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The OffGardian has a beef with controlling authorities. I understand. I have rejected authority since I was a child. I hate being told what to do. But one thing I have not done, I hope, is to reject knowledge. 

I am still learning everyday about this and that of thingemingingy that does plong in the daytime and pling at sunset. I often make my own. The OffGuardian is more brutal. It dumps intent, knowledge, fabrication and conspiracy in one big black bag and buys a lotto ticket everyday, hoping to hit the jackpot any minute now. There is not enough days left to the solar system for this eventuality to happen. But one never knows, global warming may be a hoax on planet Venus…

Enters Mr Schwab… Klaus Schwab… the Santa Klaus founder of the World Economic Forum…  As a mechanical engineer, Mr Schwab understands how things work (I hope he does). On the economic front, he published Moderne Unternehmensführung im Maschinenbau (Modern Enterprise Management in Mechanical Engineering) in which he argued that the management of a modern enterprise must serve not only shareholders but all stakeholders (die Interessenten), to achieve long-term growth and prosperity. Most of my industrialist friends in Germany worked on this principe way before Moderne Unternehmensführung im Maschinenbau was published. At this stage we have to define "die Interessenten” to include employees and buyers of the whatever. Schwab has thus championed the multistakeholder concept since the World Economic Forum's inception. On paper this is not a bad idea. Quality for all has to be the essence of industrial happiness — otherwise the roof of a University in Western Australia will fall on your head. This has been at the core of “made in Germany” trustworthy products versus the “Shonky Chinese" Flimflam. The Chinese are catching up to the Moderne Unternehmensführung im Maschinenbau… While the German cheat on the emission control system of some of their chariots...

As a prolific industrial thinker — he would not be classed as a philosopher — Schwab has written another book with a co-conspirator, Thierry Malleret, who until March 2007 headed the Global Risk Network at the World Economic Forum (at Davos), a network that brings together top-end opinion and policymakers, CEOs and academics to look at how global issues affect business and society in the short- and long-term. Hum… Danger looms...

Now, the beef here is these guys are taking upon themselves the right to shape the world according to their economic and industrial views. We’d prefer to be left alone to survive in our own caca. Not only this, they influence the decision makers — our esteemed leaders — except Donald Trump who, of course, is his own caca provider. While Schwab and Malleret “believe” in global warming, Trump and OffGuardian do not believe in it. 

And suddenly, We are hit with a “pandemic”… Though we have no proofs of its origin, we have been conspirational about the caper: too many coincidences in the blue and red corners.  Too many rehearsals under the Bill Gates orchestra. So are KS and TM pro-active, preventative, pre-planning by good second-guessing or are they the instigators of the pandemic? Are they committing an act of positive contrition without the guilt? Is this Fascism? According to OffGuardian it is.  According to KS and TM book, it is a “reset”. Do we need one?:

"The Corona crisis and the Need for a Great Reset" is a guide for anyone who wants to understand how COVID-19 disrupted our social and economic systems, and what changes will be needed to create a more inclusive, resilient and sustainable world going forward. Thierry Malleret, founder of the Monthly Barometer, and Klaus Schwab, founder and executive Chairman of the World Economic Forum, explore what the root causes of these crisis were, and why they lead to a need for a Great Reset.

One must say, that since Eve sold the apple to Adam for a few bucks, humans have been trading shells and dollars, and in the process have created a monster: it’s an economic edifice that rules our daily lives no matter what we try to do on the self-sufficiency of carrots front. We plod, they amass the loot. We buy, they sell. The list of goods is enormous, from little screws to big machines that dig mountains of coal, and shares on the stock market — even ideas are for sale — the value of which are as flimsy as toilet paper but as necessary as it, unless we upper-class Westerners, use a hygienic bidet. 

So we are at a fork in the road… For your information we always are. We have to make decisions. It’s our lot…. Daily, we make thousands of decisions, including that to get up and buy a new iPhone, even if the old one works perfectly — but the bastard are changing the parameters of waveband-distribution of our addiction to the nothing much of our life that passes as news, games and electronic friendships. The data is controlled. We can only drink from some of the approved soda stream fountains. You news source from Russia has been classified as nefarious and this been eliminated from your little tablet to avoid the pollution of your gullible mind. We protect you.

