Thursday 30th of March 2023

Dont Worry Be Appy

Here's a little song I stole
when in lockdown on the dole
Don't Worry, Be Appy
Download software to your phone
You won't have to be alone
Don't Worry be Appy
Oo oo oo etc
Don't want the cops to see your stash
or the Taxman spying all your cash?
Don't worry, be Appy
No need to be paranoid
you don't have to be a Freud
Don't Worry, Be Appy
Oo oo oo etc
Did you know Coronavirus
Rhymes with rock star Miley Cyrus?
Don't Worry Be Appy
Till the vaccine, Mr Covid
I'll ffx you up, get downloaded
Don't Worry, Be Appy
Oo oo oo etc