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The vote to determine House Republican Conference Chair Liz Cheney’s fate in leadership is scheduled for Wednesday morning — after months of the No. 3 GOP member being at war with her own party.

Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-NC) is slated to initiate the call for the vote to oust the Wyoming lawmaker, who came under fire for her criticisms of former President Donald Trump. 

The meeting is slated to kick off at 9 a.m., the morning after House lawmakers arrive back to Washington after their two-week recess. 

The vote will mark the second time Cheney has faced an attempt to remove her from her leadership role this year. She overwhelmingly prevailed in a vote in February after a group of conservatives attempted to oust her shortly after her announcement that she would vote in favor of impeaching Trump for “incitement” of the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

While Cheney overcame previous calls for her removal, GOP lawmakers have told The Post the climate is different now, with members arguing her continued criticisms have hindered her ability to lead messaging efforts for the party.


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the NYT loves liz...


The NYT hates Trump so much, it's in love with Liz Cheney, the warmonger's wamonger...


Here is the New York Times:


 Marooned at Mar-a-Lago, Trump Still Has Iron Grip on Republicans



The vilification of Liz Cheney and a bizarre vote recount in Arizona showed the damage from his assault on a bedrock of democracy: election integrity.


Locked out of Facebook, marooned in Mar-a-Lago and mocked for an amateurish new website, Donald J. Trump remained largely out of public sight this week. Yet the Republican Party’s capitulation to the former president became clearer than ever, as did the damage to American politics he has caused with his lie that the election was stolen from him.

In Washington, Republicans moved to strip Representative Liz Cheney of her House leadership position, a punishment for denouncing Mr. Trump’s false claims of voter fraud as a threat to democracy. Lawmakers in Florida and Texas advanced sweeping new measures that would curtail voting, echoing the fictional narrative from Mr. Trump and his allies that the electoral system was rigged against him. And in Arizona, the state Republican Party started a bizarre re-examination of the November election results that involved searching for traces of bamboo in last year’s ballots.


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more shit from steele...

Christopher Steele, former chief of the Russia desk at MI6 headquarters in London (2006-09) and current director of Orbis Business Intelligence, has provided the White House with a second file on Donald Trump.

The first one [1], which was delivered to the FBI, had triggered the opening of the Russiagate investigation headed by DOJ Special Counsel Robert Mueller (identified as being a CIA collaborator in the context of the 1988 Lockerbie bombing); investigation that - despite considerable resources – ended in fiasco.

His second file reverts to the allegation that Russia’s FSB holds in its possession, not one, but several sextapes of former President Trump, in order to blackmail him. The second file is reportedly based on new sources.


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We know that the first "Steele Dossier" was bullshit, there is no reason not to believe the second file on Donald Trump is crap, shit, poop, brown snake, slop of the well-crafted disinformation from the profession of fudgers and spooks. 





Republicans in the US House of Representatives voted to eject Liz Cheney from the party's House leadership, saying her criticism of former President Donald Trump's false claims about the 2020 election distract from party efforts to unite against Democrats. 

Key points:
  • Liz Cheney voted to impeach Donald Trump and has repeatedly criticised his lies about the election
  • House Republicans held a secret ballot on her leadership position
  • It is not clear who will replace her as party conference chair

Ms Cheney, the daughter of former vice-president Dick Cheney, voted in January to impeach Mr Trump on a charge that he incited an insurrection at the US Capitol on January 6.

After her exit a defiant Ms Cheney said it is impossible to "embrace the big lie and embrace the Constitution" and that she would lead the fight to bring her party back to "fundamental principles of conservatism."

She also vowed to prevent Mr Trump from ever regaining the presidency, telling reporters: "I will do everything I can to ensure that the former president never again gets anywhere near the Oval Office."


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Note: the Donald Trump "lies" were not lies but stupid comments, some of them misreported by a media that still hate Trump — and social media platforms that truncated his mutterings. Liz's father, Dick, should be in prison for having been a nasty warmonger and a liar, but he got a medal and a new heart. It is likely that Liz does not hate Trump because of the riots at the Capitol but because he "undid" the legacy of the Rumsfeld/Cebrowski/Cheney/Bush plan in the Middle East — the revival of which by the Biden/Blinken administration is rekindling some warmongering there. Liz is a warmonger.







obscene economy...


If one is to believe The New York Post, the US economy is going south, but all is well as the mainstream liberal media concentrate on poor Liz Cheney who is the new ally of the Democrats because she hates Trump... May as well leave this with you:


If the media could take a break from obsessing over the House Republicans choosing a new conference chair, they might have noticed that Joe Biden’s presidency is falling apart.