Yes we know: capitalism is fascist. Every-time we buy something from the corporate world, we entomb ourselves. A litre of petrol, gas or whatever you call is cheap but it contributes to the destruction of the planet. A plastic kitchen gadget is the same. We contribute to our own demise — and the only sin from the Klaus Schwab of this world is to streamline how we’re going to do it and how much of it, in the future. This has been going on since way before the industrial revolution when turnips were not enough to make a decent buck. We needed spices, gold, gunpowder, and every-time one bought a return train ticket to Brighton from London in 1905, one contributed to the über-plan of the industrialists — of which Schwab and co are the next generation of. One does not build a 5G network in five minutes. This has been in the planning books for at least 30 years.

Yes, for a while now, we, including the OffGuardian if I’m not mistaken have suggested the need for an economic reset that would benefit most of us — and avoid the destruction of the planet at the same time.

Ah but:


The same technique, of a fake “narrative” designed to fool good-thinking citizens into supporting an imperialist capitalist scheme, has been used extensively with regard to climate change.

Schwab is a great fan of Greta Thunberg, of course, who had barely stood up from the pavement after her one-girl protest in Stockholm before being whisked off to address the WEF at Davos.

Off Guardian hates the little girl. The boffins at OffGuardian obviously never bought a plane ticket in their entire life and they grow their own parsnips… Whether young Greta is used as a figurehead by the big industrialists to motivate the youth into climate action is irrelevant to the need of climate action. Here I will specify what we could do:

a) we could do nothing and continue with the capitalist systems at it stood in 1902 and let insurance pay for the increasing damage, until the insurers stop paying. We’re tired of extinguishing fires and moping floods in villages that never saw so much water under their now gone-to-the-dogs bridges, tired of having to rebuild houses to hurricane proof specs, and tired of having to build 6 foot concrete walls to prevent the next tide invading our kitchen…

b) have a concerted effort to understand the problem and the possible solution to limit the damage while still running our air conditioning units, but now on windmill power. This does not mean that all would be rosy. There is already enough CO2 in the atmosphere to burn our arse with a minimum +4 degrees Celsius by 2112. Every minute we live, we release more CO2, more methane, more NOxes —even if we go neutral by 2050 — that is likely to raise the average temperature of this little planet by +7 degrees Celsius on the 11th of October 2125.

So what do we do? Pray harder? 
We can, as suggested by OffGuadian now gone of the rails:

We don’t have to accept their New Normal. We don’t have to go along with their fearmongering. We don’t have to take their vaccines. We don’t have to let them implant us with smartphones or edit our DNA. We don’t have to walk, muzzled and submissive, straight into their transhumanist hell.

We can denounce their lies! Expose their agenda! Refuse their narrative! Reject their toxic ideology! Resist their fascism!

Klaus Schwab is not a god, but a human being. Just one elderly man. And those he works with, the global capitalist elite, are few in number. Their aims are not the aims of the vast majority of humankind. 

Their transhumanist vision is repulsive to nearly everyone outside of their little circle and they do not have consent for the technocratic dictatorship they are trying to impose on us.

That, after all, is why they have had to go to such lengths to force it upon us under the false flag of fighting a virus. They understood that without the “emergency” justification, we were never going to go along with their warped scheme.

They are scared of our potential power because they know that if we stand up, we will defeat them. We can bring their project crashing down before it has even properly started.

We are the people, we are the 99%, and together we can grab back our freedom from the deadly jaws of the fascist machine!

Yep! Let’s create our own Fascist machine… We don’t have to drink the future as planned by Schwab and Malleret. And by the way, when was the last time you saw the future going according to plan. Usually we go to war… That's a plan... But we can try with peace in our individual pants made in China...

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No surprise to learn this week that John Kerry supports the Great Reset. Kerry is the only man alive who could turn a papier-maché volcano into a global vanity project. He remains forever unsettled and at large, in search of a legacy big enough to fill the Mount Rushmore slot he thinks he narrowly missed in 2004. I can’t even imagine how exhausted the ghost of JFK in his magic mirror must be at this point.

