Tuesday 5th of December 2023

Site to promote case against the privatisation of Telstra and to help coordinate opposition to privatisation (James Sinnamon)

The recent elections were a gross perversion of the democratic process. The newsmedia misinformed the public on so many of the critical issues which were at stake on 9 October, in particular the Government's plans to privatise Telstra. Accordingly, we dispute the claim of the Government to have obtained a 'mandate' to flog off what now rightly belongs to every citizen of this country.

We believe that it is essential to fight the Government's plan to privatise Telstra all the way. By promoting the sound and reasoned case against privatisation, and by arguing for a referendum to be held in lieu of any fair and democratic procedure for the Australian public to have decided upon this issue, thus far, we aim to prevent the sale, or else, to hold to account those who wish to proceed with privatisation, for the inevitable harm which will ensue from this policy.

If you are concerned, please visit the website, and feel encouraged to participate and to contirbute your ideas through the mailing lists or other facilities for feedback.