On every major front, Biden is flailing — even by the depressingly low bar set for him by the Washington press corps.

April just saw the highest rate of inflation in 13 years, according to the Department of Labor. Prices for everything, including food and gasoline, immediately skyrocketed after Biden’s $2 trillion welfare scheme (sometimes referred to as a “stimulus package”) went into effect and flooded the economy with more money than anyone knows what to do with.

Biden’s preoccupation? Spending even more.

The unemployment rate actually went up from March to April, even as Biden bragged that he’s the one responsible for mass vaccinations that are, at least in theory, supposed to be moving people back into the workforce. But no, his extension of the obscene amount of federal unemployment benefits has would-be workers choosing to sit pretty at home cashing government checks. Those benefits don’t end for another four months, assuming they aren’t extended again (you can never assume anything with Nancy Pelosi in charge).


Fuel is running out in several states after the US fell under attack from what appears to be a Russia-based cyber-hacking group that locked up one of the East Coast’s major fuel ­pipelines.

The White House response to the crippling of a critical energy supply has been to throw its hands up and say, “Sorry, but the pipeline is a private company.” Whaddaya do?
After acknowledging how “seriously” Biden took the matter, he said Monday at the White House that his administration is “committed to safeguarding our critical infrastructure.” But, he added, “much of [it] is privately owned and managed, like Colonial. Private entities are making their own determination on ­cybersecurity.”

The media expected former President Trump to micromanage every state’s response to the pandemic. Biden is given a complete pass on a devastating attack on a major artery of our energy supply.

Last month saw yet another increase in the number of migrants illegally crossing the wide open border. In February, the first full month of Biden’s presidency, border agents encountered 100,000 migrants at the border. In March, it was another 173,000. In April, 179,000. Those numbers are higher than in any month of Trump’s presidency.


But it’s not a surprise. Though Biden made a big show about dumping a mess he created into his vice president’s lap to fix, everyone south of Texas knows the real deal. Biden promised an open border and he began to deliver on the promise the moment he came into office, dismantling the highly complex and effective system of rules and actions Trump had put in place.


Of the nearly 180,000 migrants encountered at the border last month, 17,000 of them were unaccompanied minors. All of them are now the responsibility of you, the American taxpayer, as the Biden administration loads them up with free health care, free education and free legal services.

On the domestic front, Biden is pushing divisive racial curriculum when kids in big Democratic cities aren’t even back in classrooms. Crime is up, particularly shootings.

Meanwhile, the Middle East has exploded, Russia has closed portions of the Black Sea and China is harassing fishing vessels. But let’s get back into the failed Iran ­nuclear deal.


If Biden were a Republican, he’d be taking more heat.

But hey, he’s running a squeaky clean operation, not a scandal in sight, right?
Yet Axios reports that Biden is breaking ethics rules, exempting senior White House officials from restrictions that would normally limit or prohibit the policy work they can do with labor unions that had previously paid their salaries.


So now former union officials are writing legislation to give more money to . . . unions, even as less than 11 percent of the workforce is unionized.

Not that the media need any additional help working hand in glove with the White House to advance Biden’s vision, but Politico reported Tuesday that White House staff requires reporters to submit quotes from officials that they want to use for approval before story publication. That means when reporters talk to White House staff, they must first get approval from Biden’s communications team to use any quotes from officials in their stories.

If the media objects, they would likely have no quotes at all — since Biden is so scarcely available for questions from the press. He takes around three or four after each televised address on the economy or the pandemic but he is otherwise kept cloistered away in the White House.


An anemic economy, an overrun border and a seedy White House all make for a crumbling presidency. But hey, what do you think Liz Cheney is doing right now?


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the end of the cheneys?....

THERE CAN BE no question of whether Rep. Liz Cheney is correct in her particulars. “The Electoral College has voted,” she said from the floor of the House on Tuesday evening, interrupting a Republican gabfest devoted to the topic of “cancel culture” to speak of her own cancellation, scheduled for the next morning. “More than 60 state and federal courts, including multiple judges the former president appointed, have rejected his claims. The Trump Department of Justice investigated the former president’s claims of widespread fraud and found no evidence to support them. The election is over.”


No fair-minded review of the 2020 election could come to any other conclusion. President Donald Trump lost, and he and a large faction of the Republican Party have spent every day since casting doubt on that reality while rewriting voting rules to assure that it doesn’t happen next time.