Some explanation is in order. Back in 2014, an economist named Klaus Schwab emerged out of the hive of sentient buzzwords that is Davos to declare that it was time for an elite-engineered “Great Reset” of capitalism. There was just one problem: the little people who inhabit economies had been through quite enough disruption of late and weren’t especially keen on more. Schwab’s idea found little purchase outside of the global Gulfstream gentry. And as Britain voted to leave the EU, as populists like Donald Trump began to thunder and pound, the world turned its attention elsewhere.

Then came 2020, the pandemic, the lockdowns, the social unrest, the election mess in America, Brexit looming. Schwab, perhaps upscaling Rahm Emanuel’s dictum to never let four dozen crises go to waste, decided to try again. He published a book and an essay, both of which called for elites to take advantage of COVID to finally bring about his Great Reset. “The world must act jointly and swiftly to revamp all aspects of our societies and economies, from education to social contracts and working conditions,” he wrote. “Every country, from the United States to China, must participate, and every industry, from oil and gas to tech, must be transformed.”

So back to year zero and all that. Yet as with most blueprints to remake everything, this one gets a bit vague after the executive summary. The Great Reset, per Schwab, has three goals: to “steer the market toward fairer outcomes,” to “ensure that investments advance shared goals, such as equality and sustainability,” and to “harness the innovations of the Fourth Industrial Revolution to support the public good.” Groundbreaking stuff, if you’ve been trapped at the bottom of a canyon for the past 20 years. But specifics are rarely the point with these globalist white papers; the change itself is less important than the opportunity to use the word “change” in as many unsettling contexts as possible. For example: “One silver lining of the pandemic is that it has shown how quickly we can make radical changes to our lifestyles.”

From there, Schwab’s plan only gets more confusing. It would presumably require an enormous amount of central planning, yet no less a macroeconomist than Prince Charles—the greenest of the royal family’s resource-sucking black holes—assures us it would be handled by the private sector. Schwab worries about government debt, yet such a reset would surely mean an immense amount of expenditure and borrowing. As Ben Sixsmith notes, Schwab’s book declares that we need surveillance and then declares also that we need personal liberty. Read this stuff long enough and your brain starts to carbon-freeze. Populists warn about the evils of Davos Man; I’m starting to wonder whether he could successfully back a car out of a garage.

Yet cue the Reddit panics, the conservative alarm bells, the protests, Alex Jones ululating and firing an AK into the air. The Great Reset is a carefully calibrated kind of lunacy, designed to achieve the most blowback possible in exchange for the least feasibility. This may be because it’s meant mostly as therapy. The project’s vagueness seems like a ploy to assuage every type of elite ego in existence. Corporate CEOs, under Schwab’s proposed “stakeholder capitalism,” get to sound socially conscious while committing to nothing concrete of any kind. Governments are empowered to do what they want most, think big and meddle accordingly. And global bureaucrats get to cast the world as a giant Settlers of Catan board, with them bringing the Mountain Dew and moving around the pieces.

Just who is this Schwab? You will be relieved to learn that he’s a lifelong academic and founder of the World Economic Forum. And yet, you wonder, does he have any honorary doctorates? He does, in fact, no fewer than 17 of them. Yet it’s here that we damn him with robust praise. Back in parts of the world where bacon-wrapped scallops are not instantly available upon request, policy doesn’t trickle down from globe-girdling theorists; it comes from elected leaders and national civil servants. (What’s the one thing that might make Angela Merkel belly-laugh? Try telling her Jean-Claude Juncker used to run Europe.) And while politicians are occasionally tempted towards radical change, they’re also accountable to voters, whose lives they can’t afford to blow up by, say, holding down the economy’s power button for 10 seconds. Progress has to be more gradual and piecemeal than that. Disruption even amid a pandemic can garner serious pushback.

Still, let’s take the Great Reset seriously for a moment. Its overall thrust seems to be that we need a more sustainable and fairer future. The last American leader to put serious policy meat on those bones was Barack Obama in the early years of his presidency. Obama entered the Oval Office with grander plans than just licking the Great Recession. He wanted to rebuild the economy—reset it, if you like—into something cleaner via stimulus spending and other incentives. His administration tossed around words like “sustainable,” “renewable,” and “multimodal.” He hoped at last to resolve liberalism’s internal conflict between labor unions and environmentalists through a kind of blue-green alliance, a spate of new shovel-ready clean energy jobs. Think hardhats singing “Whistle While You Work” as they hammer together windmills and you’ve got the general thrust of it.

