transcendence” refers to that which goes beyond and extends above the “immanent,” the horizontal scale. The Truly Transcendent is infinite, meaning “unlimited.” The immanent is finite, bounded.

Yet the finite hungers for the infinite. Ultimately this is an intense desire for the Infinite Transcendent Being — God.

Ah… we start as nothing but the descendants of two idiots, Eve and Adam, and we end up gasping for the Infinite Transcendent Being… What does this mean? Do we feel lonely, despite another 5 billion species on a little planet that spins funny? Ah… The Transcendent Being has some big plans for us: head or tail?… Heaven or hell? Good or evil? This is ridiculous beyond belief (excuse the pun). 

Without a healthy understanding of and reverence for Transcendence humans have no standard for good. If there is no absolute standard for good, then there is no standard for identifying evil.

Theologian Alvin Plantinga says that a strictly finite worldview “has no place for genuine moral obligation of any sort.” Richard E. Simmons III, in his book, Reflections on the Existence of God, discusses the Nuremberg Trials of Nazi war criminals. Robert H. Jackson, the chief prosecutor, “appealed to a law beyond the law, a universal standard.” A system of ethics, he believed, as Simmons describes it, “has to be transcendental, and its basis cannot rest in the finite world.


Ah… The "healthy understanding" of the old good and evil… This is the kind of theological rubbish that attracts the flies and the fleas of the human species. God exists; global warming is crap; love god; love coal… We’re on our way up to Heaven… Hi hee hi ho...

Despite what this clever preaching monkey says, there is a proper standard for good in the non-transcendental, in the “immanent”, but it’s obviously not good enough for the do-gooders. You’re not suffering enough the pangs of transcendental delusions.

The standards of good of the believers in the transcendental version was stolen in the first place from the immanent feeling of pain (or no pain) in evolution, while enjoying a lizardly lazy day in the sun plus imagination of forever after, as if the sun would never set… 

The immanent is no more horizontal than the transcendental is vertical. Great turn of sophism though. This infinite stuff has been the sauce sold by preachers who think that god speaks to them and/or vice-versa. Yet, there is no evil — just some people doing “nasty” stuff, including conversion therapy of sorts to make sure that when you have sex is to make babies. The finite does not hungers for the infinite, but for a nice square meal with some onion rings decoration to make it more appetising. Weeds grow fast mind you.

"Those of us who ministered in the former Soviet Bloc after the collapse of Communism were amazed at how quickly churches, seminaries, and ministries sprung up everywhere.

Yes, the preachers are clever. They know that you “don’t know" and they have the knack of getting under the skin of unhinged people. Wallace Henley is thus good at twisting your mind into that of a lovely hesitating gnat. He is offering you eternity as long as you “believe” in the guy upstairs, and demand politely part of your cash to make sure people like him and the pope survive in tax-free donation haven. It’s an easy relationship. Your world is transcendentally rearranged. People are pinning for the illusion of the forever while they suffer aimlessly, not understanding their own purpose which has no meaning — except we know that it takes 8 to 12 weeks from seeds to harvest for lettuces — and yet can be enjoyable and productive, personally and socially.

Xi Jinping and his Chinese Communist Party are "earthly tyrants to Transcendent authority. It’s not just Christians and their institutions in China that are under attack, but Muslims and Buddhists, and any others who look to authority above and beyond the stern councils of Beijing. That includes spiritual movements like Falun Gong. A shocking Canadian report exposed “large scale organ seizures from unwilling Falun Gong practitioners.

Yes it’s a shocking report coming from Canada… It could have been concocted in the depth of the dungeons of the CIA disinformation department, but as it surfaced in Canada, it must be true...

Idiocy prevails… US prisons are full and getting fuller. And we should love our enemies… When was the last time you saw a Christian leader faced with enemies, say Trump, loving them to death. No, we’re all armed to the teeth… But Wallace Henley can’t let this dog lie peacefully… He has to add more sauce and he plunges into fantasy of fairy tales and stirs the monsters of the deep, knowledgeably:

The Antichrist spirit exploits this. “Anti,” in New Testament Greek, means “in the place of” as well as “against.” The Antichrist spirit is therefore that of opposition and imposition. The desire is not only to oppose Christ but to push Him aside and put oneself on the Lord’s throne.

Lucifer tried this before creation, and, in the words of Jesus, fell from Heaven “like lightning.” (Luke 10:18) This has been the outcome for earthly despots driven by the Antichrist spirit to seize the thrones of their nations, civilizations, and, finally, the world itself.

Nero tried. Stalin attempted. Hitler blitzed. Now Xi Jinping is making his run on the throne of time and history. However, the Chinese are spiritually hungry. During the relaxation of Marxist totalitarianism prior to 2018, great churches bloomed overnight — the churches Xi is now bulldozing, bearing crosses he has ripped down.

