Thursday 30th of March 2023

South Of The Border, Down Warrnambool Way

Written not in honour of, but in deepest respect for tonight's closure of the SA/Vic border to even SA residents.
Has to be done, as did the song rewrite!

South of the border, down Warrnambool way

There's a girl I like to see who drinks at the Lady Bay

The radio told me, I can no longer play

South of the Border, down Warrnambool Way

Ch:  And she sighed as she whispered "Corona"

never knowing how soon I could travel

And I lied as I said that I'd phone her
for my mind had begun to unravel

South of the Border, down Warrnambool way

If I leave South Australia, I will have to stay

Stuck in Victoria? No Bloody Way!

South of the Border, I'll come back some day