It was all very bracing, even for an ill-tempered conservative like myself. Yet what happened next was instructive: Obama more or less got what he wanted. The economy recovered (eventually), blue-collar jobs came to places like Pennsylvania and West Virginia, emissions started to come down. Yet the reason had little to do with his vision and much more to do with the shale lurking thousands of feet beneath American soil. Fracking was an economic godsend to working-class communities and the natural gas it produced was a cleaner source of power than coal. The boom it yielded took the Obama administration by surprise; they both tried to claim credit for its benefits and slapped it with regulations.

And it’s here that we find a real preview of what might happen post-COVID. The pandemic could very well change our economy in revolutionary ways, terrifying ways, but none of it will happen according to the MS Paint designs of Herr Schwab. Hayek’s fatal conceit once again ruins anything larger than a beer run. The Great Reset will go the way of the UN’s equally sinister-sounding Agenda 21 a decade earlier: a hand-stamp for sad elites, a year’s worth of dystopian monologues for Glenn Beck. And then the cycle will start anew. The Davosie will cook up yet another boldfaced comprehensive scheme, same as the old, with a name like Mission: Destiny or Solar Wheelhouse 72917. The radio hosts will calmly scrutinize the plan before concluding it’s a Marxist genocide.

Which brings us back to Jean-Francois Kerry. The Great Reset might be headed nowhere, but let’s not count him out just yet. Joe Biden has said he intends to reenter the nuclear deal with Iran, which Kerry helped negotiate, and a fine thing too. Kerry and I are both Patriots fans so I hope we can agree to exempt a certain quarterback from the advice I’m about to give him: for God’s sake, man, take the W and retire.



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FLASHBACK: ‘Great Reset’ Mastermind Klaus Schwab Called for Implantable Microchips to Enforce Global Health Pass in 2016


World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab, who has exploited COVID-19 fear to push his dangerous “Great Reset” scheme, once called for a global health pass to be enforced by implantable microchip technology.

The clip from 2016, translated from French, can be seen here:




In the interview, Schwab explains how the microchip technology will progress until humans are ready to accept the implant under their skin. 

“Certainly in the next 10 years,” Schwab said about when the technology would be introduced on a widescale basis. “And at first we will implant them in our clothes. And then we could imagine that we will implant them in our brains, or in our skin.”

Schwab made clear that he is a transhumanist with his comments. He described a satanic “fusion” of sorts, merging human consciousness to the “digital world.”

“And in the end, maybe, there will be a direct communication between our brains and the digital world,” he said. “What we see is a kind of fusion of the physical, digital, and biological world.”

Big League Politics has reported on how the globalists plan to create a one-world technocracy on the back of the COVID-19 scamdemic:

“A leading globalist elite closely associated with the World Economic Forum has openly predicted that the world will never return to a sense of normalcy that existed prior to the coronavirus pandemic. Klaus Schwab made the concerning claim in his new book, “The Great Reset.”

“Many of us are pondering when things will return to normal,” wrote Schwab in The Great Reset. “The short response is: never. Nothing will ever return to the ‘broken’ sense of normalcy that prevailed prior to the crisis because the coronavirus pandemic marks a fundamental inflection point in our global trajectory.”

Schwab went on to predict that human history would be differentiated between an era before the pandemic and what comes after. He likened the historical event of the coronavirus pandemic to the birth of Christ, a peculiar slight to Christians who view the life of Jesus as an event quite unlike the spread of a disease.

“Radical changes of such consequence are coming that some pundits have referred to as ‘before coronavirus’ (BC) and ‘after coronavirus’ (AC) era. We will continue to be surprised by both the rapidity and unexpected nature of these changes – as they conflate with each other, they will provoke second-, third-, fourth- and more-order consequences, cascading effects and unforeseen outcomes,” writes Schwab.”

The globalists want mankind enslaved permanently under their boot. If humanity does not rise to defeat them, the beast microchips will be little more than an inevitability.


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