Tuesday 21st of March 2023

retired general mcchrystal compares the republican party to al qaeda...


As they develop a coherent narrative and unifying ideology, extremist movements and leaders increasingly come out of the shadows and communicate over open forums in an effort to recruit and radicalize a wider following.


A prime example is Anwar al-Awlaki, the American-born cleric and leader of al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, who indoctrinated a whole generation of English-speaking jihadis, and whose sermons still attract tens of thousands of hits on YouTube a decade after his death in a U.S. drone strike in 2011.

Extremist movements also aggressively recruit from law enforcement and military communities to develop their hard power, a common tactic perfected by the Islamic State, whose close alliance with disaffected Baathist military officers enabled it to launch a military-style juggernaut in 2014 that captured a third of Iraq and Syria for its Islamist “caliphate.”

The participation of former military members in the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol was revealed in the past week with the arrest of retired Air Force Lt. Col. Larry Rendall Brock Jr., who was photographed wearing military-style tactical gear and brandishing zip-tie handcuffs inside the Capitol, and by the death of military veteran Ashli Babbitt, who was shot by police during the melee. The U.S. Army is reportedly investigating 25 people who participated in the attempted putsch, some of whom may be active-duty military. Meanwhile, two off-duty Virginia police officers, Jacob Fracker and Thomas Robertson of the Rocky Mount Police Department, were also arrested on charges of illegally storming the Capitol.

Extremist movements commonly reach out to like-minded terrorist groups in other countries, forming loose networks for the sharing of strategies and lessons-learned in a continuous feedback loop. That network building was the hallmark of al-Qaida and its many global affiliates and franchises.

Similarly, counterterrorism experts say a number of the white supremacist groups who took part in the Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol have reached out and formed linkages with white nationalist counterparts in Germany, Canada, Norway and Russia. “I worked with the State Department to designate as terrorists an extreme white supremacist group in Russia that has many ties to U.S.-based groups,” said Ali Soufan, a former FBI supervisory special agent and counterterrorism expert who led some of the highest-profile investigations of al-Qaida attacks, speaking on Thursday to reporters. He noted that a National Security Council strategy document identified the Nordic Front, a neo-Nazi group spreading throughout Nordic countries, as a threat to the United States. “If the Nordic Front is a threat to the U.S., that means they have some connection to activities here. There are also [right-wing] extremist groups in Canada designated as terrorist organizations by our ‘Five Eyes’ allies, but they still operate with impunity here in the United States. That has to stop.”



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It is most likely that the "storming of the Capitol" was fomented by "agents provocateurs" working for the CIA and the FBI to demonise Donald Trump-the-idiot, way beyond what he had blabbed out. The technique is not new. It has been used since "time immemorial" to achieve political outcomes and repression.




not to mention the antifa and BLM violence...

Take your pick... Looting, burning down and ransacking hallow spaces of little shopkeepers is not as bad as a few louts "storming" the Capitol?


Black activists are coming out strongly against a growing narrative among conservatives that equates the deadly siege on the U.S. Capitol with last summer’s Black Lives Matter protests of racial injustice.

Republican lawmakers defending President Donald Trump made the comparison again Wednesday while building their case against impeachment and accused Democrats of being hypocrites with selective outrage. Their comments mark the latest effort by Trump and the GOP to misrepresent the Black Lives Matter movement as an extremist, violent faction tied to anarchists.

“You can moan and groan, but he was far more explicit about his calls for peace than some of the BLM and left-wing rioters were this summer when we saw violence sweep across this nation,” Republican Rep. Matt Gaetz of Florida said in defending Trump before the House voted 232-197 to impeach the president for inciting an insurrection.

But the two events were fundamentally different. One was an intentional, direct attack on a hallowed democratic institution, with the goal of overturning a fair and free election. The other was a coast-to-coast protest movement demanding an end to systemic racism that occasionally, but not frequently, turned violent.

“The GOP has become the party of false equivalences,” said James Jones, assistant professor of African American studies and sociology at Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey.

Many BLM protesters were responding to the death of George Floyd, a handcuffed Black man who was seen on video gasping for breath as a Minneapolis police officer pressed his knee into Floyd’s neck. Police repelled the demonstrators using rubber bullets, tear gas and military assets like helicopters.

The mob at the Capitol was fueled by baseless conspiracies propagated by Trump that the election was stolen from him through massive fraud. The rioters acted on the president’s direct urging to “fight like hell.” They attacked police with pipes and chemicals and planted bombs. They were met largely with restraint by law enforcement.

The unrest that followed Floyd’s death included vandalism, arson and looting, but the vast majority of demonstrations were peaceful. Some of the worst violence was in Portland, where thousands of protesters turned out nightly for weeks. Some hurled fireworks, rocks, ball bearings and bottles at federal agents, and a member of a right-wing extremist group was gunned down by an antifa supporter.

But prominent BLM activists repeatedly distanced themselves from provocateurs and brawlers



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Yes, sure, OK, but Trump asked the people to "go in peace"... And it is likely that there were some "agents provocateurs" in the BLM and Antifa crowds... in the same proportion as those storming the Capitol. This is a given (trust old Gus, been there before) and could be proven by the "authorities" — but they won't say so because these "agents provocateurs" are working for the authorities... Capiche?




Oh, place your thinking cap on! Any public violence of any sorts is good for REPRESSION from any sorts of governments.  See:  

"eat my shorts" — joe biden wrote the "patriot act"...


See also: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GF82ulSFGPA&feature=emb_logo

"blame trump for antifa rising"...

Portland has become the scene of frequent protests by Antifa and Black Lives Matter since the death of George Floyd. The demonstrations often turn violent and result in clashes with police. Former President Donald Trump has harshly criticised both movements for aggressive behaviour.

While thousands of people gathered in Washington, DC to attend the inauguration of Joe Biden, Antifa protesters attacked the headquarters of the Democratic Party in Portland and staged demonstrations in other cities across the United States.

Police said a group of about 200 protesters smashed windows and defaced the headquarters with anarchist symbols and slogans. One of the slogans read: "F**k Biden".

WARNING: The videos contains explicit language.

Liberal Antifa is yelling slurs at Biden and destroying the Democrats Oregon headquarters as we speak. 

The left has the house, senate and oval and they are still destroying cities. 


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crucified twice for being trump...