Xi’s war on Transcendence is not new. The outcome has already been written in the soul of humanity

So? I can guess the plot. We don’t really matter if we transcend or not. And I guess the coronavirus is like a plague sent by god to punish Xi, the Devil Incarnate, while other people die. The Devil never dies, not even after the last Judgement — in a few billion years, or next year, depending on the prophet. Even after his defeat in which our belief in transcendence played its part to save god from embarrassment (please don’t push your luck), Lucifer will bulldoze Heaven and its eternity into dust and mountains of recycled plastic, in a sea of rising tides…

You can name any ruler on this planet, every one of them who slept in a religious bed of roses, they all failed like Nero, Stalin and Hitler and Churchill and Andrew Jackson. Even Charlemagne. The walruses in us male are battling it out for the divine right to copulate, with temporal variations on the side. And let’s not talk about Margaret Thatcher.

WUHAN, China — President Xi Jinping strode onstage before an adoring audience in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing less than three weeks ago, trumpeting his successes in steering China through a tumultuous year and promising “landmark” progress in 2020.

“Every single Chinese person, every member of the Chinese nation, should feel proud to live in this great era,” he declared to applause on the day before the Lunar New Year holiday. “Our progress will not be halted by any storms and tempests.”

Mr. Xi made no mention of a dangerous new coronavirus that had already taken tenacious hold in the country. As he spoke, the government was locking down Wuhan, a city of 11 million people, in a frantic attempt to stop the virus spreading from its epicenter.

The coronavirus epidemic, which has killed more than 800 people in China as of Sunday and sickened tens of thousands, comes as Mr. Xi has struggled with a host of other challenges: a slowing economy, huge protests in Hong Kong, an election in Taiwan that rebuffed Beijing and a protracted trade war with the United States.

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63 per cent of this… Sorry I forgot what “this" was about, but the number was mentioned on the news as a democratic dipstick about something...

China and Russia have become the new bugbear for the USA — that champion of the democratic industry. Democracy is manufactured daily there, in Washington, in weapon factories, aircrafts and drones for the Airforce and ships and subs for the Navy. 22 per cent of the US economy relies on this democratic industry, directly and indirectly — an industry geared to teach the world about democracy, with undemocratic Presidential and Colleges — bombs, guns and blazing saddles… Thank god we’re not in Yankeedom.

But the Chinese have diversified and don’t care much about the “trade war” launched by Washington. They have developed other markets of stuff that have more to do with giving happiness and comfort to people than the ideas of belonging to an empire led by Coca-Cola and Amazon. Sure, the Chinese economy is contracting… It has to. There is a limit to how many immanent plastic ducks one can sell on an immanent planet…. And there is the coronavirus. We’re dealing with it by isolating people like in the middle ages bubonic plague… We’re blaming the bats and the pangolins instead of the 13th century rats this time around — when it’s obvious we should blame ourselves, the sinners, from having strayed away from god and his Transcendence… We are punished… I mean the Chinese are being punished for whatever… especially for being “commies”.

And god said: “Scotty, you election victory was no miracle. You CHEATED the people with SportsRorts and other health department fiddle. I will punish you by burning the people’s houses, the forests, the kangaroos and the koalas — especially the koalas…" Yeah… Scotty sins, we cop it. 

But as Scotty does not understand the message yet, god said a couple of weeks after: “I will flood their houses and basements as well…” But Scotty, the dumb coal merchant would not make the relationship between god’s wrath and Scotty's own proud trade, so dear to Tomato Joyce because "coal gives electricity to poor people". We live in the realm of a magic fantasy with angry gods, devious demons and trumpeting angels, such as Alan Jones, heralding the next defeat of the progressives who cannot see why god should exist or why abortionists should be killed. 

And the voice, Franny the archangel on the ABC, has come back from holidays, mixing with that of her interviewee at high speed and furious pitch, trying to give us a two-hour lecture in less than half a minute — massacring our own stupid inner voice which we have nurture over the summer like our special rose.

The original sin fantasy makes me remember the story of a beautiful woman who picked a flower. Her name was Dryope… She was a mortal (aren’t we all) who was the most beautiful princess ever (aren’t we all) so bright and clever she was beyond the stars. She managed to get married to Andreamon, “a worthy young Prince”, had a child and, picking a beautiful flower, she had not realised that it was a nymph, Lotis, that had escaped the clutches of Priapus, the god of shade… As the flower bleeds, Dryope is turned into a tree by the angry Lotis… Dryope begs her son to find shade under her leaves. We’ve seen this over and again, haven’t we?

the religious thing to do...

The sooner we destroy this little planet the sooner we go to heaven...