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"Gwyneth Paltrow: as she looks without an anti-bacterial face mask."




don't panic... be constipated...



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the end of the world...

end of the roll


no point


kanbra calms the panic...



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leonardo's modern man (and women)...

toilet paper man

Two women have been charged with affray after a fight over toilet paper broke out at a Sydney supermarket.

Police were called to the melee at a Woolworths in the Sydney suburb of Chullora on Saturday after reports a 49-year-old woman had been assaulted.

Footage of the incident showed a group of women pushing, yelling and fighting over a jumbo packet of toilet paper amid panic buying caused by the coronavirus.

One woman yells: “I just want one packet.”

Another woman replies “No, not one packet”, before two supermarket workers intervene to break up the argument.


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cartoonviruses from china...


A campaign initiated by Beijing in early February has received an active response from cartoonists nationwide. It is a joint effort among multiple organizations, including the Beijing Municipal Culture and Tourism Bureau and the Beijing Animation and Game Industry Alliance, and calls for artistic creations to convey knowledge and positive spirit in the nation's fight against the novel coronavirus. Organizers have received more than 1,000 works of art and a total of 100 of them will be selected to display at a comic and animation festival later this year.


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the humble toilet roll...

Preliminary analysis of the unprecedented run on toilet paper appears to show mainstream media has been driving the fear and panic, and that images of cleaned-out supermarket shelves are triggering shoppers on a subconscious level, according to researchers at QUT.

The communications and digital media researchers who recently studied the spread of the #ArsonEmergency hashtag during the bushfires are tracking popular hashtags and collecting data on the spread of certain images on Twitter and Instagram.

Though there hasn't been time for an in-depth analysis, Associate Professor of Communications Daniel Angus says there are early signs that patterns of panic buying follow the spread of images of stripped-bare supermarket shelves.

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I nearly took a picture of the local WW's empty loo paper shelves... I though it would have been a bit tacky and SAD: 20 metres of nothingness. RIDICULOUS...


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don't panic, be calm, take your pills...



as the nation shat itself...



"The Ballad of Dunny Roll" — A classic...

Unfortunately this true Australian ballad

Was replaced on TV by the PM — malade —

From an economy going into red ink...

Because of a virus-alert turning pink...



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losing all your savings...




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was gus' toon inspirational?...

This is not the first time Yulia Ushakova has angered social media users. In 2019, they criticised her for an ironic comment to a photo that depicted her on a treatment table wearing only a thong and bandage on her ankle. “Twisted ankle, I found a wrinkle under my bottom, I broke two nails. And all in one day”, read the caption.

Russian bodybuilder and fitness model Yulia Ushakova has caused a stir on social media by posting a photo of herself wearing a swimming suit she made out of respirators and a medicinal mask amid  the coronavirus pandemic.

"I just ordered on AliExpress this trendy swimsuit. The built-in valves allows the skin to breath, unfortunately you can’t wear it for more than two hours. I don’t know whether this has become a new challenge on Instagram. But I like the idea. What do you think?", Ushakova asked her 515,000 followers.


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more cartoons from china and around the world...

stock market


distorted views




working from home...



From the SMH

cartoonists to defeat coronavirus...

We’ll Defeat Coronavirus':


International Cartoon Festival on Fight Against COVID-19 Held by Iran










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vifter med det forkerte flag ...



COPENHAGEN (Reuters) - China’s embassy in Denmark has demanded an apology from daily Jyllands-Posten after it published a cartoon of the Chinese flag with its five yellow stars represented by coronavirus particles.

In a statement, the embassy said Jyllands-Posten and Danish artist Niels Bo Bojesen should apologize to the Chinese people for publishing the image, captioned “Coronavirus”, in Monday’s edition of the paper.


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planning for the long haul...

long haul




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some old cartoons that are in step with today...


Crawley by Stuart McCrae. This cartoon, published about 30 years ago, is about washing your hands carefully:





Also published about 30 year ago, this cartoon by Phil Somerville was about the pollution on the beaches. These were the good old days, when Bondi and Manly sewage works, in Sydney, were spewing effluent near and on the beaches. The State government then dug some tunnels to take the rubbish "about 15 miles out to sea" where apparently the little fishes are happy, and the sardines have become as big as gropers... It also resonate with our two persons maximum policy in public places:




Have a good day in your isolation...