“Liz Cheney is a leader of great courage, patriotism, and integrity,” House Speaker Nancy Pelosi said with a straight face on Wednesday after Republicans dismissed Cheney from her post by a voice vote. As Democrats and the cable networks that revolve around them think through the meaning of Cheney’s excommunication from House leadership, little could be more important than being relentlessly reminded that, as The Dude might say, while Cheney may not be wrong, she’s just an asshole. Indeed, her asshole-ness is central to any political analysis of the moment, and it’s an analysis of exceeding import, because getting it wrong will lead to a very, very dark place. Ask the Iraqis.

In the run-up to Cheney’s ouster, MSNBC pundit Nicolle Wallace slammed the GOP for coming after Cheney “for her refusal to go along with the Big Lie and the assault on democracy it has ushered in.” Wallace, of course, a dedicated salesperson of the Iraq War, having served as the Bush administration’s communications director, knows as much about the Big Lie as Cheney.

The question of Cheney’s sincerity is as simply answered as the question of whether Trump won the election. He did not; she is not. The most cursory review of her public life leaves no other conclusion.

This is a person who launched a campaign to represent Wyoming in Congress with a Facebook post geotagged McLean, Virginia, her real home. On the trail, a reporter noticed that her hands had turned blue, stained from rubbing them against the brand new blue jeans she’d bought to play the part of cowboy.

Cheney knows lies both big and small. She, with Wallace, was a leading booster of her father’s war. She has shown no remorse or reflection over the U.S. invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan. Quite the contrary, it was Trump’s attack on the decision to go to war in Iraq, and later his insistence on exiting Afghanistan, that triggered her most deeply and drove her to work publicly with Democrats to keep the occupation going.


Cheney’s celebration of America’s commitment to democracy abroad, as exampled by her floor speech on Tuesday, is as brazen as Trump’s own fuckery. The Cheney wing of the Republican Party has betrayed nothing but contempt for democracy around the globe in the period since World War II, reveling in the overthrow of democratically elected leaders, only approving of elections if they are won by the candidate preferred in Washington — or if the promise of them can be used to justify an invasion. Liz Cheney’s father, Dick Cheney, served as deputy chief of staff and chief of staff to President Gerald Ford as his administration welcomed the rule of Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge in Cambodia. Spare us the paeons to democracy.

Liz Cheney’s affection for U.S. interventionism may mark the origin of her hostility to the Trump wing of the party, but the question of whether her stand today is truly one of principle could best be answered by her sister, Mary Cheney.

For years, the Cheney family stood apart from the Republican Party’s culture war against the GOP, even as the Bush-Cheney administration cynically deployed opposition to marriage equality as a tool to drive out the evangelical vote for the party. “Lynne and I have a gay daughter, so it’s an issue that our family is very familiar with,” Dick Cheney said that year. “With respect to the question of relationships, my general view is that freedom means freedom for everybody.”

Running for Senate in 2013, Liz Cheney threw her sister overboard. “I love Mary very much, I love her family very much. This is just an issue on which we disagree,” she told viewers of Fox News.

“Liz — this isn’t just an issue on which we disagree, you’re just wrong — and on the wrong side of history,” Mary, a Republican operative herself, shot back on Facebook. “Liz has been a guest in our home, has spent time and shared holidays with our children,” Mary’s wife Heather Poe wrote. “To have her now say she doesn’t support our right to marry is offensive to say the least.”

Dick Cheney sided with Liz, because for the Cheneys, power comes before everything.

Liz Cheney’s own political predicament is a function of her own political miscalculations. Cheney, like many in both parties, sensed that Trump would lose in 2020, House Republicans would lose seats, and a reckoning would give an opportunity for her wing of the party to rise again. She spent 2020 positioning herself against Trump. After she publicly defended Trump nemesis Dr. Anthony Fauci, Rep. Matt Gaetz pushed to have her removed from leadership. She held on, and drew the battle lines sharper over the next year.

Her calculation that Trump would lose panned out, but Trump managed to draw out millions of new voters, and House Republicans picked up seats instead of losing them. Trump’s hold on the party was secure, even as he incited a mob to ransack the Capitol.

Cheney wasn’t wrong to condemn the incitement and the assault on the Capitol, but doing so was the only option left to her. None of this is about principle.

This is about power. The Trump wing of the party has it, and Cheney wants it. (Her team admitted as much on Wednesday.) If Democrats think she would be any less dangerous with it in her hands, that the world would be any safer, they’re wrong.

