Tuesday 16th of August 2022

the guy stuffed up "his" country by being a little shit to its russian-speaking people…...

President Volodymyr Zelensky has warned that Ukraine will look to Israel for inspiration concerning its future security arrangements, arguing that an “absolutely liberal” Kiev is now “impossible” after Moscow’s attack in late February.

Speaking to journalists on Tuesday, the president said security would be the “number one” issue for Ukrainians for the next decade, even going so far as to forecast a lasting armed military presence in the streets.

“Ukraine will definitely not be what we wanted it to be from the beginning. It is impossible. Absolutely liberal, European – it will not be like that,” he said. “We will become a ‘big Israel’ with its own face. We will not be surprised if we have representatives of the Armed Forces or the National Guard in cinemas, supermarkets, and people with weapons.”

Reached by Haaretz following Zelensky’s comments, Ukrainian Ambassador to Israel Yevgen Korniychuk said that “no matter what happens next, [things] in Ukraine will be similar to the security situation in Israel,” also adding that “you will see more armed people in the streets, even when things become more peaceful than they are now.”

“Israelis have lived surrounded by enemies for all of their history and Ukraine will be doing the same,” he continued.

Despite a brief spat between Zelensky and Israeli lawmakers last month after the president compared Ukraine’s situation to the Holocaust, Prime Minister Naftali Bennett has made several offers to mediate negotiations between Kiev and Moscow, saying he feels obligated to help bring an end to the fighting. Turkey has played a similar role, holding multiple high-level talks on its soil in recent weeks.

Zelensky was openly critical of Tel Aviv in comments to the Knesset in March, accusing the government of “apathy” and “mediation without taking a side” while demanding military support for Ukraine. He later scaled back those comments, however, acknowledging that “Israel has its interests” and a “strategy to protect its citizens.”

“The prime minister of Israel, Mr. Bennett, is trying to find a way of holding talks, and we are grateful for this,”he said. “We are grateful for his efforts so that sooner or later we will begin to have talks with Russia, possibly in Jerusalem.”





GusNote: I don't like Zelensky. He is of course the flag bearer for NATO's and the USA's grand plan to destroy Russia (and China), and the next few weeks will show how REALLY crooked he is... If he really wanted to save "his" people, he would make a deal with Russia, in accordance with the Russian demands for security. 

But Zelensky, boyed by the Western media, is too cocky... till one day too many...


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his role model….

Israel’s Far-Right Militias Pile On the Apartheid State’s Official Terror Campaign 


Israelis feel the work being done by Israel’s enormous security apparatus is insufficient and there are calls for citizens to take up arms. What is even more alarming is that we see the emergence of civilian-run militias already operating in Palestinian communities. 

 by  Miko Peled



OCCUPIED PALESTINE – The violence that has characterized the State of Israel since its establishment is, without a doubt, extreme and overwhelming. Over the years Israel has developed many “security” agencies that are renowned for their ruthlessness. The IDF, or the Israeli military; the Shabak, or internal security service; the Mossad; the various special commando units that are merely glorified terror squads; the Israeli police with its terror units, and on and on. And yet, it seems that the Israeli public’s appetite for violence has not been satisfied.

Israelis feel the work being done by Israel’s enormous security apparatus is insufficient and there are calls for citizens to take up arms. What is even more alarming is that we see the emergence of civilian-run militias already operating in Palestinian communities.


Ramadan violence

As the Muslim holy month of Ramadan begins, Israel is ramping up violent attacks on Palestinians. The violence is perpetrated not only by the usual state-run agencies but by newly armed civilian militias operated mostly by well-organized and well-armed radical racist gangs.

Throughout the country, violence from both the Israeli authorities and armed Israeli nationalist gangs is spreading. One can expect that during Ramadan we may well see a repeat of the events of May 2021, and there is the possibility that things will be far, far worse.

On March 22 of this year, Muslims gathered at Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque to observe Isra and Miraj, when Muslims commemorate the prophet Mohammad’s night journey from Mecca to Al-Aqsa, and then from Jerusalem to the heavens. The celebration turned into violent chaos as Israeli police brutally assaulted Palestinians in the city.

The Israeli daily Haaretz reported that “Israeli forces detained at least 20 Palestinians in clashes in Jerusalem’s Old City, and 14 were wounded, according to the Palestinian Red Crescent, four of whom were rushed to hospital.” This, the Zionist paper admitted, was “signaling mounting tensions ahead of Ramadan.”



The Naqab

The Naqab – which makes up the entire southern half of Palestine, and in which close to three hundred thousand Palestinians live – has also been targeted by Israeli authorities and increasingly by violent Zionist militias. Several attacks, beatings and killings have been documented in the Naqab during March of 2022 alone.

Organizations like Lehava, which even the Israeli Minister of Internal Security is considering declaring illegal because of its racist and terrorist overtones, along with Regavim and other Zionist militant groups, incite and spread lies about a Palestinian “take over,” and attempts to create a lawless “Beduinstan” in the Naqab. Over the last few months, violence against Palestinians in the Naqab has increased and an armed para-military militia in uniform has been seen terrorizing the local population.

The newest vigilante militia that was formed particularly for the Naqab is the “Bar’el Unit.” Haaretz reported that “​​[a] far-right activist has established an armed civilian unit of rangers to ‘save the Negev from problematic absence of personal security,’ amid heightened Jewish-Arab tensions in Israel’s south.”

According to the paper, “[f]ormer police officer Almog Cohen was set to sign over one hundred volunteers to what he envisioned as an armed citizen brigade.” Initially, this was done with the backing of the Israeli police. However, Haaretz continues, “marred by accusations of racism and funding issues, police [took] a step back.”