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more cartoonviruses...



not lazy


famiiy mischief by gus

Mischief by Gus. Original below...





seen in a public dunny...

public dunny rolls


At least there were some rolls... Many of the public dunnies are without...

the new maskenpflicht-sturmabteilung...

It was always going to come to this … mobs of hysterical, hate-drunk brownshirts hunting down people not wearing masks and trying to get them fired from their jobs, “no mask, no service” signs outside stores, security staff stopping the mask-less from entering, paranoid pod people pointing and shrieking at the sight of mask-less shoppers in their midst, goon squads viciously attacking and arresting them…

Welcome to the Brave New Normal.

And it isn’t just the Maskenpflicht-Sturmabteilung. The new official narrative is omnipresent. The corporate media are pumping out hysteria about “Covid-19 hospitalizations” (i.e., anyone admitted to a hospital for anything who tested positive for the coronavirus) and“major incidents” (i.e., people at the beach). 

Police are manning makeshift social-distancing-monitoring watchtowers in London. There are propaganda posters and billboards everywhere, repeating the same neo-Goebbelsian slogans, reinforcing the manufactured mass hysteria. Dissent and nonconformity are being pathologized, “diagnosed” as psychopathy and paranoiaMandatory vaccinations are coming.

You didn’t think they were kidding, did you, when they started introducing the Brave New Normal official narrative back in March? 

They told us, clearly, what was coming. They told us life was going to change … forever. They locked us down inside our homes. They ordered churches and synagogues closed. They ordered the police to abuse and arrest us if we violated their arbitrary orders. They closed the schools, parks, beaches, restaurants, cafés, theaters, clubs, anywhere that people gather. 

They ripped children out of their mother’s arms, beat and arrested other mothers for the crime of “wearing their masks improperly,”dragged mask-less passengers off of public buses, gratuitously beat and arrested people for not “social-distancing” on the sidewalk, shackled people with ankle monitors, and intimidated everyone with robots and drones

They outlawed protests, then hunted down people attending them and harassed them at their homes. They started tracking everyone’s contacts and movements. They drafted new “emergency” laws to allow them to forcibly quarantine people. They did this openly. They publicized it. It’s not like they were hiding anything.

No, they told us exactly what was coming, and advised us to shut up and follow orders. Tragically, most people have done just that. In the space of four months, GloboCap has successfully imposed totalitarianism — pathologized totalitarianism — on societies all across the world. It isn’t traditional totalitarianism, with a dictator and a one-party system, and so on. It is subtler and more insidious than that. But it is totalitarianism nonetheless.

GloboCap could not have achieved this without the approval (or at least the acquiescence) of the vast majority of the masses. The coronavirus mass hysteria was a masterstroke of propaganda, but propaganda isn’t everything. No one is really fooled by propaganda, or not for long, in any event. As Gilles Deleuze and Félix Guattari noted in the opening of Anti-Oedipus:

The masses were not innocent dupes. At a certain point, under a certain set of conditions, they wanted fascism, and it is this perversion of the desire of the masses that needs to be accounted for.”

I am not going to try to account for the “perversion of the desire of the masses” here in this essay, but I do want to dig into the new pathologized totalitarianism a little bit.

Now, I’m going to assume that you understand that the official “apocalyptic pandemic” narrative is predicated on propaganda, wild speculation, and mass hysteria, and that by now you are aware that we are dealing with a virus that causes mild to moderate symptoms (or absolutely no symptoms at all) in 95% of those infected, and that over 99.5% survive … thus, clearly, no cause for widespread panic or justification for the totalitarian “emergency measures” that have been imposed. 

I am also going to assume that you watched as GloboCap switched off the “deadly pandemic” to accommodate the BLM protests, then switched it back on as soon as they subsided, and that you noted how their propaganda shifted to “cases” when the death count finally became a little too embarrassing to continue to hype.

So, I won’t waste your time debunking the hysteria. Let’s talk pathologized totalitarianism.

