Wednesday 1st of December 2021

the merle...


The cruelty of god’s justice

The kindness of freedom

The music of morning peace

The prisons of a kingdom


The little merle sings every dawn at my window

To let me know that I am still alive

That’s what I believe though he does not know

That we are strangers awakening in the same hive 


He only sings to find his mate in his domain

Where he is free to be kind

Unless he’s just happy to trill for fun

Without any hint of god’s justice in his mind


The cruelty of god’s justice

The kindness of freedom

The music of morning peace

The delusions of my kingdom



                       — Robert Urbanoski

dear Susanne...

"Dear Susanne,

For security reasons, I wouldn't be prepared to answer your questions line by line. 

The NATO / US presence in Afghanistan had the legitimacy sanctioned by the UN. It was a UN mandate presence since the time of ISAF. 

There is always a need to sit back and reflect on what went wrong. Unfortunately, I don’t have that luxury right now. The Doha process, which was never a process, was the beginning of (the) end. It was flawed, deceptive and foolish.


US special envoy for Afghanistan Zalmay) Khalilzad bypassed the Afghan state and gave legitimacy to the Talibs. For Pakistanis and the Talibs, Doha was an instrument of deception to keep the international community divided, hopeful to peace and not allow them to condemn the Taliban campaign of terror. They never believed in political settlement. They exploited the naïveté, fatigue and short-sightedness of the White House, both under Trump and Biden.

The United States and NATO could (have born) the cost, which had declined to (a) minimum, and sustained the 2,500 troops. They didn't. Now they pay with their reputation, credibility, and global standing. I’m not sure they get it.


However, there is still a solution. Threaten Pakistan with specific sanctions, demand political settlement and gave recognition and political support to the National Resistance in the Panjshir.

For us, it isn't about the number of troops and fighters, it is about our political will, determination and acceptability of our narrative and story. We are here to defend the values, the dignity of Afghan humans - to fight for the right of girls and women to be themselves rather the shadows of men without identity. We are here to defend Afghan pluralism and diversity. We are in the Hindukush, in the Panjshir, but our fight is for Afghanistan.


We are motivated, in high spirits, in the center of history. We have a cohesive political set up. With these invaluable strengths, the factor of resources loses centrality. We need resources, no doubt. But first and foremost it is a fight and battle of wills.


Former President Ghani (could have) stayed on and answered the call of the soil. Even if the Taliban had captured him, his body would be in jail and his soul would be free. Now his body is free. His soul is chained forever until the end.

He could still be a reason for the international community to demand accountability from Talibs. He fled and betrayed his own soul and proved himself wrong. Patriots pay the ultimate sacrifice.

If Talibs agree to give us a timeline on when and how they engage the Afghan public, the masses in decision-making, we are ready to enter into sincere and serious negotiations. The character of the state. (The) mechanism for choosing (the) head of state.


(That is) the agenda. I don't recognize their Emirate and will never do. A deal for surrender in the name and under the disguise of settlement won't happen. Best confidant.

If they opt for (a) military solution, it is their choice, and we are ready for every eventuality. We are in the Hindukush, but we stand for Afghanistan.

Geographically we are isolated, but politically and morally Afghanistan is with us and won't ever become Talibanistan.


PS: Can't answer any more questions.


Afghan Vice President in Letter to DER SPIEGEL.... He fled the capital for the Panjshir Valley, where he declared himself president: Amrullah Saleh, formerly Afghanistan's vice president, hopes to lead the anti-Taliban resistance.


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