Yet Palestinian activists in the Naqab report that this vigilante unit is already operating, fully equipped with uniforms, vehicles, and semi-automatic weapons.


According to Aljazeera, “In the town of Rahat inside the Naqab desert, an undercover Israeli unit posing as Palestinians killed 27-year-old and father of three Sanad Salem al-Harbed.”

Local Palestinians suspect that the killing was the work of the vigilante militia and not the Israeli police.


On March 20, as the new vigilante militia “Bar’el” was formed, a Palestinian bus driver in the city of Rahat in the Naqab was attacked by Israeli settlers. Salah Abu Zaid, 48 was attacked, had tear gas sprayed on his face, and was then taken away by the police. According to activists in the Naqab, police pressured Abu Zaid not to press charges against his attackers.



During last year’s Ramadan, the city of Lyd was subjected to enormous amounts of violence by both the Israeli police and settler militias. The city became a center of resistance but also suffered a great deal, as Palestinian property was vandalized. One Palestinian, Musa Hassuna, was shot and killed, and armed settlers were roaming the streets of the Palestinian neighborhoods in the city and terrorizing people.

The settlers – members of the “Seeds of Torah” (or the Jewish Seed Program), Lehava, and Regavim, among others – led the charge into the city, particularly following the murder of Hassuna on May 10.

In one video, a gang of settlers was filmed next to the mosque in the old city of Lyd. The video clearly shows them armed with semi-automatic rifles and what look like baseball bats. Towards the end of the clip, one of the gang smashes the windshield of a car parked on the street. The video was taken by local Palestinians who watched the events unfold from their homes. The gang eventually ran away as Palestinians began throwing rocks and firecrackers at them.


Another video, which was taken by a settler gang and posted online, shows them clearly lynching a man in his car. The man in the video is 23-year-old Fayz Abu-Ghanem. The attack took place on May 12. Abu-Ghanem was badly beaten and stabbed twice, and his arm was fractured.

When he tried to file a complaint with the police, he and his father were told by the local police station that the police would not take their complaint.


Who protects Palestinians?

Multiple stickers calling for the forced transfer of Palestinians from Palestine are found on public buildings in Lyd. This photo, which shows multiple stickers on the walls, is of “Kupat Cholim,” a public-health clinic in the city of Lyd.









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The Ukraine Conflict Lays Bare the Myth of a More Civilized Europe 

Instead of using the Russia-Ukraine war as an opportunity to reflect on the future of the European project, whatever that is, it is being used as an opportunity to score cheap points against the very victims of Europe everywhere

 by  Ramzy Baroud 

When a gruesome six-minute video of Ukrainian soldiers shooting and torturing handcuffed and tied up Russian soldiers circulated online, outraged people on social media and elsewhere compared this barbaric behavior to that of Daesh.

In a rare admission of moral responsibility, Oleksiy Arestovych, an adviser to the Ukrainian President, quickly reminded Ukrainian fighters of their responsibility under international law. “I would like to remind all our military, civilian and defense forces, once again, that the abuse of prisoners is a war crime that has no amnesty under military law and has no statute of limitations,” he said, asserting that “We are a European army” as if the latter is synonymous with civilized behavior.

Even that supposed claim of responsibility conveyed subtle racism, as if to suggest that non-westerners, non-Europeans, may carry out such grisly and cowardly violence, but certainly not the more rational, humane, and intellectually superior Europeans.

The comment, though less obvious, reminds one of the racist remarks by CBS’ foreign correspondent, Charlie D’Agata, on February 26, when he shamelessly compared Middle Eastern cities with the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, stating that “Unlike Iraq or Afghanistan, (…) this is a relatively civilized, relatively European city”.

The Russia-Ukraine war has been a stage of racist comments and behavior, some explicit and obvious, others implicit and indirect. Far from being implicit, however, Bulgarian Prime Minister, Kiril Petkov, did not mince words when, last February, he addressed the issue of Ukrainian refugees. Europe can benefit from Ukrainian refugees, he said, because “these people are Europeans. (…) These people are intelligent, they are educated, people. This is not the refugee wave we have been used to, people we were not sure about their identity, people with unclear pasts, who could have been even terrorists.”

One of many other telling episodes that highlight western racism, but also continued denial of its grim reality, was an interview conducted by the Italian newspaper, La Repubblica, with the Ukrainian Azov Battalion Commander, Dmytro Kuharchuck. The latter’s militia is known for its far-right politics, outright racism, and horrific acts of violence. Yet, the newspaper described Kuharchuck as “the kind of fighter you don’t expect. He reads Kant and he doesn’t only use his bazooka.” If this is not the very definition of denial, what is?










fascist zelensky…..

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed his delight on Tuesday after Kiev's successor to the Soviet-era KGB arrested the country's most prominent opposition leader. 

The President shared a photo of his handcuffed rival Viktor Medvedchuk on social media, with the caption: “A special operation was carried out by the SBU. Well done! Details to follow."

Medvedchuk heads the second largest party in the national parliament, the “Opposition Platform - For Life.” He was previously placed under house arrest, last year, as part of Zelensky's clampdown on dissent, which was granted tacit approval by the regime's Western supporters. 

Formed in 1991, to replace the KGB, the SBU is Ukraine's main intelligence and security agency.




Is this for real or is this a hoax from a certain Zelenskiy? It seems to be true:



This is the equivalent of Macron arresting Le Pen in France or Joe Biden arresting Donald Trump in the US (Note: The Dems are trying hard to do so)... THIS IS FASCISM IN ACTION. See:

a trip through the mud of history…..