Democrats might enjoy the spectacle of GOP infighting, if the suppression of such a minor force as Liz Cheney even fits the definition. But they can’t count on her to save democracy, not here and certainly not abroad. There’s already a bill to do just that. It passed the House as H.R. 1 and cleared a Senate committee on Tuesday. If Democrats are serious about restoring faith in democracy, they can pass it tomorrow. Or they can simply wait to be frogmarched to the same fate as Liz Cheney.


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liz lied...


By Glenn Greenwald




An even more definitive use of this Russia bounty story came when Cheney held a press conference to explain her opposition to Trump's plans to withdraw troops. In this statement, she proclaimed that she "remains concerned about Russian activities in Afghanistan.” She then explicitly threatened Russia over the CIA's “bounty” story, warning them that “any targeting of U.S. forces by Russians, by anyone else, will face a very swift and deadly response.” She then gloated about the U.S. bombing of Russia-linked troops in Syria in 2018 using what she called “overwhelming and lethal force,” and warned that this would happen again if they target U.S. forces in Afghanistan:


(watch video)


Does this sound even remotely like what Cheney claimed to Baier? She denied having played a key role in spreading the Russia bounty story because, as she put it, “every single thing I said, I said: if those stories are true.” She also told him that she never referred to that CIA claim except by saying: “if these reports are true.” That is false.

The issue is not merely that Cheney lied: that would hardly be news. It is that the entire media narrative about Cheney's removal from her House leadership role is a fraud. Her attacks on Trump and her party leadership were not confined to criticisms of the role played by the former president in contesting the validity of the 2020 election outcome or inciting the January 6 Capitol riot — because Liz Cheney is such a stalwart defender of the need for truth and adherence to the rule of law in politics. 

Cheney played the key role in forming an alliance with pro-war Democrats on the House Armed Services Committee to repeatedly defeat the bipartisan anti-war minority [led by Ro Khanna (D-CA), Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-HI) and Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL)] to prevent any meaningful changes promised by Trump during the 2016 campaign to put an end to the U.S. posture of Endless War. As I reported about the House Armed Services Committee hearing last July, the CIA tale was repeatedly cited by Cheney and her allies to justify ongoing U.S. troop presence in Afghanistan.


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idiot liz...


Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) agreed with President Biden claiming that it’s not the not the United States’ job to build a democracy in Afghanistan. Instead, she’d like to see locals trained to counter terrorism in the region. Cheney appeared on NBC Sunday.


First, Host Chuck Todd pointed out that a similar effort failed in Vietnam. Yet Cheney remains hopeful that successful institutions can still be built in Afghanistan.

“There’s no question that there were mistakes. There were strategies that were pursued that didn’t work, strategies that were pursued that didn’t have the resources they needed,” Cheney admitted. “But for the United States to be in a position where we need to ensure Afghanistan is not a safe haven, that means that we’ve got to provide the support necessary to continue to have the Afghans bear the brunt of the fight. It means that we’ve got to help to build the institutions that can withstand, you know, the Al Qaeda and the Taliban threat that continues.”

Biden’s said something similar last week, when he claimed that Afghans aren’t willing to fight for themselves. In the same breath, Biden said the mission was “never supposed to be nation-building,” or “unifying.” Instead, it was about “preventing another terrorist attack on American homeland.”

“So this isn’t about building, you know, a democracy that looks like the United States,” Cheney said, reiterating the president. “It’s about what can we do to maintain stability so that we don’t have further terrorist attacks from Afghan soil?”

Meanwhile Cheney called former President Trump’s deal with the Taliban a “surrender.” “We completely undercut the Afghan national government, we absolutely emboldened the Taliban,” Cheney said. “And that led us to the catastrophe today.” However she admitted “there’s no question” Biden also could’ve gotten out of the agreement.


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Please Ms Liz... How do you teach the Afghan people something that you are unable to do yourself? And publicly demonstrate your utter failure on this subject? Most of the terror acts come from the Saudi branch of Islamic extremism... Or actually, YOU should go there and teach your anti-terrorism theories in Kabul... Here is a plane ticket.



liz vs kevin...

WASHINGTON — A prominent Washington lobbyist close to Kevin McCarthy, the House minority leader, is warning Republican political consultants that they must choose between working for Representative Liz Cheney or Mr. McCarthy, an ultimatum that marks the full rupture between the two House Republicans.

