Tuesday 5th of December 2023

Opinion (Joseph)

The further assault on our democracy has started, just a day after the election, as anyone who has read the news can see.

It is particularly highlighted and recognised in some of the more 'intelligent' postings to Margo's article 'New era dawns for an Australia in Howard's image'.

It's interesting that our 'Prime' Minister, has entered into an alliance with Family First, who seem to be totally at the opposite end of the spectrum to his policies. Oh don't the wedgies hurt when your not prepared for one, Family First?

I'm glad I'm always 'commando', relying on supporting garments I have found, leads to lazy muscle tissue.

It surely was a landmark election in Australia's history, but I guess this government won it and now they can 'OWN' it for the next 3 years.

Watch out for the big global curves coming which will alter the scope of things. All those hip pocket voters are losers anyway: America is already in recession.

What happens to the rat when interest rates start to escalate beyond anything he or his party can control? I guess the 'liberal' party will decide that they no longer rely upon his services and he can gracefully 'retire', leaving the mess to 'Abbott & Costello', almost as good entertainment as the originals.

Form a 'Wake Up Australia' Party, I'll be in it.