The genius of pathologized totalitarianism is like that old joke about the Devil … his greatest trick was convincing us that he doesn’t exist. Pathologized totalitarianism appears to emanate from nowhere, and everywhere, simultaneously; thus, technically, it does not exist. It cannot exist, because no one is responsible for it, because everyone is. 

Mass hysteria is its lifeblood. It feeds on existential fear. “Science” is its rallying cry. Not actual science, not provable facts, but “Science” as a kind of deity whose Name is invoked to silence heretics, or to ease the discomfort of the cognitive dissonance that results from desperately trying to believe the absurdities of the official narrative.

The other genius of it (from a GloboCap viewpoint) is that it is inexhaustible, endlessly recyclable. Unlike other official enemies, the “deadly virus” could be any virus, any pathogen whatsoever. All they have to do from now on is “discover” some “novel” micro-organism that is highly contagious (or that mimics some other micro-organism that we already have), and wave it in front of people’s faces. Then they can crank up the Fear Machine, and start projecting hundreds of millions of deaths if everyone doesn’t do exactly as they’re told.

They can run this schtick … well, pretty much forever, anytime the working classes get restless, or an unauthorized president gets elected, or just for the sheer sadistic fun of it.

Look, I don’t mean to be depressing, but seriously, spend an hour on the Internet, or talk to one of your hysterical friends that wants to make mask-wearing mandatory, permanently. This is the mentality of the Brave New Normal … irrationally paranoid and authoritarian. So, no, the future isn’t looking very bright for anyone not prepared to behave as if the world were one big infectious disease ward.

I’ve interacted with a number of extremely paranoid corona-totalitarians recently (just as a kind of social experiment). They behave exactly like members of a cult.

When challenged with facts and basic logic, first, they flood you with media propaganda and hysterical speculation from “medical experts.” Then, after you debunk that nonsense, they attempt to emotionally manipulate you by sharing their heartbreaking personal accounts of the people their therapists’ brother-in-laws’ doctors had to helplessly watch as they “died in agony” when their lungs and hearts mysteriously exploded. 

Then, after you don’t bite down on that, they start hysterically shrieking paranoia at you (“JUST WAIT UNTIL THEY INTUBATE YOU!” … “KEEP YOUR SPITTLE AWAY FROM ME!”) and barking orders and slogans at you (“JUST WEAR THE GODDAMN MASK, YOU BABY!” … “NO SHOES, NO SHIRT, NO MASK, NO SERVICE!”)

Which … OK, that would be kind of funny (or terribly sad), if these paranoid people were not just mouthpieces echoing the voice of the official power (i.e., GloboCap) that is transforming what is left of society into a paranoid, pathologized, totalitarian nightmare right before our eyes. They’re kind of like the “woman in red” in The Matrix. When you are talking to them, you’re not talking to them. You’re talking to the agents. You’re talking to the machines. Try it sometime. You’ll see what I mean. It’s like talking to a single algorithm that is running in millions of people’s brains.

I can’t lie to you. I’m not very hopeful. No one who understands the attraction (i.e., the seduction) of totalitarianism is. Much as we may not like to admit it, it is exhilarating, and liberating, being part of the mob, surrendering the burden of personal autonomy and individual responsibility, fusing with a fanatical “movement” that is ushering in a new “reality” backed by the sheer brute force of the state … or the transnational global capitalist empire.

It is irresistible, that attraction, to most of us. The chance to be a part of something like that, and to unleash one’s hatred on those who refuse to go along with the new religion … to publicly ridicule them, to humiliate them, to segregate them from normal society, to hunt them down and get them fired from their jobs, to cheer as police abuse and arrest them, to diagnose them as “abnormal” and “inferior,” these social deviants, these subhuman “others,” who dare to challenge the authority of the Party, or the Church, or the State, or the Reich, or Science.

Plus, in the eyes of GloboCap (and its millions of fanatical, slogan-chanting followers), such non-mask-wearing deviants are dangerous. They are like a disease … an infestation. A sickness in the social body. If they refuse to conform, they will have to be dealt with, quarantined, or something like that.

Or they can just surrender to the Brave New Normal, and stop acting like babies, and wear a goddamn mask.

After all, it’s just a harmless piece of cloth.


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