Jeff Miller, the lobbyist and a confidant of Mr. McCarthy’s dating to their youthful days in California politics, has conveyed this us-or-her message to Republican strategists in recent weeks, prompting one fund-raising firm to disassociate itself from Ms. Cheney, a Republican from Wyoming.

In response, The Morning Group, a fund-raising firm she hired to help prepare for a primary next year against a challenger endorsed by former President Donald J. Trump, informed her last month they could no longer work on her campaign, according to Republicans familiar with the matter.

Mr. Miller’s warnings illustrate the disintegration of the relationship between the two lawmakers, who began this year serving together in the House Republican leadership. They also underline Mr. McCarthy’s willingness to wield his leadership position to undercut Ms. Cheney’s re-election and head off an impediment to his claiming the speakership, should Republicans win a House majority next year. Were Ms. Cheney to return to Congress, she would loom as a potential instigator of any effort to block Mr. McCarthy from leading their party in the House.


After initially defending Ms. Cheney to House Republicans angry at her for voting to impeach Mr. Trump earlier this year, Mr. McCarthy abandoned her after she continued to speak out against the former president. In May, with Mr. McCarthy’s blessing, party lawmakers ousted Ms. Cheney from her role as the third-ranking House Republican.

Since then, Ms. Cheney has sharply criticized Mr. McCarthy and has made clear she will not support him as leader or, if Republicans take the House next year, as speaker. After she joined the House select committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack, organized by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Mr. McCarthy called Ms. Cheney and another dissident on the panel “Pelosi Republicans.”

The Republican leader’s allies believe Ms. Cheney, by continuing to lament Mr. Trump’s grip on the party, is threatening their prospects in the midterm elections at a moment when President Biden’s declining approval ratings have otherwise left the G.O.P. well positioned.

In an interview, Mr. Miller, who became close to Mr. Trump during his administration and raised more than $100 million for his re-election efforts, said Republican consultants were on notice.

“She’s not just undermining Kevin but the whole G.O.P. conference,” Mr. Miller said of Ms. Cheney. “You’re either with Kevin, and the conference, or the person undermining them. You can’t serve two masters.”


The lobbyist declined to discuss his communications with party strategists or to say if Mr. McCarthy had prompted him to issue the ultimatum. Mr. Miller, whose clients include Amazon and the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America, does not work for the leader and is not paid by him. However, they are the closest of friends, and have been since they worked together for former Representative Bill Thomas, the powerful Bakersfield Republican whom Mr. McCarthy succeeded in Congress.


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liz is gone….



The primary elections in Wyoming are a telling moment for the US Republican party. GOP Representative Liz Cheney is vice chair of the January 6 House select committee, whose goal is to investigate the January 6 insurrection. Cheney is one of former President Donald Trump’s biggest critics within the Republican party.

With an estimated 47% of the vote in the Wyoming primaries counted, Cheney stood with only 25,762 votes, her Trump-backed opponent Hageman had nearly double that total, with 50,836 votes. Cheney conceded defeat to Hageman after those overwhelming numbers spelled disaster for the congresswoman.

"This primary election is over, but now the real work begins," Cheney said, referring to her work on the January 6 committee. Cheney had called Hageman to congratulate her. Hageman is a Wyoming-born-and-raised resident who used her connection to the state and her support of Trump to win a landslide victory over Cheney.

Cheney’s decisive defeat in the Wyoming primaries to attorney Harriet Hageman, a Trump-endorsed candidate who used to be a supporter of Cheney and even praised during her first bid for Congress in 2016, is a fervent gesture in a state where Trump won 70% of the vote in 2020.


"Liz, you're fired!" Trump crowed to supporters at a rally in May of this year. "Wyoming deserves a congresswoman who stands up for you and your values, not one who spends all of her time putting you down and going after your president in the most vicious way possible."


The three-term congresswoman and daughter of former Vice President Dick Cheney had a target on her back, placed there by Trump supporters after she became the former president’s biggest critic in the Republican party, and vice-chaired the January 6 committee, which opponent Hageman blasted as politically motivated, and which Cheney has defended as in pursuit of a truth which she views as worth losing her job over.


“No matter what the outcome, it is certainly the beginning of a battle that is gonna continue and is going to go on, and as a country, we’re facing very challenging and difficult times. We are facing a moment where our democracy really is under attack and under threat,” Cheney told CBS prior to the Wyoming primary election results.


“And those of us across the board — Republicans, Democrats and independents — who believe deeply in freedom and who care about the Constitution and the future of the country, I think have an obligation to put that above party and, I think that fight is clearly going to continue and clearly going to go on,” said Cheney.








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