Monday 20th of May 2024

Keeping The Faith (Joseph Walters)

The 'Defending Our Democracy' site is going to change and grow with everyone's interested input.

The postings on this site show that there are many numbers of us who are still committed to fixing up 'our' country politically and financially in any number of democratic ways. The diversity of opinion is remarkable and wonderful, but we all share the same vision, that is, to 'get our system fixed for the benefit of all Australian citizens'.

The little bit we all can do and some can do more than others, is important, do your little bit, it does count and it is valuable and it contributes to making changes happen.

Individually we all count, individually we can affect change - I believe in the citizens of Australia - I believe we hold the decision to change and influence global perspectives. I don't agree with some of the perceptions of people linking into this site, but I do agree that we have to have an 'inclusive' process.

We are not so different as people, we all have the same needs, just don't let the small 'degrees' in differences, divide us from recognizing each other.