Saturday 9th of December 2023

Go for it! ()

G'day.Like the new site design? Thank Harry Heidelberg, who's worked hard for ages to get it done. Like the new activism? Thank my brother Hamish Alcorn for staying up late lots of nights to make it happen. We've got two new teammates, Polly Bush and Mike Handley, to keep the momentum going. I tell ya, if Howard wins - and even if he doesn't - we've got to transform this site into an Australian moveon to protect what's left of our democracy.
Two weeks to go, and it's looking good for Howard and co. But please, don't give up. Have a read of Mike Moore's missive to depressed Democrats at webdiary.

If you live in Sydney, John Valder's NHJ campaign will host a free concert in Bennelong at midday today. See you there! Next Saturday, a group of Melbourne musos will hold a 'Not Happy John' concert at the Brunswick Town Hall from 6pm-1am, including dance bands. I'll be there too. Please don't forget to have fun!