Tuesday 29th of November 2022

The start of the 2007 campaign (Cilla Tey)

I am going to take a break from political activism for a bit but will get stuck into it again. As Hugh Mackay said if Labor wants to get back in again in 2007 they have to start their campaign from today onwards. And so will we. We need to become 'average voters' and tailor our campaign. Issues like truth in government, compassion, looking after the more deprived etc do not resonate with them.

What I have started doing is to compile my very own database of likeminded people I meet. My latest on my list is my dentist! That way we can call upon a bigger group to help out. We started our own grassroots campaign here in Lindsay a few weeks ago but there were only 5 of us. We leafletted on The Truth about Interest Rates and the Economy. There was a slight swing against the Libs but not enough!

But all is not lost if Kerry wins next month so fingers crossed!

Cilla Tey
Member of the Doctors' Wives Club.